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"The Light Is Coming"

Please join us, Friday December 24, 2021 at 7:00PM for our

Candlelight Christmas Eve service. We look forward to sharing Joy, Peace, Hope and Love with each of you.

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"First Sunday after Christmas"

12/26/21 at 10:30AM regular time or via FaceBook Live for worship.

We are open!!

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"The Rung of Transformation"

Matthew 1:18-24

This is how the birth of Jesus came about. When Jesus’ mother, Mary, was engaged to Joseph, but before they lived together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Joseph, her husband, an upright person unwilling to disgrace her, decided to divorce her quietly.

This was Joseph’s intention when suddenly the angel of God appeared in a dream and said, “Joseph, heir to the house of David, don’t be afraid to wed Mary; it is the by the Holy Spirit that she has conceived this child. She is to have a son, and you are to name him Jesus – ‘Salvation’ – because he will save the people from their sins.”  

All this happened to fulfill what God had said through the prophet: “The virgin will be with child and give birth, and the child will be named Immanuel”- a name that means “God is with us.”  

When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of God had directed, and they went ahead with the marriage.  

Agape MCC’s Holiday Series

"Ladder to the Light"

This series based on the visions and wisdom teachings of Steven Charleston, a member of the the Choctaw Nation, former Episcopal Bishop of Alaska, and President and Dean of the Episcopal Divinity School. Our guide has been his most recent book, Ladder to the Light; An Indigenous Elder’s Meditations on Hope and Courage.  

We have been climbing the ladder slowly throughout the holiday season, including Advent, and our ascent will culminate on Christmas Eve. Please join us this week as we take the final steps into the light. If you are joining us virtually please gather a flashlight or candle for our Emergence into the light.

10/24 The Vision of the Kiva

10/31 The Rung of Faith/All Saints Day

11/02 All Souls Day/Día de los Muertos (Facebook Live Blessing with Rev. David at 7PM)

11/07 The Rung of Blessing

11/14 The Rung of Hope (Congregational Meeting Sunday)

11/21 The Rung of Community

11/28 Advent 1 – The Rung of Action

12/05 Advent 2 – The Rung of Truth

12/12 Advent 3 – The Rung of Renewal

12/19 Advent 4 – The Rung of Transformation

12/24 Christmas Eve, 7:00 p.m. – The Emergence

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Spirit Cafe will be on break until January 2022. Have a beautiful Christmas and wonderful New Year!

12/03 - Carol Boutwell

12/05 - Jim Simmons

12/09 - Dan Leaver

12/10 - Jeremy Phillips

12/11 - Taylor Wolfer-Stephens

12/11 - Tom Wren 

12/15 - Cassy Batts

12/15 - Trish Ashton 

12/15 - Randall Roberts 

12/20 - Linda Crear

12/24 - Johnny Price 

12/26 - Pat Kaiser

12/27 - Val McMullan 

12/29 - Jo Pierce

12/30 - Phyllis Sasser

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