How did you get involved with PHriends?
I am not originally from Cleveland. I moved here in 2016. I first heard about Providence House in 2017 through Instagram. I did some research and learned about the great work that they do in our community. I was interested in learning more about the House and the PHriends Group so I started with a tour of the house and instantly knew I wanted to get involved!

What has been the most rewarding experience of your time with the PHriends Group? 
In my professional life I am a pediatric speech language pathologist. Throughout my career I have seen firsthand what many families struggle with on a daily basis. Choosing between food or rent, not having a safe place for their children to live, and at times being helpless when encountering a crisis. I LOVE supporting Providence House and knowing they are supporting and strengthening the families in our community! Working together with my fellow PHriends Group members and raising money and awareness to support this cause has been so rewarding! I have met some absolutely wonderful people along the way which only enriches this experience.

What made you decide to take the next step and join the PHriends Group Associate Board?
I attended a few events put on by the Associate Board soon after joining the PHriends Group. I met several of the members and learned more about what was involved with being an associate board member. I was at a point in my life where I really wanted to get more involved in my community. It felt like the right time for me to take the next step. I am passionate about children so this was the perfect fit for me. 
Fun Facts About Jessica:
  • I love to travel; I’ve been to 12 different countries.
  • I lived in Switzerland for 3 months; after high school I stayed with family friends and helped with childcare in exchange for experiencing their country and culture.
  • I love exploring my own backyard; Cleveland is full of culture and history and nature, there is always something new to discover or explore.