Good afternoon,

The bottom attachment is the Memorandum of Understanding between NCETA and the National School District. An agreement was reached regarding the implementation, trainings, and effects of the Benchmark, ARC, and iReady programs. 

Please note two very important parts of the settlement:

  • "All effected unit members shall be eligible for up to 40 hours of compensation in accordance with Article 15.6.D of the collective bargaining agreement until June 30, 2019." This means that you are eligible for up to 40 hours to attend all of the trainings offered by the district, and to time card any additional hours offered by the district. LCAP funding is one time monies that will expire this June.

  • "Teachers are not required to use Benchmark Advance and ARC materials." This means that no principal, administrator, or district personnel can require a classroom teacher to use these materials to teach the California Common Core State Standards.

Note: School Site Reps will receive a more in depth explanation of the settlement on Tuesday, February 12th @ 3:30pm at the South County Teachers United Office. Please be patient as reps will be disseminating that information to you in the week to come.