December 2, 2020
Volume 11, No. 13
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Happening Reunion Bring 
Generations Together

 In this time of pandemic, none of the regular Diocesan Youth Weekends have been able to take place in person. Happening, which is geared for youth in grades 10-12, is one of those events that has had to be canceled. Despite the Happening staff's disappointment at the cancellation of the event they have looked forward to, some of the staff decided to work together to create an online experience. While it would not replace our regular event, it would allow for a different kind of community. Over many discussions, it became clear that they wanted to offer a "Happening Reunion Group" gathering that was open to all past Happeners, no matter when they attended their first Happening weekend.

The Reunion took place for two hours on two successive nights. Each night offered music, a chance for small group discussion, and a reflection. The first night former Happening Coordinator Jody Grant reflected on the impact the Happening experience has made in his life over years and the importance of the friendships he made through Happening. The second night, high school senior Molly Lindsey, of St. Paul's, Augusta, reflected on how her experiences of Happening has given her hope in these hard times. The event brought together people from different generations and allowed them to share their own experiences with one another. When asked about the event, participants shared: 

"It was a blessing I didn't know I needed."

"It helped me remember why having a Godly community is SO important, especially right now."

"It gave me hope in the midst of these hard times and gave me the fellowship with my Honey Creek family that I needed."

The former Diocese of Georgia Happeners spanned decades, ranging from Happening #3 to Happening #103, which took place last February, just before everything shut down. Many Reunion participants had also served on staff one or more times. Because of the flexibility of virtual space, we also had participants coming from not just the Diocese but also beyond its borders!

Based on the success of this event, we will be working on creating online experiences designed to support other youth events as well. While we're eager to be back together in person, we also look forward to gathering together virtually!

Shepherds, Sheep, and Angels, Oh My!
Baby Ezra Lasch in his first performance
as one of the Magi.

We would love your help as we put together our Diocesan Christmas Pageant!  We will be providing the narration, but we need YOU to make it the most delightful Christmas pageant ever.  Send us a video clip (30 seconds or less) of your family as your favorite pageant participants: sheep, shepherds, angels, Magi, or friendly beasts (lobsters welcome). Professional level costumes not needed, just use whatever you have around the house! Please submit clips to the Rev. Canon Loren Lasch by Monday, December 14:  We appreciate your help in sharing the joy of the Incarnation with the Diocese of Georgia!

Advent Message from Bishop Logue
Light Shines in the Darkness - A Message for Advent 2020
Light Shines in the Darkness - A Message for Advent 2020

"We all share a longing, a need for hope. We need the word we find in John's Gospel, "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5). As we journey toward Christmas, lighting candles to mark the season, the hope we see in that light dispelling darkness is that whatever we face, we do not face it alone. This is true as the God who made us and loves us is with us. And as we light candles to mark the season, we can also make calls to check in on those who are cut off because of the pandemic, to offer a hand and to share that hope. Even as we light candles, we can be that glimmer of hope for others."

For the full video, click here. For the full text, click here.

Christmas Joy with a Diocesan Choir!

This is a different Christmas for many of us. It's harder to be together in person, and technology can only go so far. But even when we are distanced, we can celebrate together through music. For Christmas this year we are offering at least one virtual choir piece, Joy to the World, which is familiar to many. Please join us in singing together for Christmas!

In order to sing this hymn, all you need is a pair of earbuds, a computer, and a smartphone that can record video. You will download the appropriate guide track and then sing along with the guide track in your earbuds while you video yourself using your phone. We need your submission no later than Monday, December 14, in order to incorporate it into the final choir.

In order to participate, you need the full instructions, which can be found here: The instructions include links to written music, guide tracks for melody, harmony, and descant (if desired) and instructions on how to submit your video once you're done. Many thanks to Kathleen Turner, Organist and Choirmaster at Christ Church, Frederica, for creating these tracks.

Please read the instructions carefully before you record anything! Contact Canon Varner at with your questions.

Please note that while singers sometimes feel like they are singing a solo during this process, and therefore choose not to participate, your offering will be mixed with others, creating the sound of many voices singing together through the miracle of technology. So go ahead and sing and submit your music. Your song will join with everyone else's offerings to create something glorious!

Advent Zoom Compline
Since March our Diocesan Youth have been gathering on Zoom for Compline. Our worship services include music, common prayer, and a chance to offer personal prayers and reflections. Since August we have had individuals, both lay people and clergy, offer brief meditations as well! For those who attended Compline during our recent Diocesan Convention, this service is very similar.

