Unitarian Universalist Congregation
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E-News for September 13, 2019
Coming this Sunday
The Danger of Expectation and the Necessity of Hope – Rev. DL Helfer
As any Buddhist will tell you, it's expectations that get us into trouble. When the world fails to live up to our imagined version of it, despair sets in. And yet we need to know that this world can be changed, and that justice, peace, and love can lead us. Join us as we ponder how to balance letting go and committing ourselves more deeply.
Religious education classes begin on Sunday, September 15
Joyce Katzberg appears September 22
Singer-songwriter and social activist Joyce Katzberg’s farewell tour stops at Lily Pads on Saturday, September 22. An engaging musician and songwriter, she was a founding member of Stone Soup Coffeehouse and friend and colleague of Pete Seeger. For tickets and more information, open this link.
Covenant Groups
Covenant Groups are small groups that meet twice a month for up to one year. They use a listening format to promote spiritual growth. Two of the four current groups have openings, and a new group will start in October. For more information, open this link.
Can you help with the Holiday Fair?
This year’s Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair is on Saturday, December 7. Coordinators Tricia Hindley and Mary Finnegan need vendors and volunteers to set up, bake, donate, and to coordinate the raffle and other activities. If you’re interested, please attend a meeting immediately after the Sunday service on October 20 or contact Tricia or Mary.
Racial justice walking tours
Members of the Racial Justice Committee will take part in two walking tours in Providence sponsored by the nonprofit Center for Reconciliation. “Care Work: Birth, Death, and What Happened in Between” is on Saturday, September 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. “College Hill and the International Slave Trade” takes place on Saturday, September 28. For more information, open this link .
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