April 2021
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300 Adoptions for 2021!
We've already found homes for over 300 animals in 2021!

While we're always looking to find as many homes for as many cats and dogs as possible, we've also been making huge strides in finding happy, loving homes to our long-term stays.

Not ever doggo or kitty we accept is perfect. Just like humans, they sometimes have their faults, which makes it harder to find them homes. Sometimes that means staying at the shelter longer.

However, our staff continues to find new and innovative ways to correct negative behaviors and bad habits, and it's been paying off!

Additionally, our low-cost clinic just keeps on trucking! Spay and neuter surgeries continue to be a top priority, and we've partnered with other shelters throughout the region to provide those services to over 200 cats and dogs to communities in need!

As of May 2, 2021:

Adoptions: 307

Fosters: 44

Fosters-to-Adoptions: 27

Spay/neuter surgeries: 1,476

Clinic appointments: 862

Total Clinic Visits: 2,338

Clinic Transports: 203
The Animal Care Sanctuary Golf Tournament is back!

After a year off due to COVID-19, the 7th annual tournament is back to raise money for shelter animals in need and to support our low-cost community clinic!

Scheduled for June 25 at the Tioga Downs Golf Club, we're currently looking for sign ups (in teams of four) and sponsors!

Please contact Kim Chebalo at kchebalo@animalcaresanctuary.org for more information about signing up to play and/or sponsorship opportunities!
Getting Kids Involved
Working with Local School Districts
Theresa Stimson's 4th grade reading class at the Canton Area School District was recently one of several classes we partnered with at Canton to raise awareness for animals in need amongst our area's youths, as well as work on some cool rescue-themed projects!

Students virtually adopted three of our doggos, Glissia, Godfrey and Radar, by making slides for them, writing poems and raising money for their care here at Animal Care Sanctuary! In all, they raised over $216 to help care for these wonderful canines!

Special thanks as well to Lauren Schoonover for acting as parent liaison for this project!
Meanwhile, Media Coordinator Johnny Williams takes you all behind the scenes at Animal Care Sanctuary to blitz staff and ask some questions submitted by the Union-Endicott Central School District 6th grade class!

These are only some of the projects we've cooked up with a few school districts around the region, and we'll be rolling out even more soon!
Rest in Peace, Barbara Decker
With heavy hearts we say goodbye to a wonderful woman and past ACS Board Member Barbara Decker.

Barbara’s passion for animals brought her to ACS as a volunteer and then a valued board member. She graciously extended her IT knowledge and donor management software expertise to assure ACS had the software needed to run the shelter and then she helped manage all the software once in place. She was instrumental in the move from our old clinic to new clinic assuring all IT systems were in place and ready to go on day one.

Barbara’s contribution of time, talent, and passion for our mission were invaluable to ACS. We extend our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. Barbara will be so missed.
Intern Update!
Sierra Koktowski - Elmira College
Sierra from Elmira College has settled in great at ACS! She even fostered Golden Graham and played a big role in finding this long-term stay a forever home. But more on that later!

Sierra helped with cleaning and feeding the kennel canines, and also assisted with intake exams and the administering of vaccinations! With Graham, she worked to help him bring his weight down and be a total gentleman in a crate!

Specifically, Sierra said she loved meeting the new dogs we received, assessing them and getting to know them. She also noted that she loved being involved in the processes and being hands-on with the programs.

In her cattery rotation, Sierra learned how to draw a feline's blood and perform intake exams. She even participated in cleaning and administering medications to injured or ill cats we accepted on intake.

She's almost completed her entire internship already, and we know we'll miss her! Stay tuned for more next month!
Golden Graham
Golden Graham is handsome, photogenic pitty who came to ACS from ACCT Philly over a year ago.

Graham was prime example of what happens when a wonderful doggo stays in a shelter for too long. He was adopted but brought back after becoming overprotective by getting scared and biting someone when a heated argument occurred. Because of this, he had a bite history on his profile which made him harder to adopt.

He still was adopted out again, however, but once again, brought back. This time, his new dog dad began working long hours, and Graham developed separation anxiety because he loved his dog dad so much. This separation anxiety soon led to aggression with the man's roommates, prompting Graham's return.

Graham needed a person with which to be attached. And over the next several months following his second failed adoption, he did not have a person to love, and his demeanor and behavior deteriorated as a result. He would often mouth kennel staff because he became so desperate for human love and attention.

We eventually fostered him on site with our intern from Elmira College, Sierra. He lived with Sierra for several weeks, which he loved. Sierra worked hard to break Graham of his negative separation anxiety, and it did him wonders. Graham was once again adopted on April 2, and we're confident that this time, he's found his forever home. In fact, he even has his own Instagram account (@badgerthedog) and was renamed Badger. We encourage everyone with an Instagram account to go see how happy he is!
19 Cats Rescued in Sidney, N.Y.!
The Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney, N.Y. reached out to Animal Care Sanctuary and several other regional shelters in early April with a desperate situation. They needed help removing what was thought to be approximately 50 cats from an overwhelmed household after the owner fell gravely ill.

When representatives of Delaware Valley, Animal Care Sanctuary and the other coordinating shelters arrived at the home near Sidney, they quickly discovered that there were more felines than had been claimed. In total, 92 cats were found in the small home.

The cats were then divided amongst the shelters according to their space, and Animal Care Sanctuary brought 19 of them – including a mother and kittens -- to our East Smithfield location. While all of the felines were quite friendly and sweet, most of them had health issues ranging from eye and nasal infections to missing or severely deteriorated teeth.

That’s when our amazing supporters answered our call for help, and we were soon wonderfully inundated with soft cat food and other items specifically before these special needs cats. All of these felines have made full recoveries and are awaiting new homes. 
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