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On behalf of the Chairman, The Mulloon Institute

Our Chairman Gary Nairn AO is currently recuperating from recent surgery and unable to prepare his usual informative and inspiring monthly update.  His health continues to improve daily and we look forward to having him back on board for next months edition; in the meantime I'm sure you join with the team from The Mulloon Institute in wishing him a speedy recovery.

Green Army update

The Green Army have been busy completing around 5 km of fencing on a few different locations across the Mulloon Catchment, helping to protect existing valuable riparian features and upcoming spring tree planting sites.

They have also installed 20 more erosion control features in first and second order watercourses using locally sourced timber, brush, rock and vegetation. And have installed stock exclosures to protect the valuable data collection equipment on a transect of recently installed piezometers on Palerang in the Lower Mulloon Catchment.

Natural Sequence Farming

A demonstration site of Natural Sequence Farming techniques suitable for hilltop country is progressing nicely at Duralla. 

Scott Middlebrook from the Mulloon Creek Natural Farms team completed the earthworks, including contours and ridge ponds to distribute water and fertility to the high ground.

The Green Army also helped out by planting and protecting a belt of complementary deciduous tree species.

Educational visits

Braidwood Central School students from Years 9 and 10 braved windy conditions recently for a creek walk at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms to learn about our work regenerating the Australian landscape. READ MORE

Sustainable Agriculture students from  Australian National University also visited recently to learn about different land uses in the Mulloon Catchment and the management of natural resources. L ed by Dr Craig Strong, they visited nearby Caroola Farm and the Landtasia compost facility.

Work is also progressing nicely on creating  professional brochures to promote our educational tours to schools and universities.

Planning stream interventions

Peter Hazell has been working tirelessly on the mammoth task of planning and designing the stream interventions for Mulloon Creek. A high level of detail is required to gain the approval of the authorities to undertake the creek works. It is also important to provide an illustrative representation of the work that will take place for the benefit of all the interested parties.

Above is an example plan view design of some proposed stream structures at one of the 90 sites of proposed intervention along Mulloon Creek.

Striated Thornbill - Antony Mulhall
Baseline Bird Survey results

Threatened Scarlet Robins and Gang-gang Cockatoos were amongst the birds recorded in a survey along a 20km stretch of the Mulloon Creek catchment in NSW.

Drones ahoy

Dr Duanne White, Senior Lecturer at University of Canberra, visited Mulloon Creek Natural Farms recently to obtain imagery using drone technology. The data will be used to generate a 3D model and for an upcoming student field trip this October.   A s you can see, it really has been a very dry winter!

Tarwyn Park Training

A handful of places are still available for the upcoming training in Natural Sequence Farming this November. 

It's a very popular course and we are proud to be collaborating with Tarwyn Park Training to make this training available. 

Triple yolk, no joke!

This beauty comes from one of our  eggs  at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms. The photo was sent in by Deena who bought the egg as part of a dozen from Harris Farm Markets in Bondi Junction.

Deena also investigated how often this sort of thing happens - only once in every 25 millions eggs! 

We must be doing something right.

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