New Positions/New Staff are being added to support our students and teachers

Thank you to the parents, students and staff who spent multiple hours participating in the hiring process for our new Assistant Director and Dean roles. We had many qualified candidates and it was a difficult decision, but the hiring team is excited to announce the new additions to our STEM School Highlands Ranch administration. 
First, Meghan Tokunaga-Scanlon has accepted the position of K-8 Dean. Mrs. Tokunaga has extensive experience with restorative practices and is excited to continue her work with Elementary and Middle School students. In her new role, Mrs. Tokunaga will oversee discipline and behavior interventions for all K-8 students. Mrs. Tokunaga joins our team on February 7th.
Mrs. Magle-Haberek will be moving into the role of Assistant Director, focusing on providing support for our Middle School students and staff. She will continue teaching her current classes.
Finally, through the work that Mrs. Johnson has been doing, we have identified a need to move toward a more comprehensive K-12 MTSS program. We will be expanding Mrs. Johnson’s role to fulfill the position of Assistant Director overseeing several aspects of student support. She will also continue to teach her Course 1 classes for the remainder of the school year.