The Feast of the Epiphany 2021
Volume 11, No. 18
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The Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit (1938-2020)
Bishop Louttit during the 2009 Diocesan Convention. Photo by Julius Ariail

The people of the Diocese of Georgia, mourn the loss of the Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit, Jr. who died peacefully the morning of December 31. 

Bishop Louttit with his father, when the younger Louttit was ordained a priest.
Bishop Louttit was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on June 13, 1938, son of Bishop and Mrs. H. I. Louttit, Sr. Married in 1962, he and his wife Jan had three children, Amy, Susan, and Katie. His undergraduate degree is from The University of the South and he graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1963. He was ordained deacon by his father, then Bishop of South Florida, and priest the following year by Bishop Albert R. Stuart, then Bishop of Georgia. He served Trinity Church, Statesboro, and in 1967 became Rector of Christ Church, Valdosta, where he remained until election as bishop in 1994. He was consecrated bishop January 21, 1995 in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah. 

Bishop Louttit at Honey Creek.
The bishop promoted congregational development and planted new congregations: Holy Comforter was established from St. Paul's, Augusta, in Evans County; King of Peace was planted in Kingsland; and St. Luke's was started in Rincon.

Bishop Louttit strove to keep the diocese united during a period of great controversy following the ordination of Bishop Gene Robinson in New Hampshire, a partnered homosexual.

In order that congregations which could not support a full-time priest would have the Eucharist every Sunday, Bishop Louttit initiated the training and formation of persons locally for ordination as priests and bi-vocational priests. He also named the goal of at least one deacon in every congregation and ordained many persons to that order of ministry. He supported Cursillo and Happening and regularly led Summer Camp sessions, offering the music camp for many years as priest and bishop.

Bishop Louttit called for election of a successor bishop in February 2009. He retired on the consecration of the tenth Bishop of Georgia January 23, 2010. 

Bishop Louttit at his consecration.
In his first address as bishop to Diocesan Convention, Bishop Louttit stated he believed the ministry of the bishop to be: an encourager, friend, and prayer supporter; the link between congregations in our diocese, throughout the world, and back through time to the apostles; the chief administrator, planner, and visioner; trouble-shooter, and reconciler; the sharer of family stories, like the grandfather of the family; an icon model of Christian service.

Bishop Logue said, "He lived into that vision well, creating a stronger diocesan community in the process. With a pastor's heart, he left us more connected, a closer community with its eyes on Jesus." 

Logue added, "Personally, he saw more in me than was present when he saw it, and I am not alone in experiencing this. He offered me the opportunity to plant a church when the safe bet was that it wouldn't work and then supported me fully."

Bishop Henry and Jan Louttit
Bishop Scott Benhase recalls, "One of my fondest times with Bishop Louttit was completely serendipitous. I had no liturgical responsibilities on Ash Wednesday one year, so Kelly and I headed to St George's Savannah for the evening liturgy. There also, to our surprise, were Henry and Jan. The four of us broke our fast together at a little Thai restaurant nearby after the liturgy. We had the best time with the best company."

Bishop Benhase added, "Episcopal transitions are never easy for anyone, but Henry was so humble and open and that made it so much easier. His love for God was apparent to anyone who spent time with him."

Please join in prayer for Jan, for their daughters Amy, Susan, and Katie and the whole Louttit Family.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations go to our Honey Creek Retreat Center. Donations may be made by texting "HoneyCreek" to 73256 or via check sent to 299 Episcopal Conference Center Rd, Waverly, GA 31565.

The 9th, 10th, and 8th Bishops of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, the Rt. Revs. Henry Louttit, Scott Benhase, and Harry Shipps, share a laugh before the convention Eucharist in 2016. 

Chris Phelps (1938-2021)
Chris with her husband, the late
Rev. Canon Neal Phelps.

The people of the Diocese of Georgia are mourning the loss of Mrs. Christopher Shearin Phelps, 82, who died on January 1, 2021. Phelps was an active member of St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church. She was a faithful and dedicated minister in the Diocese of Georgia for decades, and her ministry has been a source of joy for so many. In recent years, she served as the Chaplain to retired clergy and spouses, a role to which Bishop Benhase appointed her and Bishop Logue continued her appointment. She was the wife of the late Neal Phelps, longtime rector of St. Augustine's and Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Georgia.

Bishop Benhase, the 10th Bishop of Georgia, remembers when Chris accepted his appointment to serve as chaplain to the Diocese's retired clergy saying, "She was gentle and diligent in keeping me informed and making sure no retiree or spouse was ever left out. What a blessing she and Neal were to the Diocese and the Church!"

