Cool down for wolves

Cool down for wolves
July 2018

Wolf against Montana skyline
Wolf against Montana Skyline

Update on the Montana Wolf Sanctuary

Wolf Haven has been managing the McCleery Wolf Foundation  for over a month now. This sanctuary houses 30+ captive-born gray wolves, and is located in scenic (and currently very hot) Bridger, Montana.  Our sanctuary director, Wendy Spencer, is temporarily in residence there, and fortunately for us, she has been well-documenting the splendor of both the wolves and the landscape. 

Since Wendy's arrival, the wolves have each received new splash tubs to cool off from the 100 degree weather, and she has introduced them to scent and other types of enrichment (like sardines).  

SEE PICS of Montana wol ves and landscape.

READ MORE about the background and history of our satellite wolf sanctuary.
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