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5 Benefits of Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN in Today's World.

Moving to SD-WAN can help your business develop a more efficient network, insulate you from some of the challenges of MPLS, and position you to leverage other powerful technologies. Check out this article and know that Datasmith is ready to find a SD-WAN solution best fit for your environment.

Employee Spotlight
Marvio Botticelli is the vCIO & Technology Strategist at Datasmith and joined the team back in 2006. He has 26 years invested in the IT field and is always researching new technology trends to find ways to improve efficiency for our clients. When Marvio is not at work, he loves playing in his band. In fact, he has been a guitar player for 35 years and holds 2 music degrees!
The "Back to School" Solution Needed for Modern Classrooms.
Information technology is an integral part of modern society and an important part of modern education. So much depends on complicated forms of hardware and software. Without the right protection, one virus could cause massive damage to a school system. That's where the Sophos XG Firewall solution comes into play.

It delivers unmatched visibility and insight, the ultimate security and control, and unique threat response capabilities. It brings a fresh new approach to the way you monitor what's happening on your network, manage your settings, and respond to threats. Download this resource to learn how this solution paired with Datasmith expertise can protect your classroom, students, faculty, and alumni.

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