We want to get better about self-care!

The school day speeds by and before our teachers know it, they have not even had time to eat or use the restroom. I was reminded of this yesterday when one of our amazing mental health staff members asked STEM staff to take time for their own self-care! For teachers and staff (and parents and students) it is no surprise that self-care is often last on the daily to-do list.

I recently learned a simple technique that allows all of us to take a moment for ourselves, reduce stress, and re-focus our energy. The technique is called Box Breathing and can be done anywhere and at any time. The technique starts with using your finger to draw a box in the air. As your finger moves up, count to four while taking a deep breath. Then draw a line parallel to the ground while holding your breath. As your finger draws down the other side of the box, breath out for four seconds. Finally, draw the last horizontal line while holding your breath and counting to four. During this exercise, notice how your breathing returns to a normal rhythm, helping to clear your mind, relax your body and improve your focus.

I encourage you to take some time to explore what techniques might help your student(s) (and you!) develop good self-care. StopBreatheThink.com is a great resource for families, students and teachers to find more information about self-care.

Thank you,

Leanne Weyman, EdD
Director, STEM School Highlands Ranch