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Spectrum Analysers from SAF Tehnika

Spectrum Compact V-Band and E-band
Spectrum Compact
SG Compact
(Signal Generator 6 - 40GHz
The "Spectrum Compact" range from SAF Tehnika are a range of handheld Spectrum Analysers offering high frequency performance at a fraction of the cost of conventional Spectrum Analysers.

Aimed at "field" applications, but equally at home in the lab or on production, the SAF Tehnika Spectrum Compact range features 5 models with the highest frequency analyser operating over the frequency range 70-87GHz. In addition the 56-67GHz model should be of interest to all those working on high frequency communications systems being proposed for 5G.

Wavemon by Wavecontrol

The new WaveMon, RF personal monitor by Wavecontrol, continuously measures the EMF exposure levels of the workers to alert them in time, contributing to their safety and protection in accordance to International standards for safety at work (ICNIRP, European Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC and Safety Code 6/2015).
Thanks to its isotropic sensors with RMS response, the WaveMon accurately measures electrical fields up to 8GHz and magnetic fields up to 1GHz, irrespective of its orientation with respect to the EMF source.  

Featuring a high capacity data-logger, plus exceptional battery life, it is the only personal monitor on the market with a GPS and altimeter option for geolocation of measurements.


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