May 2021
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Kitten season is in full swing!
While our community clinic was closed for only six weeks last year due to COVID-19, the closure occurred in the middle of spring, aka "kitten season" in the animal shelter world -- meaning that we lost treasured ground in spay/neuter surgeries to help against overpopulation.

That loss is manifesting itself this spring, as we have kittens on kittens now at Animal Care Sanctuary! Nevertheless, we're handling as many as we can take, and our fosters are stepping up to the plate to help us as well.

With that said, we're always looking for assistance! Check out our Amazon Wishlists below or make a monetary donation at!

Meanwhile, we've broken 400 adoptions through the first five months of 2021! We would be thrilled to connect another 1,000 animals to loving forever homes by the end of the year!

As of June 1, 2021:

Adoptions: 403

Fosters: 67

Fosters-to-Adoptions: 28

Spay/neuter surgeries: 1,767

Clinic appointments: 1,083

Total Clinic Visits: 2,850

Clinic Transports: 226
IT'S THE LAST CALL FOR OUR ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT!!! The Animal Care Sanctuary Golf Tournament is back! Kick off summer with a swing!

After a year off due to COVID-19, the 7th annual tournament is back to raise money for shelter animals in need and to support our low-cost community clinic!

Scheduled for June 25 at the Tioga Downs Golf Club, we're currently looking for sign ups (in teams of four) and sponsors!

Please contact Kim Chebalo at for more information about signing up to play and/or sponsorship opportunities!
ACS named as benefitting charity of the Binghamton Bridge Run!
WE'RE MAKING A RUN FOR IT!! Well not really, but you can!

We are beyond THRILLED to announce that Animal Care Sanctuary is the recipient charity of the 11th Annual Bridge Run Half Marathon & 5K in Binghamton, NY! 

The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run is the largest premier running event in the Greater Binghamton area which includes a USATF certified half marathon and 5K races. The scenic, mostly flat course crosses over four bridges and under one where you will have beautiful views of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers. With only 100 feet of elevation gain and a socially distanced race, you don’t want to miss this IN-PERSON, half marathon & 5K running race this fall in Upstate New York.

We are so honored to be part of this amazing event, which takes place at NYSEG Stadium, home of the Binghamton Rumble Ponies!!
New Interns!!
ACS Welcomes Two New Interns
Maslin Slade -- Miami University
Majors: Biology and Finance

Why did you want to come to ACS for your internship? What interested you most?

"I wanted to come to ACS for my internship because of the fact that it combines both of my majors and encompasses all I want to do in my future! I get to work and learn about animals and veterinary medicine while also tying in the non-profit business side of the whole thing. It fully embodies all I have learned throughout school and all my interests in the perfect way."

What made you want to pursue a career focused on animals?

"I have always loved animals and wanted to help advocate for them in anyway I could. I also have a big interest in medicine so I knew veterinary medicine was something I needed to pursue and give back to."

What’s a major facet of animal care that you hope to gain through this internship?

"I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the behavioral side of animal care. I am truly interested in how different temperaments are dealt with and adapted to make all of the animals such great adoptable candidates."

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and any pets you might have back home!

"I am from Columbus, Ohio and I have two dogs (Beatrice and Hank) back home, whom I miss dearly! They are both recuses from different animal shelters. The one is a foster failure where we just had to keep him after fostering him for a few months."

What is the ultimate goal for the future? (I.e. animal rescue, private veterinary practice, etc)

"My ultimate goal in the future is to open my own small animal practice and hopefully a free/discounted clinic associated with it! I hope to go to vet school after undergrad and then open my practice and work towards providing affordable veterinary care for all."
Major: Animal Science, Pre-Veterinary Emphasis

Why did you want to come to ACS for your internship? What interested you most?

"I have been interested in shelter medicine for a very long time with a special interest in no-kill shelters. I
have been working since I was 13 years old to make more cities no-kill, so ACS immediately peaked my

What made you want to pursue a career focused on animals?

"I got my first dog when I was three years old and he, unfortunately, passed away when I was 16 of a disease with no cure. Ever since he passed, my goal has been to be a veterinarian and prevent the suffering of other animals. My love of science coupled with my passion for animals makes being a veterinarian my dream career!"

What’s a major facet of animal care that you hope to gain through this internship?

"I would love to gain more insight into the shelter process and be able to experience the complete shelter experience from intake to adoption. I also hope to gain hands-on veterinary and foster experience."

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and any pets you might have back home!

"I am from Los Angeles, California! I have lived in LA all of my life and grew up close to Downtown. I currently have two dogs at home named Einstein and Mello. Einstein is a three year old rescue from the South Korean dog meat trade and Mello is a 14 year old Havanese. They are best friends and love to play with each other!! (Einstein is the white one and Mello is black and white.)"

