Fall 2021
Volunteer Recognition
Below is a list of those who have generously donated their time and expertise
during the months of June, July, August and September.

Your flexibility in working with the virtual format is greatly appreciated! Your willingness to give your time, energy and knowledge have made it possible for Trauma Recovery/HAP to continue to achieve our mission during these challenging times!
George Abbott
Sarah Anderson
Dominique Barritt-McBride
Stephen Beck
Christine Bergman
Soozi Bolte
Holly Brewer
William Brislin
Joanna Burke
Lori Cao
Jennifer Cecil
Quandra Chaffers
Judith Daniel
Kathy Eichelberger
Rachel Erwin
Peggy Gale
Sharon Gera
Brian Gong
Deborah Goodwin
Richard Greete
Leanne Harper
Marcia Holland
Rhonda Kamai-Kekela
Marlene Kenney
Camille Larsen
Jason Linder
Debra Littrell
Kyndel Marcroft
Tara May
Reginald McCrae
Luna Medina-Wolf
Scott Mentzer
Daniel Mitchell
Peggy Moore
Alfredo Munoz
Katy Murray
David Ogren
Ted Olejnik
Linda Ouellette
John Paradiso
Kathleen Phelps
Corrie Piper
Gemma Rivera
Kerry Rollins
Rachel Rosa
Cherilyn Rowland-Petrie
Herminia Shea-Martinez
Maureen Smith
Sadie Smith
Leonard Smolinski
Elaine Soto
Charlene Spears
Kelly Stevenson
Jill Strunk
Melinda Sullivan
Jorge Torres-Saenz
Timothy Vermillion
Bethany Warren
Jessica Whitaker
Yuchuan Yang
Congratulations and welcome to the following groups:
New Part 1 Trainers:
Kyndel Marcroft
John Paradiso
Yuchuan Yang
New Part 1 Facilitators:
Holly Brewer
Daniel Mitchell
Corrie Piper
Kerry Rollins
Kelly Stevenson
New Full Facilitators:
Sarah Anderson
Quandra Chaffers
Marlene Kenney
Camille Larsen
Luna Medina-Wolf
Jessica Whitaker

Thank you to the following international volunteers, working to spread and strengthen EMDR in different parts of the world:
Ms. Adithy
Dr. Dushyant Bhadlikar
Ms. Hvovi Bhagwatwar
Ms. Wallapa Bunpromma
Ms. Francisca Chiang
Fr. Chilton
Ms. Tripti Choudhary Vaid
Ms. Pingkan Cynthia
Dr. Yulia Direzkia
Dr. Nathanael E.J. Sumampouw
Dr. Deepak Gupta
Ms. Vera Handojo
Dr. Nam Hee Kim
Dr. Seok Hyeon Kim
Dr. Jae Hyun Kim
Dr. Masaya Ichii
Ms. Rahajeng Ikawahyu Indrawati (Ika)
Dr. Shaheen Islam
Dr. Tri Iswardani Sadatun
Ms. Kanokwan Jirathongkhamchote
Mr. Syam K Ravindran
Ms. Mann Ka Fai
Dr. Shamim Karim
Ms. Payongsri Khanthikul
Dr. Jun Ki Kim
Akiko Kikuchi
Dr. Daeho Kim
Ms. Pamela Koh
Ms. Connie Kristanto
Dr. Fang Li
Dr. Mahjabeen
Dr. James Marid Kaewchinda
Dr. Sushma Mehrotra
Ms. Nithya Mohan
Dr. Chitra Munshi
Mr. Chintan Naik
Sr. Janet Nathisinghe
Ms. Nithya
Dr. Ann Parichawan
Dr. Nawanant Piyavhatkul
Dr. Mrinalini Purandare
Ms. RR. Rahajeng, Ika
Dr. Rani Raote
Ms. Kruti Shah
Ms. Karishma Shah Savla
Dr. Atara Sivan
Dr. Usha Srivastava
Mr. Nathanael Sumampouw
Dr. Tri Swasono Hadi
Dr. Khadija Tahir
Dr. Parul Tank
Ms. Sonali Tanksale
Dr. Sombat Tapanya
Dr. Usha V Srivastava
Ms. Jackie Viemilawati
Dr. Linda Wan-Koh
Ms. Thanyalak Wanliang
Ms. Indira Weerasinghe
Dr. Matthew Woo
Dr. Ma xiangzhen
Ms. Shekh Zadi Rezina Parvin
Ms. Rusham Zahra Rana
Dr. Jinsong Zhang

*If your name is not listed above and should be, please let us know. Our hope is to recognize all our volunteers for their hard work and dedication.
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