April 9th, 2018
"To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.” ~ Plutarch
Headmaster Letter
Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

We have an exciting week ahead of us! Our seniors are continuing to defend their  theses , and all of our students are moving ahead with  AzMERIT exams . I want to thank Mr. Warczinsky for getting our Senior thesis program off to a solid start. We now have a senior thesis tradition at our Academy! I also want to thank Mr. Huynh for his dedication and careful planning as our testing coordinator. The state exams are computer-based for the first time this year, and Mr. Huynh has navigated this transition very well.

Please note that our Juniors and Seniors will perform  Shakespeare's  The Tempest   this Thursday at 7pm, across the street at Calvary North. We also have a full slate of  athletic events  this week, so there are plenty of opportunities to attend an event & support our students!

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold

P.S. There's still time to receive a  Tax Credit ! 100% each gift stays at North Phoenix Prep. Contact our Director of Academy Giving, Jackie Curtis, with any questions you may have ( jcurtis@northphoenixprep.org ).

Senior Thesis schedule this week:
Monday- Veda Garret- The Republic and 1984
Tuesday- Garrison Lessard- The Odyssey and The Letters on Ethics
Wednesday- Allison Fanning- The Great Gatsby and The Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life
Thursday- Dorina Pinkhasova- Antigone and On Duty
Mark your calendars!
  • Thursday, April 12th- Drama Performance- 11th & 12th grades 7pm at Calvary North
  • Saturday, April 21st - Jr. & Sr. Prom
  • Monday, April 23rd - PSO Meeting 7pm at the Elk's Lodge
  • Thursday, April 26th- Cabinet of Curiosities Art Show and Exhibit- on Campus 5pm
  • Friday, April 27th- 8th Grade Semi-Formal 7pm-9pm
  • Saturday, April 28 - Art Department Fundraiser at Saver's 35th Ave & Bell Rd
Teacher Feature
We are proud to announce that Mr. Roy Chancellor is joining our faculty next year!

Mr. Chancellor earned a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. In addition, he earned an advanced graduate certificate in statistics from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a post-baccalaureate teacher certification from Rio Salado College.

He has taught at Mesa Community College, Saguaro High School, and Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, one of our sister Great Hearts Academies. Mr. Chancellor was a founding faculty member at Scottsdale Prep and was the primary shaper of its math curriculum for the first five years, having taught all courses for grades 7-12. All told, Mr. Chancellor brings 12 years of total teaching experience to our math students at North Phoenix.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Chancellor has industrial experience as a manufacturing engineer with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, as a statistician with Intel, as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt with Rogers Corporation, as a mechanical engineer with Orbital Sciences Corporation, and as a process engineer with W. L. Gore and Associates.

Our students prepared a few questions for Mr. Chancellor:

What did you do before you became a teacher?
I worked as a manufacturing and process engineer in the electronics and aerospace industries for a total of 14 years before becoming a full-time teacher. Growing up, I always loved figuring out how things work and explaining them to others, both of which are big parts of being an engineer and a teacher. While I really liked the interesting products and machines I worked on, the call to become a teacher proved too great. I became a full-time teacher 12 years ago and truly love my time in the classroom!

How do you best connect with students?
I best connect with students by seeing them as young adults that could someday be my colleague. I meet my students where they are and get to know them as people rather than as mere recipients of knowledge. One of my engineering mentors often said that his primary job was to help those under his leadership become ready to take his job. By taking a long-term view of my students, I focus on their growth rather than getting immediate results at a particular moment in time. I also use humor liberally to create a joyful environment, yet approach each class with serious purpose.

What do you look for as signs of positive engagement?
Some signs are obvious, such as taking notes every class or doing the daily homework problems, but by far the best sign of student engagement is the "curiosity" questions they ask. I love when my students wonder why things work in addition to how. The why questions promote the best class discussion and are the most intellectually enjoyable. Other signs of positive engagement are coming to class with a sharp-looking uniform, with all materials required for learning, and with a smile.

What interests do you have that might support a club?
I enjoy activities that involve being outside. At the top of the list is motorcycle riding (dirt and street), followed closely by hiking, and occasionally 4-wheel driving. I live near North Phoenix Prep and love hiking the mountain trails in the immediate area such as Lookout Mountain. Sounds like a hiking/outdoor club! I also enjoy computer programming when there is time and often integrate elements of programming into my classes.

Welcome to North Phoenix Prep, Mr. Chancellor!
Come support our seniors and juniors in their double bill curricular drama performance: Shakespearean scenes and The Bard's enchanted island drama
"The Tempest"!

