Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of South County
E-News for March 13, 2020
All in-church activities cancelled
Dear UUCSC Members and Friends, 

We hear your questions— “Is UUCSC closing because of the coronavirus?” “When, and for how long?”

It's amazing how much has changed since yesterday, but those developments have been helping us to arrive at some decisions.

These decisions have not been reached lightly or without due consideration. Likely some will see these actions as an over-abundance of caution, while others will believe we have waited too long. Either way, we believe these are the right decisions for right now.

In short: We are closing UUCSC this Friday, March 13. Worship is cancelled, as are all other activities scheduled at UUCSC, until further notice.

The changes are pretty straightforward, if a lot to adjust to: 

1. Staff will be working from home. All will be available by e-mail, during their typical working hours. Office phone calls will be forwarded to Karen St. Peter, so she will hear messages as well. Natalie Herbermann will check mail and the building, regularly. 

2. Pastoral Care remains in place. Rev. DL and the Pastoral Care Team (Sky, Linda, Barbara, Sally, and Joan Ray) will be calling some of our more at-risk members to check in and see what you might need.

3. All regular and day-to-day UUCSC events are, for the foreseeable future, either cancelled (if they would have taken place at church) or being moved on-line or to telephone calls or conference calls.

  • The advice is for each committee chair or project lead to contact those involved in that activity, and figure out for yourselves what works best. We encourage you to keep meeting, and stay in touch, virtually rather than in person. Please do not all call Karen St. Peter to do this. It is more than she has time for.

  • All tenants in our building will be notified of the building closure. Tenants can decide whether they wish to continue using their upstairs offices during this time.

  • Please do not attempt to reschedule your cancelled event at this time. We will do so once we are able to resume on-site activities.

4. We are working to set up "Google Hangout Groups," on-line ways to connect. There's always freeconferencecall, if one wants to have multiple people on a call. There's Zoom and Skype and Facetime , for those familiar with those technologies. And more.

5. Rev. DL and Michael Galib are working with the Communications Committee to figure out worship options, likely material recorded for sharing on Facebook and on our UUCSC YouTube channel. We'll tell you more as we know it.

With love,

Natalie and Rev. DL
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