Youth Services Newsletter Volume 6
Upcoming Events
Gigglebot Coding
December 17th
4:00 pm at NC
Grades 5 and up

Meet the Micro:Bit microprocessor! Specially designed by the BBC and Microsoft for youth to learn coding. This amazing little microprocessor can be coded easily and added to projects and robotics. In this class we will code the micro:bit and add it to a Gigglebot robot! The Gigglebot is a great way for children to learn coding. We'll talk about inputs and outputs, coding sensors and introduce the basics of coding using loops and conditionals.

Minimum age for this class is 10.  
Computers will be provided. Participants will have a coding buddy if the class is full. (two per computer) Studies indicate this is an excellent way to learn coding - sharing ideas and taking turns is encouraged and a skill that needs to be learned as well. 

Micro:bits are available for checkout - just like a book!
Sensory Friendly Storytime
December 26th
10:00 am at HC
All ages welcome
This storytime will be presented at a preschool level with accommodations to make the experience more sensory friendly. All are welcome.

A direct and compelling headline
January 7th
6:30 pm at NC
Ages 5 and up
Drop in and build with us! All skill levels are welcome from beginners to master builders! Take part in the design challenge or build what you want to show off! Ages 5-Up (younger siblings welcome with parent)

We provide the Legos, but creations must stay at the library. Please leave your own Legos at home so they don’t get lost.