Welcome to the September edition of [R]esource Toolkit .

September is REALTOR® Safety Month below you'll find some safety tools you can use today.
FOREWARN, Homesnap, SentriKey Real Estate, your smartphone, and a BONUS!
One of the greatest benefits of your RACI membership is access to a wide array of real estate resources designed to help you succeed in today's market.

This month's features will...
  1. Allow you to proactively and safely plan for showings with a higher level of confidence
  2. Allow you to take advantage of two (2) distress alert systems
  3. Make you aware of your smartphone's capability to send an emergency SOS
Safer engagements. Smarter interaction. Know your prospect in seconds with the newest RACI REALTOR® member benefit.
H omesnap Pro - Safety Timer
When you are within 2000 feet, view any property in Homesnap to set a safety timer to send a distress alert
The SentriSmart™ mobile app includes the Agent Safety feature providing an automatic way to alert select contacts in the case of an unexpected or potentially dangerous situation.
A ndroid or iPhone?
Smartphones offer Emergency SOS features that can call for help and alert your emergency contacts if you’re in an emergency situation.
The Beverly Carter Foundation works with industry and criminology experts to develop publications, videos, online training, and social media resources available for free from the Foundation’s website. Download the Open House Safety Checklist above or go to beverlycarterfoundation.org for additional d ownloadable safety resources
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