January 2022
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Animal Care Sanctuary
Dear Friends,
As we close one year and stand on the doorstep of another, it is impossible not to embrace hope. This year has so beautifully illustrated that we have the power to transform the lives of animals simply by having the will to do so.

Thank you to all of you who participated in Giving Tuesday. We met our Giving Tuesday goal of $10,000 and this spring we will be bringing the Dogs Play for Life Program to Animal Care Sanctuary. This program will train our entire kennel team on the use of dog play groups to enrich the lives of dogs in shelters and allow them time to safely run around and socialize with other dogs. Research shows us that dogs who are in shelters using playgroups are adopted quicker and have a shorter adjustment period in their new home.

Thank you also to those of you who donated to our Staffworks Save a Life Campaign. Your support gives all of us at Animal Care Sanctuary hope in our ability to move forward in 2022 with new innovative programs that will allow us to continue to serve our community and to grow our reach and help animals all over the country in need of sanctuary. Staffworks matched your donations, and I am excited to share the total amount raised with you when we have our final number. What I do know is your support will provide hope to so many dogs and cats in need.
Looking back on 2021 there have been so many successes. We have saved the lives of dogs in Korean meat packing plants who came to us wounded and scared and are now living their best lives with families who love them. Partnering with overcrowded, under-resourced shelters across the country we have brought dogs and cats with nowhere else to turn to ACS to assure they will have a chance at finding a forever home. We are blazing a path with cat behavior modification programs allowing cats that might otherwise live with us at ACS for their entire life to find loving homes. We are piloting a new wound care program in our cattery and have successfully made room for Feline Leukemia cats that other shelters turn away. Our humane education program is growing, and we are now in grade schools and high schools teaching compassion and kindness to animals, so the next generation of animal lovers are ready to pick up the torch and assure animals have a voice.

Hope is powerful and 2022 is going to be a year of bringing hope to animals in need. I am so very grateful for your support. I hope you’ll enjoy this month’s newsletter and as always thank you for your continued support.

Love, compassion, kindness to animals everywhere- that is the power of Sanctuary. I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, hope filled New Year!

Terri McKendry - Executive Director

As of Dec. 30, 2021:

Adoptions: 955

Fosters: 109

Fosters-to-Adoptions: 46

Spay/neuter surgeries: 4,023

Wellness appointments: 2,446

Total Clinic Visits: 6,469

Clinic Transports: 705
The Staffworks Upstate NY & PA Save a Life Campaign is still going until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, Dec. 31! We're looking to raise a total of $200,000 so we can receive the entire $25,000 in match funds from the campaign, and we're SO close!

Being a part of this campaign for the second year in a row as the only Pennsylvania-based shelter has been nothing short of wonderful. The match has inspired so many awesome gifts from donors knowing their dollars will go even further because of this campaign.

This time of year is crucial for nonprofits like ACS as we rely on donations to keep the lights on and the cats and dogs warm and healthy! Please consider donating to this campaign, and see your donation go even further with the Staffworks match!

If you're looking for a last-minute donation idea before the year runs out, this is it!
ACS teams up with Bissell Pet Foundation
for Empty the Shelters!
On December 6-20, BISSELL Pet Foundation hosted their last Empty the Shelters event of 2021, and ACS was a part of it!

This event featured reduced adoption fees -- $25 for every feline and canine under the ACS roof -- and led to the adoptions of many animals just in time for the holidays!

We want to thank the BISSELL Pet Foundation for allowing us to be a part of this nationwide event! It saved so many lives not just for ACS, but many others across the country!
Sanctuary Story
Enzo arrived at ACS as a transport from the southern United States back in August, and at first he just seemed like your regular, energetic and jumpy three-year-old boy.

During our free-adoption Clear the Shelters event in late August, Enzo looked like he was already about to go home to a great family after waiting only a couple of weeks at the shelter.

However, Enzo made it known when he met the family that he did not approve of children. (Don't worry, nothing bad happened!) But it was clear Enzo had some work to do, especially in regards to strangers.

Our canine behavior specialist then took Enzo under her wing and fell in love with him. She even sponsored Enzo's adoption! For the next three months, Enzo was muzzle-trained, learned how to meet new people as well as taught many different commands. Enzo proved to be extremely smart and receptive to training, and he became the unofficial face of our Staffworks Save a Life campaign!
This campaign helped raise money to help us train more challenging dogs like Enzo, so EVERY dog can have a fair chance at a new life. And not only did Enzo make this campaign successful, he found his new family just in time for Christmas! Unlike all the other strangers Enzo met during his time at ACS, he immediately ran up to his new dog mom and loved her right from the start. He chose her! And to make it even more special, Enzo's adoption broke our pre-pandemic adoption record of 949!

Enzo will forever remain in our hearts as a special boy. We're so happy for him and his family, especially after seeing all his hard work pay off.
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Support the Businesses that Support ACS!
Gola Osteria brings you a fresh spin on classic Italian dishes. Gola has a unique and expansive dinner menu that includes homemade pasta, sauces and seasonal ingredients. They have a full bar with a well-curated Italian and Finger Lakes wine list and a rotating selection of both inventive and classic cocktails.

Oh, and did we mention that proceeds from some of the dishes are also donated to Animal Care Sanctuary?

Sam, the owner & Chef, and his wonderful staff, are animal lovers, supportive of animal rescue, and have rescues of their own. Sam has decided that Gola will make a donation to Animal Care Sanctuary every time patrons order certain items on the menu. Reservations are highly recommended, please call (607) 273-0333 or use the OpenTable link online. Learn more at www.golaosterio.com!
What if your hot cup of morning Joe could wake you up and also help a good cause? Now it can! ACS has partnered with Java Joe's Roasting Company to offer coffee bundles and more to support Animal Care Sanctuary!

Learn more by clicking the video link on the right, or by checking out the image below! We ship ANYWHERE in the United States.
ACS Sponsorship Opportunities are Available!
Our donors, foundations, businesses and corporations allow the Animal Care Sanctuary to continue to do great things in the world of animal rescue.

With over 25,000 social media followers on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and our website, our patrons and followers are interested in supporting companies who take animal welfare seriously.

Please consider joining the Animal Care Sanctuary’s list of sponsors if your company, club, business values animal welfare and wants to help make a positive impact in our society.
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As a Monthly Donor, you are providing a gift that can be used for animals in their hour of need. Your donation will help ACS rescue pets from overcrowded kill shelters, inhumane conditions, hoarding situations and puppy mills. Your support will help us make more future animal rescues possible, as well as give us the resources we need to provide those animals with the attention and medical care that they need to be adopted. Monthly donations provide security to assure that ACS always has the resources needed to provide for animals at a moment’s notice. To become a monthly donor, please sign up online at www.animalcaresanctuary.org or contact Terry McKendry at tmckendry@animalcaresanctaury.org.