"Chris so shone with the light of Christ that others could not help but notice," Bishop Logue said and added,  "There was nothing quite like Chris' smile, she was delighted to see everyone, and this made her a natural at welcoming visitors to St. Augustine's, when her husband Neal was rector, and later in retirement. Chris always remembered details and asked after family members and prayer requests. She genuinely cared and everyone could see and feel that care."

Family members include her son -in-law Fred; her grandchildren: Michael Janicki and Kathryn Theodosakis (and her husband, Greg); and sister: Marie Holland (and her husband, Jimmy). In addition to her husband, she is preceded in death by her daughter, Allyson Stanland. Memorial contributions may be made to Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, 18 East 34th Street, Savannah, GA 31401. The funeral service will be private.

Bishop Logue's 2020 Journal

Click to see a PDF file of the Bishop's Journal.
"Today, I was ordained and consecrated as the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia at Christ Church, Savannah with eleven people in the Nave of the Church." 
So begins the Journal for 2020 Bishop Frank Logue posted in the Diocese of Georgia's online archives: Bishop Logue's 2020 Journal

We have journals for many of our bishops, going back to the first Bishop of Georgia, the Rt. Rev. Stephen Elliott, Jr. who followed the then common practice of reading his journal into his convention address (his address of 1842 is an example). In more recent years, we have in the online archives a journal each from Bishop Stuart, Bishop Shipps and Bishop Louttit.

Bishop Logue notes in a brief introduction, "What follows captures much of my work done in service to God as the Chief Pastor of the Diocese of Georgia. To preserve confidentiality, I don't even mention many concerns my staff and I addressed this year as in a small diocese it is difficult to even characterize a concern without revealing more than is appropriate. I use names when the information was otherwise made public. In looking back over this journal at year's end as I am about to make it public, I see how uneven the entries are in capturing this call. I offer what follows as I have enjoyed time exploring the history of this Diocese and wish I had a similar record from my predecessors."

Bishop Appoints Dellenbarger and Purdy as Deans
The Very Rev. Leslie Dellenbarger

Bishop Logue announces that he has appointed the Very Rev. Leslie Dellenbarger to serve as the Dean of the Southwest Convocation. He had appointed her as Interim Dean when her predecessor, the Very Rev. Stanley J. White went on short term disability. Following the sad news of Stan's death, Dellenbarger accepted the call as Dean. Leslie serves St. John's, Bainbridge, as their priest. She and her spouse, Alta Holton, have both been long involved in the Diocese of Georgia. 

The Very Rev. Tom Purdy
Bishop Logue also announces that he has appointed the Very Rev. Tom Purdy to serve as the Dean of the Southeast Convocation. Purdy is the Rector of Christ Church Frederica, St. Simons Island. Tom and his spouse, Donna, have two daughters, Eva and Calleigh. He has been serving as the Chair of the Commission on Ministry, a role he will leave as he takes on this new responsibility. Purdy follows the Very Rev. Ted Clarkson who moved from the convocation to serve as the Interim Rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Augusta.

"The role of Dean is a critical one for the Diocese, gathering the clergy of the area routinely for collegiality and to see how to work together in ministry," Bishop Logue said. "Deans, together with the Archdeacon, also serve as an important Council of Advice for me as Chief Pastor. I am grateful to Leslie and Tom for accepting these appointments.

