Newsletter | Spring Issue | 2018
Palmetto Power
Message from James
Dear Colleagues,

The South Carolina Power Team has continued to progress with great momentum this year. To date, our electric cooperative system has ten announced projects bringing $67 million in capital investment, 356 new jobs, and 6,960 kVA of installed capacity.

We enjoyed hosting our fellow colleagues and electric cooperative partners on Hilton Head Island at the end of March for our Economic Development Review professional development conference. We hosted more than 200 colleagues, allies, and partners to share fellowship and a full, exciting agenda.

We rolled out the findings of  "Project Pioneer, "  an unprecedented comprehensive, statewide labor study conducted last year by Site Selection Group (SSG). During EDR, all county economic developer attendees had the opportunity to meet with SSG, one-on-one, to discuss the labor study summary for their respective county. This information will increase each county's ability to deliver its value proposition and available labor shed when working through the site selection process. The labor study findings and presentations were met with enthusiasm and an eagerness to begin utilizing the data. We had incredible speakers and content, which was greatly appreciated by those who participated. The GIS web applications went live, April 11, and are now available for use at .

The Palmetto State celebrated Industry Appreciation Week, April 23-27. We at SC Power Team are appreciative of the great businesses we support across the state through the 20 electric cooperatives. It is our intent that the labor study findings will assist our industrial members with their human resource needs and workforce development efforts.

To our colleagues, allies and partners, we appreciate all that you do to encourage and foster growth throughout South Carolina. As your partners in progress and prosperity , we thank you for each and every opportunity to better the lives of those we serve.


President and CEO
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Pictured (left-to-right) James Chavez, Jan Guerry, Warren Darby, Joan Kelley, Jamie Frost, Andrew Folks, Clancy Courtney, Jason Speake, and Angelyn Smith.

B. ROBERT PAULLING, Chairman, SC Power Team
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

JAMES "JIMMY" L. ROWE, Vice Chairman, SC Power Team
Trustee, Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

Trustee, Lynches River Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Edisto Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer
Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

Trustee, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer
Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

Trustee, Santee Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Laurens Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Trustee, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

Ex-Officio, SC Power Team
President and Chief Executive Officer
Coastal Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Chairman, Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

Ex-Officio, SC Power Team
President and Chief Executive Officer
Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Locations added to the SC Power Team system
Key Differentiators of Project Pioneer

  • Used Primary (Employee Surveys and Employer Interview/Surveys)
  • Comprehensive, including all 46 counties in SC, assessing and analyzing
  • Workforce
  • Commuting Patterns
  • Skills-Gap
Labor Study Roll-out: GIS Web Applications and Recruit 4.0 Upgrade Live at
Now website users can generate customized reports from the Labor Study findings at  using its GIS web applications. The custom reporting capabilities allow a user to drop a pin within the defined geographic boundary of SC (utilizing county data) and generate a Qualified Industrial Labor Summary reflecting labor data (for any given radius or drive-time) anywhere in South Carolina.

The Labor Study Roll-out Awareness Campaign is also underway. It kicked off at EDR with the full, high-level presentation given by Site Selection Group on key findings, followed by an overview of the GIS web applications by GIS WebTech. Social media promotions through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are being utilized to spread the word regarding the data and reporting capabilities. Scheduled e-blasts and future social media posts will continue to be shared over the course of the roll-out.

The SC Power Team will be visiting SC rural areas to give in-depth presentations and promote discussion among community members regarding workforce, skills gap and other areas for improving South Carolina's labor.

The labor study reports launched April 11, along with the upgraded Recruit 4.0 tools, which create a more user-friendly experience. The state-of-the-art GIS web applications offer custom reporting capabilities to raw data, utilizing ArcGIS integration. The labor study findings, data points and labor shed reporting capabilities enable communities across South Carolina to accurately depict the workforce offerings in their respective areas, as well as commuting patterns.

Visit  today and begin utilizing this data and reporting capabilities. Future training webinars on the GIS web applications will be announced soon.
Marketing Missions
For the second quarter, the following Marketing Missions have been or will be made by the Global Business and Product Development Teams:

  • RBC Heritage 2018 – Hilton Head Island, SC; April – Chavez, Darby, Frost, Smith, Speake
  • Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC) Meet the Consultants 2018 – Dallas, TX; April – Chavez, Frost, Smith
  • South Carolina Economic Developers’ Association (SCEDA) Annual Conference – Hilton Head Island, SC; May – Chavez, Frost, Smith
  • Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) Spring Forum – Savannah, GA; May – Chavez, Darby, Frost
  • International Recruitment Mission #2 – Toronto, Canada; May – Smith
  • Economic Conference – Frisco, TX; May – Speake
  • Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) Annual Conference – London, UK; June – Chavez 
New Industrial Building and Park
Congratulations to two of our electric cooperative family members: Santee and Laurens Electric Cooperatives! Each made major commitments in their respective communities with the addition of the Georgetown County Spec Building III in Georgetown County and the Connexial Center Industrial Park in Laurens County. We congratulate all of the local entities involved in making these developments a reality.

Site Readiness Funds (SRF) were used in both of these projects. SRF funds will assist in the construction of Georgetown's shell building. SRF invested funding into the infrastructure at the approximately 400-acre Connexial Center Industrial Park.

