Providing More Supports to Staff and Students

As we start the 2020 year, we are pleased to announce additional supports that are available for our students, staff and community.

I am happy to announce that Hannah Reese will be transitioning into the role of Recovery Coordinator and will be leading the planning efforts around the one-year mark. Hannah will continue to assist with her role as Assistant Director of Special Programs as we transition her duties to other staff members. As the Recovery Coordinator, Hannah will work directly with the Resiliency Center Coordinator, Suzi McKay to make sure that the needs of our students, staff, families and community are being met.

I am also pleased to welcome Maddie Huzenis to our team as the new Recovery Social Worker. She obtained her masters degree in social work from Loyola University Chicago and has been working in child welfare since moving from Chicago a year ago. Maddie is excited to start a new chapter at STEM working with students experiencing emotional dysregulation and other social-emotional needs. Maddie will work closely with Hannah and the rest of our mental health support team.