Admission is $5 at the door the night of the performance on Thursday, April 12 at 7 pm at Calvary Church North. 

Reminder- throughout the month of April, students in grades 7th - 11th will be undergoing AzMerit and AIMS testing on various days. Please make sure your scholar does not miss school

This week's schedule:
Monday- 9th grade Reading and Math 1
Tuesday- 9th grade Reading and Math 2
Wednesday-10thgrade Reading and Math 1
11th grade Reading 1
Thursday - 10th grade Reading and Math 2
11th grade Reading 2
Friday- 9th grade AIMS Science

Gladiator Sports
It was another weekend of triumphs on both the court and the track.
On Friday the middle school boys basketball team defeated Glendale Prep by a score of 30-25
This was immediately followed by the A team defeating Glendale Prep 44-26
The middle school track team continued their pattern for the season of setting personal and school records
17 members of the middle school track team achieved personal records in their meet on Friday.
A special shout out to those who broke school records:
Jake Reinhardt in the Long Jump and Harrison Brewer in the 100 meter hurdles.
More of the same for the high school track team:
On Saturday 20 members of the high school team set personal records and following set school records:
David Moore in the 400 meters
Vinamra Kumar in the 110 meter hurdles
Cora Moore 400 meters
Sianna Laverman, Katie Herrington, Cora Moore & Kennedy Archer in the 4 X 100 meter relay
Congrats to all and GO GLADIATORS!!
Camp O’Connor- summer opportunity for incoming 7th & 8th grade students.
 On June 4-8, 2018, the Sandra Day O'Connor Institute will hold their free Civics Education and Leadership Program,  Camp O'Connor  for outstanding incoming 7th and 8th grade students.
This unique "Democracy Boot Camp" encourages the next generation to become engaged citizens and builds students' lifelong leadership potential. Camp O'Connor is a free, merit-based program offered to Arizona students. 
Camp Dates: June 4 - 8, 2018
Camp Hours: June 4 - 7: 9am to 4pm | June 8: 9am to 1pm
Camp Location: Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law 
111 East Taylor Street, Phoenix, 85004
Please find the applications for Camp O'Connor at the Camp O'Connor website . Four application pieces are required:
  • Student Application
  • Parent Recommendation Letter
  • Teacher/Mentor/Coach Recommendation Letter
  • Media Release Form
For more information about Sandra Day O'Connor Institute, please visit  OConnorInstitute.org . Or you may email your questions directly .
The extended application deadline is now  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
PSO News
PSO Opportunities of Service

Please consider serving our community through a volunteer position with NPX PSO. See the sign up HERE

All are invited to attend the next PSO Meeting on Monday, April 23rd 7pm and the Elk's Lodge
Spotlight on Physics-
The Faraday Cup
The Faraday Cup is awarded to two teams of Physics II students (one from each section) who succeeded in building the fastest electric motor from paperclips and wire. All Physics II students participated in the competition and the names of the members of the winning teams were inscribed on the cup.

Mr. Weinhold presented the cup to the winning teams last Wednesday. The winners were
  • Jacob Halliday and Devan Synan (Period 5) whose motor spun at an amazing 1500 rpm, and
  • Jason Bateman, Kenton Fee, and Zachary Gwisdalla (not pictured), with a winning speed of 840 rpm.

The cup commemorates Michael Faraday, an eminent English physicist of the 19th century, whose ground-breaking work on electricity ushered in the modern electrical age. In addition to developing the theory of electrical induction, Faraday invented the three most important electrical devices still in use today: the transformer, the electric generator, and (of course) the electric motor.

Congratulations to our winners!
North Phoenix Preparatory Art Department Fundraiser!

Clean out your closets and garage and bring your used items to

3517 W Bell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85053

April 28th, 2018 from 9am-1pm

Event Pricing: (what we get per pound!)
Soft: $ 0.2
Small Houseware Items: $ 0.1
Books: $0.02
Furniture & Other Large Items: $0.05

We had a Successful Giving Day!
A Huge Thank You to all of our Campaign Supporters! Every Gift Matters!
Congratulations to the Dean Miller Family! The Dean Miller family won our North Phoenix Campus Giving Day drawing for Prep! 

Thank you!

Jackie Curtis | Director of Academy Giving

Calling all Gladiators!
We have just 9 days left.
We still need 19 family tax credits ($7,484) to reach our Tax credit Goal!
Last Day to get your dollar for dollar State Tax Contribution is Tuesday April 17 th !
Thank you if you have already made your contribution and please share!
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