September 2021
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We're halfway through 2021!
Fall has arrived, but the weather at the Sanctuary is still wonderful! This month, I am reflecting on how quickly rescue work is changing for the better. Animal Care Sanctuary is helping to lead the change. With so many shelters across the country under-resourced, dogs and cats face euthanasia every day. We believe we can help change the tide by partnering with these overcrowded shelters to transport dogs and cats to ACS, where we can provide medical care, safety, and love until they are adopted into a forever home.

Last month, I told you as I was writing my letter that we were in route to Virginia to rescue dogs from Louisiana shelters ahead of Hurricane Ida. We transported 12 puppies and 8 adult dogs to the sanctuary where we are working on finding forever homes for each of them. "Feral" Freddy came to us on this transport heartworm positive and labeled feral. Heartworm, while serious, is treatable and preventable. Our clinic is treating Freddy which will allow him to live a long and happy life. We are not sure why Freddy was labeled feral as we found him to be a sweet dog just in need of some time to learn to trust. Freddy is also Bissell Pet Foundation's 5,000th rescued transport, and we're so thrilled to have him.
Transport not only allows us to help overcrowded shelters, but it also allows us to continue to meet our mission by providing low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to animals everywhere. This month we are celebrating having just completed our 1,000th spay/neuter surgery through the transport program. This does not include the thousands of other low-cost surgeries our clinic performs each year to local pet owners. We are so proud of our amazing veterinary team who work tirelessly to address animal over population and homelessness through our spay/neuter transport program. 
Finally, I want to thank the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce for choosing Animal Care Sanctuary as their charity partner for the 10th Annual Bridge Run Race which took place on Sunday, September 26th. It was a gorgeous day for a run, and we were happy to be able to connect with so many animal lovers to talk about our mission and the work we are doing at ACS. 

There is so much good news in this month’s newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about how your support is making an impact on the lives of animals across the country and the world.

As of September 30, 2021:

Adoptions: 744

Fosters: 101

Fosters-to-Adoptions: 38

Spay/neuter surgeries: 3,047

Wellness appointments: 1,870

Total Clinic Visits: 4,917

Clinic Transports: 405
Rescuing Hurricane Dogs!
Early in September, our very own Ashley and Becca journeyed through the remnants of Hurricane Ida on their way to Manassas, Virginia, to bring home doggos as part of a partnership with BISSELL Pet Foundation and 10 other animal shelters.
We were helping to clear space in shelters in the south to help those shelters take in animals displaced by Hurricane Ida. In total, we brought 20 canines, including 12 puppies, to ACS in East Smithfield. Ashley and Becca finally made it home safe and sound in the middle of the night.
The dogs had been flown into Manassas from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where our team met them and brought them home!

Once these doggos were bathed, fixed, assessed, microchipped and vaccinated, they were quickly adopted to loving homes!

We're super proud to be a part of this emergency effort to help save animals in the path of this devastating storm. Thank you all for your support! To help, you can donate to ACS via the button below!
ACS performs 1,000th spay/neuter surgery from transport program!
On Sept. 23, Animal Care Sanctuary (ACS) hit a milestone with its innovative spay/neuter transport program, spaying/neutering its 1,000th animal as a result of this initiative. This figure does not include the thousands of low-cost surgeries the clinic performs each year for local pet owners.

This program involves ACS staff working with organizations such as All Animals Matter and the Delaware Valley Humane Society to help underserved communities with population control. Specifically, our ACS van, provided courtesy of grants from the Tioga Downs Foundation and the Topmoogoogus Charitable Foundation, travels to these communities, picks up numerous feral and pet cats, brings them back to our East Smithfield clinic to be spay/neutered, and they are all returned to their homes the next day.

The transport program began as "mobile clinics," in which ACS staff would essentially pack up the entire clinic and set up in a fire hall, church hall, even a horse stable staff break room, and perform spay/neuter for community cats that were outside the immediate area. After a bit of research, it was decided that it would be much easier to load up all the patients and bring them to actual East Smithfield clinic site. 

"This vital service has been instrumental in reaching communities underserved with low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, helping bring down local stray populations in those communities," Executive Director Terri McKendry said. "We're extremely proud to be able to reach out and help these communities in need and just as thankful to all the supporting organizations that keep this program going."
Binghamton Bridge Run puts on the miles for Animal Care Sanctuary!
The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run hosted running enthusiasts from all over the country on Sept. 26, and all to benefit Animal Care Sanctuary!

We took cats with us to the weekend-long event leading up to the big race day, which led to adoptions, awareness and lots more! This awesome event also featured a half marathon and a 5K race in addition to the main marathon, as well as a kids fun run around the bases of Rumble Ponies minor league baseball team with their mascot Rowdy!

It was absolutely amazing to be part of this event, and we want to thank the Bridge Run from the bottom of hearts and on behalf of all of our homeless animals. This support means the world to us!
Get to Know ACS!
Ron Baxter - Cattery Care Specialist
How long have you been a part of ACS? Why did you get involved?

I have worked here for just over 5 years now and have always wanted to work with animals.
Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I like all types of animals but I prefer cats over the others. 
What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job would be watching a cat we nursed back to health get adopted. 
Tell us about your pets!

I have 3 cats; a flamepoint named Zuko, a longhair tuxedo named Zipper, and an all white one named Sparkles. I also have 2 dogs; a chocolate lab named Duke and a black lab named Magnum.
Sponsor a pet! Tell us about your best friend at ACS and why he/she deserves to be adopted!

I would sponsor Cocoa, she's a sweet 15 year old lady who deserves to be able to live out her golden years in a caring home.
What do you think ACS needs donated the most?

We really need Purina Friskies pate canned food.
River was only a young kitten when he earned his name through a terrible ordeal.

He was brought to Animal Care Sanctuary in early August with a "degloved" lower jaw. Basically, the skin had been ripped from his lower jaw -- an injury consistent with getting thrown from a moving car.

The kind souls who brought him to ACS said they found him injured down a river embankment after hearing his cries for help, hence his name. When they climbed down to rescue him, he leaped into their arms.

Our amazing veterinary team immediately set to work stitching River back together, and he recovered wonderfully. He remained super sweet, social, playful and active throughout his entire stay at ACS. He even recovered enough to be featured on TV!

River has since been adopted and is living his best life in an awesome family. 
Rex & Bro
Rex and Bro are two sweet brothers who were forced to make a change late in their lives.

As puppies, Rex and Bro were adopted out together from another local shelter. That should have been their "happily ever after," and it almost was.

But sometimes life throws a curveball at us, even at our beloved furry friends. After 12 years together in a loving home, Rex's and Bro's family was forced to move away and, sadly, they could not take their doggos with them.

Thus, Rex and Bro were brought to Animal Care Sanctuary to be rehomed. Our team was committed to keeping the brothers together, because it was clear how much they loved each other. They were the two sweetest, kindest, most well-behaved dogs someone could ask for.

But it would prove to be difficult to find two bonded senior dogs a new home. Most families want a single, younger dog. So Rex and Bro patiently and happily waited for three months -- watching younger doggos and puppies come and go. As long as they had each other, it didn't seem like anything could keep them down.

Finally, a wonderful family found Rex and Bro, and in late September, they found their new home, TOGETHER!
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With over 25,000 social media followers on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and our website, our patrons and followers are interested in supporting companies who take animal welfare seriously.

Please consider joining the Animal Care Sanctuary’s list of sponsors if your company, club, business values animal welfare and wants to help make a positive impact in our society.
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