This month’s community spotlight brings in one giant new acronym: TRPT (Therapeutic Recreation & Personal Training). Made Possible Personal Training is the amazing community resource we would like to introduce this month. 
"When you walk through our doors at Made Possible Personal Training our gym feels different than the average gym space. We are private, we are comforting, clean, and we are 100% individualized; meaning each member has their own path, their own challenges, their own goals and that is reflected in our programming.

We are a Special Strong certified facility. Providing adaptive personal training; helping people with mental, physical, and cognitive challenges including Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, parcensins, stroke victims and many more. Our goal is to help unlock the strength and confidence of every individual dealing with these challenges in order to live a more abundant life full of activity and independence!

At Made Possible Personal Training our goal for our members is to educate them and walk beside them as they take on the challenge of consistently progressing with exercise, healthy eating, sleeping, and over all self-care. Made Possible is a gym filled with love, sweat, and support for every type of member that walks through our doors."
-Heather Lachance
 Owner of Made Possible Personal Training