Our Latest News and Activities
Call to the Congregational Meeting- Sunday, February 2
The Annual Budget Meeting will be held in the church sanctuary this Sunday, February 2 nd at the conclusion of the 10 o’clock service. There will be childcare during the meeting and the church school age children may stay with Karen Kilty until the meeting is over. Janet Doyle, Clerk
Children's Faith Formation
Communion Sunday
The Children Will Go Directly to the Classroom
Karen Kilty, Director of Children's Ministries
This Sunday we will share the story and hear the words that Jesus used when he taught people about what brings blessings to us and others; these are called the “Beatitudes” which we will read from Matthew 5:3-11. The Children will be making Valentines Day cards over the next few weeks to share with friends at LifeBridge. God has blessed us and we can also be a blessing to others. 
Stewardship Update
As you are aware, we are trying to close out our Stewardship campaign for the 2020 fiscal year. Please return your card in the mail or offertory plate as soon as possible. Pledge cards are available in the pew racks and in the narthex.

As of January 30, we have received 228 pledges totaling $398,190.
Adult Faith Formation:
Manna and Mercy
Lindsay is leading a group studying the book Manna and Mercy, which presents the history and storyline of the Bible. Books are available for purchase. Join us in Parish Hall at 9am or at 11:15am in the upstairs parlor . Drop in anytime, even if you haven’t come before! If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay lindsaypopper@gmail.com

***This week we’ll be discussing Chapter 12– Jerusalem.

P lease note: due to the Budget Meeting, we will meet at 9 am only.
Mardi Gras Celebration -
February 22 - 7 pm
Come join the fun and help celebrate Mardi Gras in the Parish Hall on February 22nd at 7:00 pm. There will be food, beads, music, jambalaya, salad, chocolate caramel bread pudding and the mandatory King Cake. Come in costume if you'd like (many are) or just as you want. Adults are $20.00 per person. Reservations can be made at Coffee Hour in February, or by calling the church office or Linda Duvel at 781-631-1703 or linda.bill.duvel@gmail.com . Hope to see you there!!!!

Mold Abatement Project in the Parish Hall
The Prudential Ministries Board is planning to complete a mold abatement program in the vacant space behind the stage in the Parish Hall. The majority of the work will take place later this year; however as part of the planning, the first step will entail removing (demolishing) a portion of the back wall of the stage to facilitate visual inspection of the wall interior and substructure.  This work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, February 11 and be completed on or by Friday, February 14. Measures will be taken to confine any demolition dust and debris to the immediate area of the stage. Various materials, tools, and/or equipment may be stored on the stage as well. Members and guests of the congregation are requested to avoid using or passing through the Parish Hall during the four days of demolition work. Refer questions to: Bill Duvel, 781 631-1703 or  linda.bill.duvel@gmail.com .    
Become a Member of Old North Church
Thinking about becoming a member of Old North Church? We'll be receiving new members soon, and we'd love for you to join. Contact Dennis or Lindsay, your pastors, if you're interested. 
ONC Reading Group
Wed. February 12th- 8:30 am

Old North Reading and Discussion Group on Preserving our Democracy and Ecology - Wednesday, February 12 th at 8:30am in the Great Room of the 8 Stacey Street office building. This is the latest of a series of meetings on preservation of our democracy and environment that have been hosted by the ONC Men’s Group. The discussions are supported by background reading assignments. You are invited to participate regardless of the amount of reading you have done. At this meeting we will continue discussion of The Righteous Mind, Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion , by Jonathan Haidt. The Rev. Dr. Dennis Calhoun will be the moderator.
All Singers Welcome for Palm Sunday Lenten Concert
All Singers Welcome! Registration and first rehearsal for the annual Palm Sunday Lenten Concert is Wednesday, February 26, 7:30pm-9:30pm ; subsequent rehearsals will take place every Wednesday until the performance, which will take place on Sunday, April 5 at 7:30pm. There is mandatory Dress Rehearsal on Saturday April 4 th from 10am-1pm. This year’s concert will feature, Requiem For the Living , by Dan Forrest, as well as other contemplative music of the season. The concert is approximately one hour, free admission, and is considered a musical mediation at the beginning of Holy Week. For more information, please contact Maria vanKalken at vankalken@gmail.com
Old North Winter Trip is Next Weekend - There's Still Room at the Inn!
Over 50 ONCers are heading north next weekend (2/7 to 2/9) to enjoy the outdoors and one another's company. We have kids under 3, seniors over 70, and every age in between joining. We will enjoy skiing, hiking, ice skating, community meals, bon fires, smores, board games, and a Sunday service in the woods. As is the case across all ONC activities, inclusivity is a central theme and does not require any association with the church. Most of us are staying at  Whitney's Inn in Jackson, NH. If you call to book, mention that you are with Old North Church in Marblehead. Please let Mark Roberge ( markroberge@alum.mit.edu ) know if you will attend for planning purposes or if you have any questions.