During the season of Advent these Compline services will be held on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. They will be led by youth each time, with music that is commonly sung during our traditional youth events. However, all are welcome to attend!

The Zoom Meeting ID is 476 108 815. In order to obtain the passcode, please reach out to our Canon Joshua Varner at Alternatively, you may sign up for our Remind Text group to receive a reminder text before the service, along with occasional other messages. In order to sign up, please follow this link:

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Advent!

Only a Few Spots Left!
Spots are almost filled for the Honey Creek Open for December 12, 2020! Honey Creek joined forces with Innova and Camden Disc Golf to provide an excellent event that will also serve as a fundraiser for Honey Creek and Camden Disc Golf's club. To kick off the event, on Friday, December 11, you'll get to enjoy Glow Disc Golf! 

For more information about the event and how to participate, contact Executive Director Dade Brantley at If you'd like lodging information, contact Georgeanne Younger at

For the event flyer, click here.

Across the Diocese

The Rev. David Lemburg of St. George's, Savannah (left) and the Rev. Kevin Kelly of St. Michael & All Angels (right) are ready for their Christmas tree sales!
Parishioners of Church of the Good Shepherd, Augusta, work on Advent wreaths to take home.
Outdoor worship at St. Thomas Isle of Hope, Savannah, means sidewalk chalk art during the liturgy while the simplicity of Advent greens in place of flowers completes the altar ready for outdoor worship at St. James, Quitman.

St. Luke's, Rincon's outdoor Advent wreath took it up a notch!

Worship with the Diocese of Georgia in Savannah on Sunday

This second Advent Sunday, we will stream Morning Prayer at 
10 a.m. from St. Matthew's, Savannah with Canon Lasch officiating and Bishop Logue preaching.

Find Livestream Worship 
There are a lot of options each day for Episcopalians in the Diocese of Georgia to worship online and now they are listed in one place. The Livestream Services calendar tells the time, location, and which liturgy the congregation offers for the whole Diocese. Click the image above or this link: Livestream Services Calendar

Have you adjusted your livestream schedule? Let us know! We have a running calendar that you can find here. Check to see if your schedule is correct, and if there are any changes, email Administrator Assistant Daniel Garrick at

Prayers for Weekly Liturgies
Our one-year prayer cycle combines prayers for every congregation in the Diocese of Georgia with prayers for our ecumenical partners and for our Companion Diocese of The Dominican Republic.  

The 2020 one year prayer cycle is now online here: 2020 Prayer Cycle

November 29 - December 5
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregation in Waynesboro, St. Michael's. We also pray for our ecumenical partners in Waynesboro, especially Sacred Heart Catholic Church and our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Sylvania. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the congregations in Santo Domingo, especially St. Margaret (Santa Margarita).

December 6 -12
In our diocesan cy
cle of prayer, we pray for our congregation in Woodbine, St. Mark's. We also pray for our ecumenical partners, especially the Catholic congregations of Holy Family in Metter and St. Bernadette in Millen. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the congregations in Santo Domingo, especially Holy Trinity (Santi╠üsma Trinidad).

Additional Prayer Cycles (Updated on November 29, 2020)
We also offer 30-day prayer cycles for those who wish to pray daily for the clergy and clergy spouses: Diocesan Prayer Cycle and Clergy Spouses Prayer Cycle.

Diocesan Office Update and News

This Sunday, Canon Varner will tell the story of The Holy Family from Godly Play, Canon Lasch will preach, and Bishop Logue will officiate Morning Prayer from St. Matthew's, Savannah offered online at 10 a.m. To find the service, visit the Diocese of Georgia Facebook Page or the Diocese of Georgia YouTube page.

On Sunday, Canon Lasch will be preaching, officiating, and meeting with the vestry of St. Andrew's & 
St. Cyprian's in Darien.

Throughout the remainder of 2020 Bishop Logue will continue to record Diocesan worship from different congregations across the Diocese. To see the calendar for the remainder of 2020, click here.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Diocesan staff are not all in the office at the same time with some working remotely. Email will be the quickest way to get in touch with the staff, although you are still welcome to call us on the phone! If we miss your call, please leave a voicemail with a detailed message. Staff e-mails can be found here.

Let Us Know!

What are you doing to keep community right now? Are you gathering for virtual coffee hours, delivering groceries to your neighbors - let us know! Send any updates or photos to our Communications Manager Liz Williams at We want to hear from you!

Advent Skills
Canon Varner has skills! He's working on one of the hymns for this week's Diocesan Advent service. 
Who knew in January that we'd know what all these buttons do?

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