January 29, 2018
Headmaster Letter

Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

This week in Physics class, one of our students solved a homework problem  before she had received the theoretical instruction in class . Here's the problem she solved:

A tennis player swings her 1000 g racket with a speed of 10 m/s. She hits a 60 g tennis ball that was approaching her at a speed of 20 m/s. The ball rebounds at 40 m/s.

  • How fast is her racket moving immediately after the impact? You can ignore the interaction of the racket with her hand for the brief duration of the collision.
  • If the tennis ball and racket are in contact for 10 ms, what is the average force that the racket exerts on the ball?

The student answered these questions in what Dr. Cort described as "a  tour de force  of analytical reasoning." She committed to working the problem, and she persisted in carefully thinking it through to a conclusion. This was a triumph, indeed!

In t his moment, one of our  Philosophical Pillars  became real. That Pillar is  our belief that the world is ordered and knowable . Whenever we observe something that we cannot initially understand, we continue to believe that we  could  understand it, if only we thought about it in the right way. This is a kind of intellectual humility that we take as an important first step in the educational process. We do not teach young people the habit of "gotcha" thinking that prevails in some academic circles, in which we despondently throw up our hands when opinions vary. When we lack understanding initially, or when disagreements arise, our first thoughts are:   I must not understand properly or entirely .   I may need to adjust my own thinking . We do not simply assume that a question is unanswerable or a problem unworkable. That is a path that ultimately leads to chaos and despair.

Our students gain confidence that they can understand the world's orderliness because they consistently face and overcome difficulties, quandaries, and seeming impossibilities in their classes at North Phoenix Prep. They learn to think logically and coherently, and they begin to apply their minds to problems, issues, and questions that arise spontaneously. I can think of no better approach to education, nor a better preparation for college, career, and a life well-lived.

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold
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College Counseling Corner
One of my favorite aspects of College Counseling is advocating for our students because I truly believe they have something unique to offer. All of our Gladiators have already committed themselves to rigorous academic development and personal growth, much as you would find in any accelerated program of study; though what sets our school apart is our intentional community. Whether it’s the seminar discussions in the classrooms or socials on the weekends, card games at the red picnic tables or study sessions hosted on living room floors, tutoring a peer or serving a lunch, cheering at home games or volunteering in distant neighborhoods, the students, parents, and staff work together towards the common good. As we have settled into our new home, we have been humbled to see our community expand to include our gracious neighbors, both across 32 nd St at Calvary North and just next door at the Elks Lodge.

The wonderful members of Phoenix Elks Lodge 335 have opened doors to us both literally and figuratively; most recently, they invited us to participate in their youth recognition program which endeavors “to recognize outstanding young men and women for achievements in school and community life- fine arts, hobbies, athletics, church, school, club and community service, industry and farming.” Following the nominations and deliberations of the faculty, I was pleased to interview the finalists and write these brief profiles that give just a glimpse of the character and service demonstrated by our students. We were then happy to welcome to our campus the Exalted Ruler, Larry Bodwell, his Esteemed Leading Knight, Diane Bodwell, and my compatriot, Keith Christensen. They declared the January “Students of the Month” on our morning announcements and presented the recipients with certificates and gift cards to celebrate their achievements.

I am thrilled to share these happy photos and shining student profiles with you and would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Phoenix Elks 335 for the opportunity recognize and encourage the commitment to community that is so vital in the modern world. I look forward to sharing this new tradition for years to come!

Laney Smith   | College Counselor
NPX Student and Teacher Feature!
Congratulations to Sam Benavidez not only for winning the North Phoenix Prep Spelling Bee, but also for his stellar performance at the Great Hearts network-wide Spelling Bee. So proud of this young Gladiator! 

Many thanks and much appreciation to Ms. Tabor for organizing our Spelling Bee this year. It was such a great event!

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Our very own Mr. Bruce Black was featured in this month's edition of 1340 Art Magazine, an international art magazine that showcases the artwork of both known and emerging artists. After discovering his artwork on social media, one of the editors invited Mr. Black to submit work for publication. The chosen painting is a small abstract watercolor painting - Carpenter, which comes from a new body of   work loosely based on the layouts and decoration of ancient illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy. Marks travel across a page much like calligraphic writing, but remain entirely abstract. The result is a soothing pattern of marks and colors that have a spiritual and intellectual quality. Mr. Black’s artwork is also showing at Red Egg Design Group's art gallery in Old Town Scottsdale.

Find Mr. Black online at   www.bruceblackart.com
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