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“…On 8th March, 1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. The ships, some nearly five hundred feet long, were under the command of Emperor Zhu Di's loyal eunuch admirals. Their mission was 'to proceed all the way to the end of the earth to collect tribute from the barbarians beyond the seas' and unite the world in Confucian harmony…”

Today, 603 years later, on this auspicious occasion of “1421 day”, we are excited to share our journey and the strides we've made during our respite.


In recent years, our commitment to unveiling the mysteries of ancient maritime exploration has deepened. The 1421 Foundation has been delving into historical records, maritime logs, and collaborating with leading scholars to enrich our understanding of Zheng He and other early explorers’ voyages and their impact on global discovery. Our research has uncovered new evidence that redefines the boundaries of ancient maritime exploration, shedding light on the technological prowess and navigational skills of early explorers. In 2024, we aim to explore an updated version 1421 - adding to it, and strengthening the hypothesis - with a great deal more evidence and new lines of thinking.

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Although we have limited funding, our volunteers continue to develop comprehensive educational programs aimed at inspiring the next generation of historians, archaeologists, and maritime enthusiasts. Through interactive workshops, online courses, and engaging lectures, we aim to ignite a passion for history and exploration in hearts, young and old. We see a fantastic opportunity to build cultural sensitivity education around “The Adventures of Zheng He."

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Many of our current volunteers joined the 1421 community to get involved in exploration. We believe that anyone can explore and discover. Each discovery contributes to our knowledge of humanity. Some of the most controversial and, let’s be honest - ridiculed and rejected discoveries - have, in time, been proven correct. We are excited to announce upcoming exploration expeditions that promise to bring history to life.

Some exciting projects to look forward to:

Invitation for Summer of 2024: Search for Zheng He’s landing site on the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast (along with a collaborative effort to map the ancient sites of the Kingdom of Sheba.)

By April 1st 2024, one of 1421’s most avid adventurers, Peter Classen, will take up a post in the southern city of Abha, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This post - which includes archeological collaboration with the Saudi Government - will allow him to organize and lead the search for the rediscovery of one of Zheng He’s Red Sea landing sites. Excitement is high, as it was in 2010 that Peter first discovered and identified this site as containing vast amounts of Chinese, Arabian, and Persian artifacts. Even if we do not re-discover this site’s location, the team will be mapping and documenting archeological sites in the region - something that has not been done before. Many of our readers will recognize where we are heading - to the ancient lost Kingdom of Sheba!

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Invitation for June of 2024: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Discovery

The 1421 Foundation has in its digital archives over 100,000 data points. Data such as the discovery of ancient navigation stones in California that match others found around the Pacific Rim. Data such as ancient artifacts found in Australia. Data pertaining to ancient shipwrecks in Newfoundland. We are seeking funding for a “proof of concept” where 1,000 data points are compiled and analyzed by a lean team of historians, data scientists, and new Artificial Intelligence technologies. The results will be made available to all.

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Invitation for September of 2024: Historically-based Graphic Adventure Novels to teach Cultural Sensitivity to Young Readers

There are many untold histories in the world - especially the adventure story of Admiral Zheng He, our foundation’s major focus. On his voyages, he was renowned as an explorer who, instead of pursuing a mission of conversion and exploitation, sought knowledge and understanding. We are seeking funding to create a game inspired by Zheng He’s voyages, and will give young children the chance to learn cultural sensitivity.

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Invitation for October of 2024: Exploration, Collection and Authentication of Chinese Artifacts in Baja, California

Every day, regular people find exciting new pieces of history. As a foundation that welcomes the discoveries made by non-academics, we are the lightning rod that attracts the stories of such discoveries. One such story involves a California surfer, who, over three decades ago, discovered Chinese artifacts at a secluded, remote cove in Baja California. We are seeking funding to analyze some of the pieces he collected and to mount a return visit to this cove to conduct a systematic site survey. 

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Collaboration with our Community

As we set sail on this renewed voyage, the support of our community is more crucial than ever.

Your financial contributions are the wind in our sails, enabling us to push forward in our research, educational initiatives, and exploration expeditions.

If direct financial support is beyond your reach, we warmly invite you to share our newsletter, spread the word on social media, and contribute your expertise and knowledge to our research community. Every action, big or small, propels us closer to our shared goals.

Together, we can continue to chart the course of history, uncovering the untold stories of our shared maritime heritage. Join us in this journey of discovery, and let's make the 1421 Foundation a beacon of knowledge, exploration, and cultural exchange.

With warm regards,

Ian Hudson, 

Director, Chief Researcher

The 1421 Foundation