April 17, 2018
“You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
 ~ Marcus Aurelius
Headmaster Letter
Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

In anticipation of nationwide student protests and school walkouts planned for April 20th, I want to share with you our Academy’s proactive approach to this national moment. In partnership with student representatives, I have identified an opportunity for our students to honor those who have fallen in the tragedies of school shootings, to do so in a manner that is civil and not politicized, and to do all of this in partnership with the school.

Although the broader culture seems increasingly polarized these days, I was so proud of our students when I spoke to them about this day and what it means to them. They understood that our Academy is a public, non-sectarian institution serving a variety of Arizonans, and so any action on their part could not espouse a particular political perspective. They also showed a keen interest in preventing an attitude of dissent from overshadowing what they really desired: a moment of solemn remembrance.

With these principles in mind, our leadership team worked with the students to plan a mid-morning assembly just prior to Lyceum on April 20th. The purpose of this assembly is to honor the lives that have been lost in school shootings by participating in a moment of peaceful, silent remembrance. Our students will also have the opportunity to write notes of kindness or notes that acknowledge the lives that have been lost. They can then place these notes at a designated spot on our campus fence for the remainder of the day, where they will serve as a vivid memorial. 

Please take a moment to speak with your student about this assembly. If, after reflecting together as a family, your student wishes to refrain from participating, then please know that we will offer an alternative space as well. 

I want to thank our students for working together with me to organize this special event in the life of our school. Their ideas and their hearts of service have made me so proud to be a Gladiator! 

With Devotion,
Headmaster Weinhold
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Important Dates and Upcoming Events
4/21 Prom!
4/26 Cabinet of Curiosities Art Exhibit
4/30-5/4 Spirit Week!
5/2 PSO Meeting 7pm at Elk's (date change)
5/4: Field Day
5/17: Spring Concert
5/22-5/24: 2nd Semester Final Exams
HS Awards, MS Awards, 8th Grade Promotion
5/26: Commencement Ceremony at Calvary North
Teacher Feature
We are delighted to announce that Mr. Sebastian Pagani is joining our faculty next year!

Mr. Pagani has been with Great Hearts since 2008. He obtained his first BA from St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM. He holds a second BA in Classical Philology from the University of Cincinnati, where he took multiple graduate level courses and was welcomed directly into the Ph.D. programme in Classics at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to Ancient Greek and Latin, Mr. Pagani had also taught Spanish and English before joining Great Hearts. He also served as the head Cross-Country and Track & Field coach at Scottsdale Prep, before he joined Veritas, where he helped to coach the Cross-Country team in his first year. 

Mr. Pagani loves and continues to cultivate his knowledge of classical philology, literature, languages, and linguistics. He has created and led student & faculty clubs focussed on Old English, Old Norse, Old Irish, J.R.R. Tolkien's Linguistic Creations, Classical Hebrew, Conversational Latin, and Classical Latin verse composition. He is particularly fascinated by ancient languages, literatures, and music.

Our students prepared a few questions for Mr. Pagani:

When did you decide to become a teacher and why?
I always loved being in school, and I loved learning. Life is rich and beautiful when I am learning and discovering new (or very old) things. In college, every subject fascinated me, and I loved the structure that the academic life provided. I always enjoyed learning together with others and helping them with the languages. Joining Great Hearts only defined and formalized my vocation. At first, I did this because I loved the languages and the literature; I soon discovered that I loved spending my days with the students. The chance to continue pursuing the things I love and to share them with others has kept me in the profession.

How did you become interested in languages?
I discovered foreign language very early in life. My mother-tongue is Spanish, but I heard a lot of Italian and Portuguese as well before I even realized that these were different languages. When I finally arrived on north-American shores, I really could not speak English, and could not go to school until I had learned it a year later. At the age of nine, I decided I wanted to learn German; this was the first language that I tried to learn from books. In school, I was given French, Latin, and more German. I went on to study more of these and other languages on my own from books and in my travels, and I never stopped. 

The reason I love them so much is that each one is a different way of thinking or speaking; each has its own intellectual flavor and beauty, its own melody, rhythm, and musical quality; each is a different way of considering and experiencing the world. Languages make it possible for the student to travel through books to distant times and places.

