MAY 2017
May 2017 News and updates
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Great events happening in May
Tuesdays are Lunch and Learn
Each Tuesday in May Jenna will be hosting a lunch and learn class.

12:10 to 12:40 bring your lunch and learn about essential oils


Essential Oils 101 with Christina
May 9th 6:30 PM
Want to know what all the fuss is about Essential Oils? I will tell you. Bring a friend, smell some oils, and learn how these little bottles can replace the chemicals in your home and bring you well being.
I will talk about the amazing deal you get with the starter kit and I will give you examples of how you can slowly (or quickly) incorporate them into yours and your family's everyday life!
I can't wait to share my love of oils with you
Summer and Oils
May 17th 7:00PM
Come and join Shauna at 7PM to learn about the OILS and Summer
  • bugs sprays
  • sunscreen
  • sunburn care
  • photo toxicity and essential oils
  • drinks/snacks/slushies

Free to attend. 

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Chemical Free Young Living & Norwex
May 18th 7 PM
Ever wonder how many chemicals and toxins we are exposed to everyday.  If we can eliminate some from our homes that's a great step. 
Between Young Living and Norwex we have you covered.  I use my Norwex cloth with Thieves cleaner all the time on everything.   Did you know that Norwex has a make up remover cloth no chemical no toxins just water to the cloth and remove makeup.  I will have one available that night to try.  Danna will be demonstrating Norwex products and I will have all the YL products available and there will be specials that night for sure
Kids Roller bottle set
May 20th 10:00 - 11:30 AM

This class is all about Roller Bottles for Kids

  • Nose concoction - helps maintain clear airways while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats
  • Focus power - helps with focus, maintaining energy and mental alertness
  • Ear magic - helps ease ear discomfort
  • Tummy tonic - helps reduce occasional nausea and promote healthy digestion
  • Dream spell - promotes restful sleep and peaceful dreams
  • Happy brew - positively affects mood with energizing and refreshing properties
  • Grow elixir - helps with mild discomfort associated with growth
  • Head potion - helps minimize head tension and discomfort
  • Seasonal enchantment - protects against seasonal and environmental elements
  • Defense sorcery - promotes a healthy immune system and supports the body's natural antioxidant defenses

Reiki Level 1&2
 Want to learn Reiki  Jenna will be teaching Level 1 & 2 May 20th and 21st .  

In  Reiki 1, you will learn:

  • History of Reiki & Hands on Energy Healing
  • Chakra System
  •  Self Healing Techniques & Positions
  • Self Reiki

 In Reiki 2, you will learn:

  • Hands on Healing (clients)..
  • Distance Reiki
  • Animal Reiki
  • A deeper Look Into The Chakra System

These classes will be taught in a small group setting & will be very personal & exploratory. Be prepared to grow ♥

Chakra Roller Bottle Class

Immerse yourself in a night of energetic, vibrational, and oily healing through with Young Living through the 7 Chakras in I AM Energy Healings new event, "Chakra Healing Roller Bottle Class". In this class you be given the tools you need to intuitively balance, & grow your chakras through creating essential oil blends specific to your needs.

In this class you will create a personalized:

  • -Crown Blend
  • -Third Eye Blend
  • -Throat Blend
  • -Heart Blend
  • -Solar Plexus Blend
  • -Sacral Blend
  • -Root Blend
  • -Balance & Grow Blends

When we work with the energy of your chakras, your life shifts, balances, grows, moves, and alters. Ultimately, you gain access to consciously direct the movement of your life. 

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Use Thieves foaming hand soap to clean your make up brushes.  I pump the Thieves soap into my hand and roll each brush through it and then I add about 1tsp of the soap to a bowl or glass container put the brushes in, add water just to cover the brushes and let them soak
The Oil Tree will be CLOSED Monday May 22nd for the STAT .  Enjoy your long weekend
For the Men too
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