What is the ultimate goal for the future? (I.e. animal rescue, private veterinary practice, etc)

"My ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian but I am not sure what kind yet. As of now, I am interested in small animal medicine and exotic/zoo animal medicine."
Merlin Shadow
Our pets mean a lot to us. They’re our furry companions, our best friends, and even our family members.

But sometimes, they can be our guardian angels.

That’s what Shannon Rosier-Beam of York County found out with Merlin Shadow, her black cat whom she adopted from Animal Care Sanctuary as a kitten six years ago.

“We just had an instant connection,” she said. “He was just sitting there with big eyes, and when I got next to him he just crawled into my arms. I knew right then I needed to take him home.”

Merlin was your usual, sweet, loving cat as he grew up. But around the end of 2016 heading into 2017, he began pawing at Shannon’s chest. The strange behavior continued for months, with Shannon not really knowing why. Eventually, Merlin even bit her.

“It was so unlike him to bite, he’s never done that before,” she said. “Finally, my husband and I were like ‘OK, I’ll go get checked.’ After he bit me, I did feel a lump, but I didn’t think much of it. I’ve had a lump before, and it was nothing.”

But this time, it was not nothing. In May 2017, Shannon was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Stage 3 breast cancer.

“We would’ve caught it much sooner if I had just listened to Merlin months before,” Shannon said.
Over the course of the treatment, Merlin was by Shannon’s side every step of the way. When Shannon lost her hair as a result of the chemotherapy, Merlin even draped his long-haired tail over her head in his own adorable attempt to make her feel better.

“It would make me laugh, and he just kept doing it,” Shannon said. “I think he equated it to making me feel happy, and that’s all he was really trying to do.”

But years later – in May 2021 – Merlin warned Shannon of danger once again. Merlin began acting strange again, pawing at her and jumping up and down – trying to make her sit. Shannon said she wasn’t feeling well, so she decided to check her blood sugar, and it was dangerously low.

“I had basically developed a medically-induced form of diabetes from the cancer treatment, but I was always good at keeping it under control,” she said. “That was the first time that had happened, and it was Merlin again saving the day.

“Animal Care Sanctuary didn’t let me adopt a pet, they let me adopt my guardian angel,” Shannon continued. “He’s just like a little person, and he was there every time in my moments of frustration, always trying to make it better.” 
Glissia is a sweet lady who is a shining, beautiful example of what patience and direction can do for difficult doggos everywhere.

Glissia arrived at Animal Care Sanctuary from Philadelphia in September 2020. She was discovered as a terrified stray in the streets of the city who was petrified of people and extremely selective of other dogs.

As she came out of her shell, an overly dominant, hyperactive personality revealed itself. Kennel staff concluded that her bold, jumpy, mouthy treatment of people was a defense mechanism to hide her fear and insecurity of people. She was never aggressive or angry, just physically dominating to try to intimidate whoever was handling her. Once the staff realized this, they began a strict behavior regimen that established respect and trust, which helped Glissia immensely!
After eight months in the shelter, a former employee of ACS who was experienced with difficult dogs, Kayla, reached out looking for another companion, and we knew Glissia would be perfect! Fortunately, Glissia gets along with her new dog brother, and it turns out she even gets along with cats! Of course, Glissia tried to revert to her old bad habits once in her new home, but Kayla remained patient and firm with her. She is already getting comfortable and used to her new home, and loves to go hiking followed by naps on her own special spot on the couch!

Glissia is a testament to the fact that all dogs deserve a chance, and that many difficult canines just need time, patience, guidance and love to learn how awesome life can be!
Help senior dogs with Smokey's Fund!
Smokey’s Fund was established by one of our generous donors, Beth Dietz, to assist with the care of senior animals that need medical care, above what normal care would cost in the sanctuary or shelter environment.

Diagnostic tests, medications, treatments and equipment are all expensive and with the help from Smokey’s Fund, ACS will be able to support the special foster families that are so willing to love and care for seniors but may not have the resources for the additional expenses.
“My Smokey was a loving, kind and gentle dog….a loyal and devoted guardian……my constant companion in the garden and my very true friend. I have been blessed with the love of this older dog and I want this Fund -- "Smokey’s Fund" -- to help others care for their older dogs.

This special Fund has been established with Animal Care Sanctuary so that many senior dogs like Smokey can be helped in order to live out their lives comfortably while waiting for their forever home.

Many wonderful people are willing to foster or adopt older dogs with special needs and this fund would help them with the additional burden of expenses for equipment and medications.

Older dogs can teach us so many things…. about ourselves and about what we want to bring to the World. Trust, patience, loyalty, deep devotion and most importantly, everlasting love. I was blessed with the love of an older dog.” - Beth Dietz
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