Plan a project or get-together now!
Happy November! As we gather with family and friends for sporting events, holidays and festivals, we need to continue to embrace gratitude for our blessings.

We take basics such as food, housing and meaningful volunteer work for granted. Others are not so fortunate.
The ability to read, wear warm, clean clothes, and drink safe water seem common- but they are not to everyone.
We may grumble about how tough things are, but we need to embrace our blessings. Those blessing include our families, ones we are born or married into, or those we chose. As we consider our "wealth", we are also beholden to share and teach the next generation to also recognize, appreciate and pass on their gifts to others even as well lift up those in need.

We do this by mentoring and inviting them to serve alongside ourselves. By doing so, we teach compassion, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and good citizenship. So invite those K-Kids or Builders Club members to assemble food baskets, ask the Key Club members to work next to you at the community kitchen, and coordinate efforts to collect warm coats and gloves with the Aktion Club members and Circle K students. By banding together, we share a love of service and create new bonds, much like any other family. Something to truly be grateful.

Make it a Thankful November, Ohio K-Family!

In Service,
Jim Janosik,
Ohio District Executive Director
Honor and Service
Part of the Key Club pledge is " to serve my nation and world; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions."

Former Euclid Key Club member Dan Bergolc certainly embraced that pledge. As a student in high school, he served as Club Secretary, Lt. Governor, District Secretary and later, as International Secretary. He was detailed oriented and fulfilled the requirements to a "t", and was recognized on both the district and international levels.

After graduating from college, Dan went on to enlist in the United States Army, where he continued to embrace those Key Club values. Sadly, Dan died as a result of a fatal lung disease contracted due to toxic burn pits in the Middle East.

We are honored to announce a scholarship fund through the Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation in his honor. Read more about this living memorial to a brave Key Club alumnus who served all, and gave his all.

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