For further information on the Site Readiness Program or SC Power Sites, please contact:

Jamie Frost, P.E., Senior VP Community Preparedness

For information on sites, parks and buildings served by the electric cooperatives, please contact:

Warren Darby, VP Global Business
Pictured above is a social media post showing the Georgetown County Spec Building III rendering. Andrew Folks had the opportunity to attend the celebration.

Below, David Wasson, Laurens Electric Cooperative President and CEO, and a member of our Board of Trustees, shared details of the Connexial Center Industrial Park with fellow board members.
Sites, Parks and Buildings
Several industrial parks are receiving Site Readiness Fund investments within the electric cooperative system. These developments are a result of the commitment from the 20 electric cooperatives and the SC Power Team Board of Trustees to infuse funds into making sites market-ready and competitive through the site selection process.

The Connexial Center Industrial Park is an endeavor by Laurens Electric Cooperative and Laurens County Economic Development. The industrial development master plan includes 2.5 million Sq. Ft. located in the Greenville market area.

Site Readiness Fund commitments for roadway improvements, and bringing a water and wastewater extension to the Gue-Gressette Industrial Site in Orangeburg County are underway. The potential build-out is 3.9 million Sq. Ft. The investment is a partnership between Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Calhoun County and Orangeburg County.

SC Power Team has numerous sites, parks and buildings to explore, serviced by reliable, affordable electric power from the 20 electric cooperatives across the state.

Conceptual plans for the Connexial Center Industrial Park located in Laurens County.
Conceptual plans for the Gue-Gressette Industrial Site located in Orangeburg County.
Alcolu Industrial & Technology Park
Calhoun I-26 Shell Building
Winding Woods Building
Rail Access site off I-95
The Alcolu Industrial and Technology Park is an industrial site conveniently located off I-95 with close proximity to Florence Regional Airport. It has great logistics to and from the Port of Charleston. Due diligence complete. Served by Black River Electric Cooperative.

Available Industrial Building
The Calhoun I-26 Shell Building offers interstate accessibility and convenient access to the Columbia Metro area, Columbia Metropolitan and Charlotte Douglas International airports. Due diligence complete. Served by Tri-County Electric Cooperative.

Available Industrial Building
The Winding Woods Shell Building is located in Dorchester County outside of Charleston. With close proximity to I-95 and I-26, the location is 50 miles from the Port of Charleston. Due diligence complete. Served by Edisto Electric Cooperative.

Existing Industry Spotlight
This issue, we are celebrating Andrew's 400th industry visit. It's a major milestone in our 5-Year Strategic Blueprint. Visits have been steadily made since the blueprint implementation in 2014. Andrew achieved this milestone while visiting Plains LPG Services, L.P. in Aiken, March 27. We thought it was important to have Andrew share some of his most interesting visits during the past four years and why the BRE program continues to be a core focus for the SC Power Team.

Most Interesting Visit: Our industrial and distribution customers are diverse so I've seen so many interesting things. On one visit in 2017, I started the day visiting a customer in meat processing and finished in a high-end textile manufacturer. I look back at that day, however, as going from food production to textiles. In all seriousness, each industry visit is a unique experience. Even though I am there to support the cooperative and serve the customer, I always leave learning something new.

Team Effort: Business retention and expansion is 100 percent team effort, 100 percent of the time. The Power Team's approach starts with our Board of Trustees. The original Board desired to have a strong industry visitation program, and subsequent Boards up to-date, continue to carry out that commitment. No one is more committed to serving members than the electric cooperatives, and each makes the engagement of commercial and industrial members a serious priority. County and regional economic developers, and certainly the SC Department of Commerce, work daily to engage and supply services to businesses and industry across the state. My job is to supplement all of the above and work with them to maximize service to our industrial/commercial electric members. I also must tip a hat to Power Team CEO James Chavez. He comes from a BRE background and provides outstanding support to the program.

What's New: The competition for human capital - skilled labor - is extremely high. I am confident that our Project Pioneer labor study findings will provide useful tools to help our existing industrial/commercial electric members address workforce opportunities and challenges. I am looking forward to working with our consultants to understand the findings of the study in relation to existing industry. From there, I believe we can develop a plan to share helpful tools and information with members and partners.

The video below is of Andrew and Brent Clinton of York Electric Cooperative. York Electric Cooperative invited Andrew to appear on their first issue of "On the Wire," an online member relations newsletter and video. Andrew explains what partners in progress and prosperity is all about and shares a little bit about Project Pioneer, the statewide labor study.
Year in Review 2017
2017 was another record-breaking year for the electric cooperative system. There were 31 announcements in our system totaling $1.57 billion in capital investment, 5,410 new jobs, and 101,490 kVA installed capacity.

We continue to make great strides to continuing our legacy of building communities and strengthening the economic growth of South Carolina. Thank you to our leadership, the Board of Trustees, and all the 20 electric cooperatives for their deep commitment to progress and prosperity.

Power Team News
Clancy Courtney - Retiring in June

Clancy Courtney , the Product Development Manager for the SC Power Team, will retire this June after 33 years of service to the electric cooperative system. Clancy joined the electric cooperatives in 1985. He has experienced great changes, made significant contributions, and shared an in-depth knowledge of South Carolina's landscape during his tenure. His contributions are invaluable, as his knowledge of the state's power lines, terrain, and sites surpass the industry's standard. Our Board of Trustees and staff would like to thank Clancy for his service. During EDR, the following tribute was presented to Clancy and his wife, Fain. His knowledge, expertise and eagerness to serve will be sorely missed.

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