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May 23, 2019
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2423 E. Main #5
Cortez, CO 81321
The mission of Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool is to foster a love of learning and a reverence for life by providing an education inspired by Waldorf principles that honors the unique wonder and imagination of early childhood. Our non-profit preschool’s compassionate teachers and nature-based atmosphere create a nurturing environment for children to express their unique potential through creative and experiential activities. Through a curriculum based on the Waldorf education model, the Mancos Valley Dragonfly Preschool inspires imaginative and mindful human beings to become advocates for the earth and humanity.

Contact info:

PO Box 1049 Mancos, CO 81328
Email address: mvdpreschool@gmail.com
Local band, retro rock and country
“If you can’t dance to it, we aren’t playing it!”

News from the Chamber
Are you aware of Colorado's new sale tax rules and regulations?

Sales Tax Information for In-State Retailers
Effective June 1, 2019, sales tax must be collected and remitted based on the jurisdiction’s tax rate at the point of delivery for the taxable good when taxable goods are delivered to a Colorado address outside the retailer’s jurisdiction, also known as destination sourcing. This includes any applicable state-administered local and special district taxes. For example, if a retailer delivers taxable goods to a customer’s address, sales tax must now be collected at the rate effective for the customer’s address, not the taxes that are in common between the customer’s address and the seller’s location. For a complete list of location/jurisdiction codes for sales tax filing see form DR0800 .
Temporary Exemptions for Retailers Include:
  • Small businesses physically located in the state of Colorado that had less than $100,000 in retail sales within the state during the previous calendar year, until such time that the Colorado Department of Revenue can facilitate a technology solution for looking up sales tax rates for a specific address.
  • Small businesses that exclusively use an online marketplace facilitator* would be exempt from collecting and remitting sales tax for sales made in the state of Colorado. The responsibility for collecting and remitting sales tax would fall to the marketplace facilitator.** For additional information regarding the new sales tax law,*** visit the sales tax page for out-of-state retailers.
* A business that conducts retails sales through a marketplace facilitator, but also conducts retails sales through other means such as their own retail store, may still be liable for collection and remittance of sales tax for sales not conducted through the marketplace.
** The provision for marketplace facilitators doesn't go into effect until October 1, 2019.
***  HB19-1240  has been sent to the governor for signature. If it is not acted upon by the governor by May 31, 2019, it automatically becomes law in Colorado. More info on the Colorado General Assembly  website .

May Happenings
Deborah will also be teaching a class on Saturday, May 25 from 10 am - 4 pm through Mancos School of the West.
For more details visit:

Deborah Jojola of Isleta Pueblo and Jemez Pueblo
 Is Mesa Verde’s Next Artist in Residence

Mesa Verde, CO:  Printmaker, p ainter, and art installation artist, Deborah Jojola, is Mesa Verde National Park’s next Artist in Residence, from May 13-25. During her residency, Deborah will explore the theme, " A Living Link between Past and Present Ways of Life.” Being from Isleta Pueblo and Jemez Pueblo, Deborah is looking forward to the opportunity to be immersed in her ancestral lands.
A free public presentation will occur Friday, May 24 at the Far View Lodge Library, Mesa Verde National Park, 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Deborah will discuss her artwork and research with a PowerPoint presentation.
Valuable class for your business! May 24th

Mancos State Park Opens Season with Music and Astronomy
Mancos State Park officially opens the summer season with Memorial Day weekend events Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 15.

Local naturalist and interpreter Jennifer Frost will present a night sky program at 9 p.m., Friday, May 24.
Frost will explore cultural ties to the constellations and other astronomical bodies by “star hopping.” Participants will learn how to identify lesser-known constellations by first finding the better-known star groups like the Big Dipper through “Naked Eye Astronomy.” Once these are found, it is easier to locate smaller constellations and planets, when visible.
Children and adults are welcomed. Frost suggests that participants bring a flashlight that beams in red, a blanket to sit on, and wearing appropriate clothing for potentially cool weather. Meet at Group Picnic Area near park entrance station. The event is free with the $8 per vehicle park entrance fee.
If weather interferes, there will still be a program in the Group Picnic Area.
Well-known area musician Tom Kochanski will give a fun, family-friendly concert in the park amphitheater at 6 p.m., Saturday, May 25. Kochanski has performed all around the area solo, in duos, and in groups such as a ukulele band. He has performed regularly at the Cortez Farmer’s Market, in Durango, at Mancos State Park, and other locales.
Kochanski’s music can be comedic, it can be emotionally moving and it is always family-friendly. The concert is free with per vehicle entrance fee of $8. Concert-goers are welcome to be the non-alcoholic hot drink of their choice.
Free Fishing Weekend is the following week, Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2. Persons of any age can fish without a state fishing license.
The park has been stocked with rainbow trout from the Durango fish hatchery. There are also are the occasional brook trout and lots of small yellow perch. Catch limit for trout is four per person per day (no sharing), but unlimited yellow perch.
Free Fishing Weekend also includes several activities for both kids and adults. These include learning how to cast on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Participants meet at the park entrance to learn to catch large plastic fish. Then these skills can be used all weekend to catch the real thing.
Starting Saturday at noon, there will be free boat rides on the park patrol boat, weather permitting. The lake is full and has a lot of surface area. Visitors will see views of the snow-covered La Platas as well as lands around the lake. Boat rides are a chance for park visitors to see how rangers patrol the lake. Personal flotation devices are provided for every passenger.
Free fishing will continue on Sunday, June 2 until midnight.
All 33 park campsites are now open. The park entrance fee is $8 per vehicle.
June Happenings
July Happenings
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