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Edition 2 - Spring 2022

In this issue:

  • Winter Storm 2022: The importance of having a centralized transportation coordination system
  • Checking in with home52 Transportation: New staff receive positive reviews from clients
  • Staff Profile: Bridgette Jackson
  • Are you interested in becoming a home52 transportation provider?
  • Self-Pay coming soon
  • 2022 Holidays

Winter Storm 2022: The importance of having a centralized transportation coordination system

We all remember that first week of February when local news stations were preparing us for severe weather to take place February 3 and 4. As many of our school age children were excitedly waiting for their schools to be canceled, our home52 Transportation team was stepping up their game, busy preparing for continuity of services and keeping everyone safe during the storm.

We checked in with Bryan Black, home52's transportation manager, to learn how the home52 team set up a priority system for riders and drivers, with the goal of keeping everyone safe.

“Our main goal during an event like this is to keep our clients safe, including ensuring transportation to life sustaining treatments such as dialysis and chemotherapy,” said Bryan Black. “For this winter event, we canceled our general transportation rides - those - that were not medically necessary - as well as a portion of our medical rides as the road conditions worsened and the ice storm moved into our area.”

As the centralized transportation coordinator, home52 Transportation has the capabilities of mass communication via the NovusMed system. The system can push notifications and updates to any home52 Transportation client who has a scheduled ride. These notifications include voicemails, texts and email messages, alerting clients that their ride may be impacted by the weather. This system guarantees multiple communication avenues with a quick turnaround. 

Another benefit of a centralized transportation coordination center is the use of a two-way communications system. home52 Transportation can stay in contact with drivers as they are on the roads, enabling the coordination team to receive up-to-the minute road conditions as well as safety issues that require immediate action. 

“An event like this winter storm - underscores the importance of having a centralized transportation coordination system in place for older adults and people with disabilities," Black said. "Keeping this vulnerable population safe, in all conditions, is our number one priority.

Checking in with home52 Transportation: New staff receive positive reviews from clients

Since May 2021, home52 Transportation has coordinated more than 25,000 trips serving a little under 1,000 older adults residing in Hamilton County.


home52 continues to survey riders, helping the team identify what is and what is not working.  Through feedback from approximately 900 customer surveys, riders have expressed appreciation for a centralized call center, the opportunity to provide regular feedback about the service they receive, and quick responses in addressing concerns. Nearly all (99%) of the surveyed riders said our coordination center staff were kind and courteous.


The team has received positive from other avenues as well, including this February review on Council on Aging's Google profile:


I wanted to thank Judy Eschmann, Vice President – Community & Business Operations Council on Aging + home52. I was trying to find a dear friend with end stage renal disease transportation to medical appointments and was coming up with nothing, not even my friend's insurance covered transportation. I work full-time and cannot take her to all of her appointments. Ms. Eschmann reached out to me personally and told me all about the Home52 program which provides transportation to Cincinnati residents 55 and up who are disabled, financially insecure and in need of assistance. She sent me an application and my friend was approved. It gives me such peace of mind knowing she will be able to get transportation to her medical appointments. Thank you Ms. Eschmann and Council on Aging - thank God for you! God Bless! 


For more information on Non-emergency Medical Transportation Program for residents 55 or older in the City of Cincinnati, contact Brittaney Burton at (513) 345-8637.

Growing our team

In our last edition of The Rider, we reported that we were hiring. home52 is happy to announce that we have added five new members to our team. We hope you have had a chance to talk to one of our new Transportation Coordination Specialists.


These additional team members have made it easier for our clients to schedule a ride and/or address any concerns they may have. Our system gives clients the option to leave a voicemail message, request a call back or talk directly with a specialist. In February alone, we managed 7,058 phone calls.


With these staff additions, our clients have provided positive feedback.


Minnie has noticed a change since adding the new staff. "At first it was hard to schedule transportation, but it is now easy to schedule. Charles is very dependable – he’s always a big help.”


Joyce, in Hamilton County said the agents she speaks with are always helpful – especially Brittaney. "She is a pleasure to speak with - prompt, helpful and caring. I love talking to her. She's very personable and a kind young lady."

Staff Profile: Bridgette Jackson

We spoke with Bridgette Jackson, home52 transportation coordinator, about her role in home52 Transportation. Jackson has been with the program since April 2021, before coming to home52, she worked in corporate travel planning.


Jackson said she enjoys speaking with the clients about scheduling their rides. “Once the client recognizes my voice and name, you hear the excitement in their voice. I believe that familiar voice reassures our clients that their ride will be scheduled correctly. I love that!” She added, “Many of our clients are very grateful for the coordination of services, many do not have family to assist them. I feel we are making a difference in their life.”   

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Are you interested in becoming a home52 transportation provider?

The home52 Transportation Coordination Center optimizes routes using a transportation management system; facilitates two-way communication between drivers and the call center; and dispatches and schedules rides using a network of transportation providers. No provider is too big or too small to work with us. Regardless of whether your company has one vehicle or 100, if you have a desire to provide hands-on, door-through-door supportive assistance to older adults and individuals with disabilities, we want to work with you.


Since November 2021, two new providers have joined the home52 Transportation network and we are in the process of on-boarding three more. 

We spoke to Ms. Aretha Furr, a new home52 Transportation provider to get her perspective on joining the network. "Bryan and Marsha are very helpful with any questions I have about the system and are willing to walk me through step by step to answer all my concerns. The mission of home52 Transportation correlates with my business and I'm happy to be part of the program."

As our provider network grows, so does our capacity to serve more individuals. If you are interested in partnering with home52 Transportation or know of a transportation company with a similar mission as home52, please contact Judy Eschmann at jeschmann@help4seniors.org or 513-345-8683.

Self-Pay is Coming Soon

The word is getting out about our home52 transportation model. We've had an increase in requests from older adults who want to self-pay. Our goal is to have this option operating by the end of spring.  

2022 Holiday Schedule

home52 Transportation office will be closed the following holidays. Transportation will be provided for all scheduled trips on holidays. Same day trip scheduling is not available on holidays.

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day

Memorial Day

July 4

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve OR the day after Christmas

About home52 Transportation

home52 Transportation is a centralized and coordinated system developed to meet the unique needs of riders who require specialized transportation services. home52 Transportation provides the right type of vehicle, at the right time, with the right support to meet an individual’s needs.

home52 is a subsidiary of Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio. Leveraging 50 years of experience, Council on Aging and home52 are experts at helping individuals, families and caregivers manage complex medical and long-term care needs. home52 offers flexible services and payment structures that align with Council on Aging’s mission to help individuals remain independent in their homes.

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