UCC Super Saturday Registration
Old North Church is part of the Southern New England Conference of the UCC. On March 14, the Conference will hold a series of workshops at the Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham, MA. All are welcome to attend these workshops, but pre-registration is required. Please click here to view the Super Saturday brochure and registration form.
Clothing Drive for South Africa
Our church group going to South Africa next August will be taking gifts of clothing for the Pholela Congregation to share among their 25 villages. We are looking for donations of good used items that include:
  • shirts ( T’s and button down) for boys/ men, pants for boys /men ONLY
  • sweaters, sweatshirts, skirts, blouses and dresses for girls and women (NO pants for women)
  • warm baby clothing
  • anything fleece like vests and jackets
  • warm hats, gloves, lightweight jackets /coats,
  • shoes for children only
  • NO heavy items please

Bags of donated clothing may be left at the church,
upstairs in the small unused classroom at the end of the corridor.
Contact Ginny von Rueden, rvonrueden@comcast.net  or 781-631-7898 for more information. Siyabonga!! (thank you in Zulu)

Festival Chorus CD's are available
Professionally recorded, high quality CDS of the 2019 Festival Chorus Christmas Concerts are available.  If you’d like to purchase one (or more!), please contact Jane Kraybill by phone: 781 631 4832, or email: kraybill@email.com . Please help us reach our goal of “break even” on the cost of making these extraordinary recordings!
Community Life Ministry
Name Tag Update
The Community Life Ministry Board continues to try to ensure everyone has a new magnetic* name tag, but sometimes we miss one, or we may
not get your name the way you'd like it. If you need a name tag, or a new name tag for any reason, please let us know. Thank you. *People with pacemakers should not wear the magnetic nametags. Heart patients might want to check with their doctors.
Lynda Hare: h ares8carrots@hotmail.com , 7 81-639-0107
Linda Duvel, linda.bill.duvel@gmail.com , 781-631-1703
Dara VanRemoortel, dara@musicwithdara.com , 781-910-6157 
Community Life Ministry Board
Are you or a church friend you know experiencing a hardship or extreme stress of some kind? A death in the family? Recent surgery? Something else? The Community Life Ministry Board would like help ease your hardship with a meal, assistance with an errand, a visit, a phone call. Please feel free to reach out to us.
Lynda Hare, hares8carrots@hotmail.com , 781-639-0107
Linda Duvel, linda.bill.duvel@gmail.com , 781-631-1703
Dara VanRemoortel,  dara@musicwithdara.com , 781-910-6157
Kathy Angle, c.angle@comcast.net , 781-584-4283
Judy Conner, jbc2274@yahoo.com , 978-594-5205
Laura Dignam, lhbdignam@gmail.com  
Amy Leveroni, l ev eroniamy@gmail.com , 781-639-8626
Debby Stockdale , djstock@comcast.net , 781-883- 5115
Janet Doyle, jdoyle@doylesails.com , 781-530-0065
Andrea Gregory, andreagregory@mac.com , 781-639-4427
Chris Arren, c_arren@yahoo.com , 617-823-2471
Contact Us: 781-631-1244

Church Address: 35 Washington St., Marblehead, MA 01945
Mailing Address: 8 Stacey St. Marblehead, MA 01945
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