This issue of Milagro Foundation's Fall Newsletter is dedicated to an inspiring experience between Santana's drum goddess, Cindy Blackman Santana and the youth served by ZUMIX, Inc . Santana wrapped up its amazingly successful summer tour at the end of August. Before ending its US tour, there were some important young people that Cindy wanted to meet, inspire and share in her journey through music.

Cindy invited 30 young musicians, their instructors and founder/director Madeleine Steczynski to experience Santana's sound check and concert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Inbetween sound check and the show, Cindy was joined by Santana's lead vocalist, Andy Vargas for an intimate conversation with ZUMIX youth. The idea of inviting youth to a show first came to Cindy before performing in Johannesburg, South Africa. With the help of Santana tour manager Skip Rickert and the Milagro Foundation, Cindy found a group of talented and hopeful young people to share her musical journey and the happiness and healing they have brought to her life.
Cindy learns about the impact ZUMIX has on many youth in East Boston
ZUMIX was co founded by Bob Grove and current Executive Director Madeleine Steczynski in 1991 At that time East Boston was experiencing its worst wave of youth violence. ZUMIX began as a summer songwriting program with 24 youth, $200, and the simple idea that giving youth something to be passionate about could transform lives and elevate the community. 

The organization quickly expanded. In 1993 a free outdoor Summer Concert Series was offered in order to serve the broader community. Today, year-round events are organized to provide East Boston residents with access to top-quality arts and cultural events. 
ZUMIX serves and teaches over 500 young musicians, song writers, budding sound engineers, photographers and artists per year through after-school and summer programming. 500 additional youth participate through school partnerships. Over 10,000 adults, children, and families attend community events and festivals sponsored by ZUMIX.

Cindy Blackman Santana, Carlos Santana and the Milagro Foundation are now proud fans and supporters of ZUMIX too, showing the love by awarding the organization with a $10,000 grant at the August Santana show.
Donations Make a Difference
Thank You Vic Firth!

Every ZUMIX kid and music instructor in attendance for the Santana Mansfield show received a special set of Cindy's signature series drumsticks by Vic Firth . Cindy wrote out a rhythm called ‘Chant for Mother Earth’ to be played outside on the earth or even tapped on a tree. Cindy led the teens in the chant, together sending love and energy to the Earth!

Capturing the
Santana + Zumix, Inc. Experience

The photos you see in this newsletter were taken by ZUMIX youth, Bethany Owens and Mario Jarjour. Both of these talented young photographers gave their time and talent to help document this special day. Thank you Bethany and Mario!
Reflecting on Zumix's Support

Photographer, Bethany Owens shares how ZUMIX supported her curiosity and interest in photography.

"ZUMIX fueled (and still fuels) my passion for photography by inviting me out to be the photographer for a day either at ZUMIX or a new location. I started out doing my novice gigs at ZUMIX and gained a large amount of music and event photography experience, which gave me so much confidence to go and do it in the real world for people I did not know. I can’t say I would have started taking photographs professionally or delved into my passion for photography had it not been for the many times ZUMIX gave me the reins and trusted me to cover some of their most important events. I have never in my life received so much love and support from an organization before."
Special Gifts Received by Hal Leonard and Carlos Santana

Team ZUMIX was given embroidered Santana hoodies from Carlos Santana , which they proudly wore in Massachusetts's summer heat!

You can see the kids holding up The Very Best of Santana sheet music books. These were donated by the world's largest source for music publications - Hal Leonard .

Much gratitude for getting involved by giving these awesome and generous gifts!
50 Years Since Woodstock:
Carlos Santana continues to heal a broken world with his music and sees hope in children.

It's been a big summer! Santana released the new album, Africa Speaks and wrapped up a U.S. tour, performing with the Doobie Brothers. Adding to all this excitement- it's been 50 years since the world heard the first cries of Carlos Santana's guitar on stage at Woodstock. Here Carlos shares his heart and voice in this interview by Spectrum News1.
Shelley Brown
Ruthie Moutafian