New Funds Available through the Cares Act
This new package provides additional funding for those businesses that did not receive PPP money in the first round. In addition, it allows businesses a second chance at PPP money if they can show losses of 25% or higher in 2020 over their 2019 revenue. This round includes continued support for congregations. 
If you feel your congregation is interested in applying and meet the qualification, please reach out to your banking contact immediately. 
You'll need to pull together financial reports and submit the application as soon as possible before the funds are dried up. 
For questions or support, please reach out to Canon Easterlin (
There is no clear date of when portals have opened for new applications, this is why contacting your bank is critical. 
For those that received PPP Loans, please review the forgiveness information below: 
The guidance, application, and forgiveness have been a continuous moving target as the Treasury and Small Business Administration (SBA) released information.
This is a brief highlight on the forgiveness process for those who haven't worked with their banks to apply for forgiveness:
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) borrowers may be eligible for loan forgiveness if the funds were used for eligible payroll costs, payments on business mortgage interest payments, rent, or utilities during either the 8- or 24-week period after disbursement.
  • You must submit an application for forgives within 10 months after the last day of the covered period. You can file for an 8-week or 24-week period. If borrowers do not apply for forgiveness within 10 months after the last day of the covered period, then PPP loan payments are no longer deferred, and borrowers will begin making loan payments to their PPP lender.
To begin the process for forgiveness, please ensure you are working with your lender to determine the appropriate paperwork and appropriate documentation for submission. The SBA has provided three potential forms for submission, the SBA form 3508, SBA Form 3508EZ, SBA Form 3508S, or a Lender equivalent. The EZ and S form are for entities that meet certain requirements. Most of our congregations will fall into the "easy" application form. 
Step 1: Determine the Form to Apply- How much did the organization borrow? Select from one of the three options:
  • 3508- Long-form PPP forgiveness application requiring lengthy documentation and calculation submission. None of our organization should have to complete the long form. 
  • 3508EZ*- If the borrower didn't do one of the following then they can use this form, 1) reduce salaries more than 25%, 2) reduce number of employees, does not include those positions unable to refill, 3) the borrower was unable to operate due to safety and health concerns. Requires less documentation for submission 
  • 3508S*- loans $50,000 or less and requires fewer calculations and less documentation for eligible borrowers
*The majority of folks will submit the EZ form and a select few the 3508S. 
Step 2: Gather documentation- Even if the form doesn't require documentation to be submitted for forgiveness, it is still required you keep all documentation on file for 7 years in the event of an audit from the SBA. Keep the files in electronic and paper record if possible 
Step 3: Submit the application- The application will be submitted directly to the lender and then filed with the SBA. Your lender may require the documentation even if the form doesn't, make sure to submit in a timely manner once you begin the process 
Step 4: Communicate with your lender- If your loan comes under review by the SBA, your lender will let you know their decision. You have the right to appeal certain SBA loan review decisions. Your Lender is responsible for notifying you of the forgiveness amount paid by SBA and the date on which your first payment will be due, if applicable. 
Please find the FAQ document here.
For questions, please email me at

Across the Diocese
A young reader at Christ Church, Savannah works hard to get her reading just right!
Olive Logue, cat of Bishop and Victoria Logue, seems unfazed to see the Bishop on the big screen.

Worship with the Diocese of Georgia in Vidalia on Sunday

On Sunday we will stream Morning Prayer at 
10 a.m. from The Church of the Annunciation in Vidalia with Bishop Logue as officiant and preacher.

Find Livestream Worship 
There are a lot of options each day for Episcopalians in the Diocese of Georgia to worship online and now they are listed in one place. The Livestream Services calendar tells the time, location, and which liturgy the congregation offers for the whole Diocese. Click the image above or this link: Livestream Services Calendar

Have you adjusted your livestream schedule? Let us know! We have a running calendar that you can find here. Check to see if your schedule is correct, and if there are any changes, email Administrator Assistant Daniel Garrick at

Prayers for Weekly Liturgies
Our one-year prayer cycle combines prayers for every congregation in the Diocese of Georgia with prayers for our ecumenical partners and for our Companion Diocese of The Dominican Republic.  

The 2021 one year prayer cycle is online here: 2021 Prayer Cycle

January 10 - 16
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregation in Americus, Calvary, and for our ecumenical part
ners in Americus especially St. Mary's Catholic Church and for St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in Plains. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the congregations in Azua-Reconciliation (La Reconciliaciónand St. George (San Jorge).

January 17 - 23
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregations in Augusta, especially, the Church of the Atonement and Christ Church. We also pray for our ecumenical partners in Augusta, especially Advent Lutheran Church, Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, and The Church of the Resurrection Lutheran Church. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the Church of the Transfiguration (
La Transfiguración) in Banî.

Additional Prayer Cycles (Updated on December 17, 2020)
We also offer 30-day prayer cycles for those who wish to pray daily for the clergy and clergy spouses: Diocesan Prayer Cycle and Clergy Spouses Prayer Cycle.

Diocesan Office Update and News

Tonight at 6 pm, Bishop Logue will celebrate and preach a liturgy of Holy Eucharist for this Feast of the Epiphany at the Collegiate Church of St. Paul the Apostle. The service will be for less than 10 people in person and live-streamed to the congregation's Facebook page in keeping with our Phase 1 Guidance for the pandemic.

This Sunday, Bishop Logue will officiate and preach Morning Prayer  online at 10 a.m from The Church of the Annunciation in Vidalia. To view the service, visit the Diocese of Georgia Facebook Page or the Diocese of Georgia YouTube page
In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Diocesan staff are not all in the office at the same time with some working remotely. Email will be the quickest way to get in touch with the staff, although you are still welcome to call us on the phone! If we miss your call, please leave a voicemail with a detailed message. Staff e-mails can be found here.

Let Us Know!

What are you doing to keep community right now? Are you gathering for virtual coffee hours, delivering groceries to your neighbors - let us know! Send any updates or photos to our Communications Manager Liz Williams at We want to hear from you!

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Bishop Louttit enjoying a ride around Honey Creek.

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