How do you best connect with students?
Through the great literature that we read together; or through the languages we are studying. I like to run philological clubs that have focussed most recently on medieval languages: Old English, Old Norse, Old Irish, but also classical Hebrew, and Middle Egyptian (that’s hieroglyphic). I have also run clubs on Tolkien’s linguistic inspirations, conversational Latin, and Latin verse composition. I have thought about starting a creative writing club because I don’t think we do enough creative writing. I also like chatting with the students during lunch. 

If you could have dinner with anyone from history or literature, who would it be?
Ah, but I do this all the time! I have the books, and when I sit to read I enjoy the thoughts and company of ancient minds in their own languages. A book is like a ship that carries a writer’s thoughts down along the streams of time until they should wind up upon our shores. When we open one of these books, we board that ship and find ourselves in other times and places. 

The answer to such a question for me always varies according to my mood at any given moment, or perhaps depends upon what I am reading or studying at the time, but why limit this to a dinner? Let us spend a bit more time and see what we could do. Here is a brief list of possibilities that suggested themselves to me this time: Jesus, Charlemagne, Vergil, Ovid, Caesar, Cicero, Scipio Aemilianus Africanus, Livius Andronicus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Clodia, Tolstoy, Herodotus, Albert Schweitzer, an Anglo-Saxon bard, J.R.R. Tolkien, Erasmus of Rotterdam, and St. Exupéry.

Welcome to North Phoenix Prep, Mr. Pagani!
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College Counseling Corner

Seniors: Send in your pictures for the Senior Dinner Slideshow!
Juniors: Complete your Interest Profile so that I can target the information I forward to you!
Sophomores & Juniors: Registration is closing for the Revised Boston College Tour! Contact Miss Smith with questions!

Upcoming Events
4/18 - Lunch and Learn: NROTC Scholarships, Room 505
- RepVisit: ASU Nursing & Health Innovation , Room 501
4/26 – RepVisit: Willamette University at 3:30 pm in Room 505
4/27 – RepVisit: Le Courdon Bleu Paris at 3:30 pm in Room 505
4/29 – RMACAC College Fair , 12-2pm at the ASU Tempe Campus Memorial Union Bldg

Back from Boston – Simmons College Feature
Highlights from my whirlwind tour of five incredible colleges in the extended area of Boston, MA.

One of my favorite job responsibilities is touring colleges! Not only do I get to discover programs and locations that offer wonderful opportunities for our students, I also get to tell our story, explaining the how and why of what we do here in our Great Hearts Academies. I spend a week away picturing our current students on college campuses and detailing the unique perspective, talents, and skills our students will bring. The result is that I come home bursting with pride and entirely too much information to share!

I had the privilege of touring five very distinct campuses in the greater Boston area and would like to share a few highlights over the next few weeks that may inspire students to further exploration. The “BEANS Counselor Tour” covered Simmons College, Brandeis University, Emerson College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and College of the Holy Cross. This week, I’d like to introduce you to the first Women’s College I’ve had the pleasure of visiting: Simmons College!

Our tour kicked off with Simmons College, an incredible woman-centered institution in the heart of Boston. The majority of their 1,700 undergraduate students live on their gated residential campus just a short walk away from the bustling academic campus, and As a member of the Colleges of the Fenway Consortium, Simmons students enjoy the benefits of cross registration and shared activities and events with five neighboring colleges; more importantly, they enjoy the experience and support of an institution dedicated to empowering women! The student panel was perhaps the most impressive I have ever seen, both in terms of their eloquence and comportment as well as in the experiences in which they have participated which included numerous leadership roles on and off campus, internships, research, publishing, and professional experience. It was easy to see why alumnae of women’s colleges are twice as likely to complete a graduate degree and 12x more likely to persevere in math and hard sciences than their peers at co-ed institutions. All of the panelists emphasized the tremendous personal growth and the corresponding increase in confidence that was facilitated by a woman-centered approach to education.

Check back next week for another campus highlight!

Laney Smith   | College Counselor
Art Department Fundraiser April 28th!
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  • 4/18: 8th grade reading and math
  • 4/19: 7th grade reading and math
  • 4/20: 7th grade reading and math
  • 4/23-25: make-up testing as needed during periods 1-4
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