Volunteer Newsletter
January 2021
Volunteering offers vital assistance to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, therefore transforming both the lives of the people who volunteer and those who benefit.

“The Heart of a Volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the
Commitment to Make a Difference in the lives of others.” ― DeAnn Hollis

As part of the volunteer recruitment process, we require your Volunteer Form and a Criminal Record Check (for volunteers 18 years of age and older) be conducted as part of the screening process. Volunteers are required to reaffirm their interest in volunteering for events every 24 months. Download the Volunteer Form.

For more information please contact the Blackfalds FCSS Volunteer Programmer at 403.885.6360 or through email.
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
Snow Angel Program ~ Winter Season
Snow Angels are individuals who shovel other peoples driveway/walkway just to be kind and help out. It’s about neighbors helping neighbors resulting in building a strong, connected community.

The amount of time dedicated by a Snow Angel will be determined by the weather, and the number of residences the volunteer has committed to. The ideal candidate is anticipated to commit to the program for duration of the winter season. Anyone 16 years of age or older may volunteer for the program. (Those under 16 years of age require adult supervision.)

Residents can request assistance to have their driveway/walkway along with sidewalks cleared during our snowy winter months by contacting Volunteer Programmer at 403.885.6360 or by email.
Health Professional Attraction &Retention Committee
Did You Know?
Blackfalds has a new Health Professional Attraction & Retention Committee. This group of community members works with individuals from Town Council and Administration and health service agencies.
What Does this Group Do?
Committee members will attend meetings as needed and participate in varied activities that correspond with their interests and abilities. Some of the Committee initiatives include promoting health provider opportunities in Blackfalds, hosting community tours, building relationships with community health providers and organizing appreciation activities, and providing support for their families.

Want to Help? 
Many hands make light work and robust and diverse community representation on this Committee is welcome! In particular, residents who are seniors, well-connected to the local business community, newcomers to town, or who have a young family are invited to email for more information.
Blackfalds Fire | Rescue Volunteer Firefighter
Community Information
Blackfalds Lunch Box Program Extended
We have secured additional funding that will allow us to extend the Lunchbox program into 2021!
We understand that as we continue to deal with the many uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 that programs like the Lunchbox help alleviate hunger in our community.
Each Monday you can pick up a box of food supplies for the week to build healthy lunches and breakfast for your family at home.
If your household, or someone you know, could benefit from this program OR if you would like to donate to the program please contact FCSS at 403.600.9066 or send an email.
How Our Electronic Recycling in Edmonton Helps 
Your Old Electronic Devices Can Make A Positive Impact

The Electronic Recycling Association is committed to making electronic recycling in Edmonton beneficial for everyone - including the environment. If you have any leftover electronic devices that you no longer need, or are not working as it should be, then we will take them off your hands, refurbish them, before giving them to charities across Canada. Your donation can make all the difference to someone, as well as helping to reduce the impact of e-waste. Be part of the solution by donating your devices today.  

Other Volunteer Opportunities
  • Friends of Iron Ridge Elementary Society (FIRES), is a fundraising society for Iron Ridge Elementary Campus! A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the amazing community volunteers and the board members who helped with the playground build, each step of the way! ROCKSTAR BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED! We have been notified that some of our board members will be stepping down due to their children having aged out from the school, and other personal matters, which leaves us NEEDING to replace these positions. This is a critical moment for FIRES as we are at risk of having to fold our board, redirect all funds and lose our upcoming Casino Fundraiser, which is a quick way to earn money for the Iron Ridge Elementary School and potentially $20,000.00! FIRES will be hosting our Annual General Meeting via ZOOM on Saturday, January 23rd - meeting will start at 7pm. Please join our Facebook Group - Friends of Iron Ridge Elementary Society (F.I.R.E.S.) - where we will share more information regarding the upcoming meeting and the positions that we will be needing to fill!

  • The Blackfalds Public Library has free memberships and access to eBooks, eAudio as well as regular books. In addition, we offer curbside pick up and online programs now and through out the fall and winter. Follow us on Facebook or our website. The Friends of the Library are fundraising for the new Library furnishings for our new Library furnishings for our new move to the Eagle Builders Centre in 2021. Contact the library for more information on how to make a tax deductible donation 403-885-2343.

  • Blackfalds Skating Club is looking to fill board member positions for the 2020-2021 skating year, including marketing and communications, vice president and co-president positions. The Blackfalds Skating Club also welcomes any certified coaches to help with all levels of skating! For more information please contact the Skating Club.

  • The Dual Ice Development Society and the Blackfalds & District Agricultural Society are still actively seeking individuals or businesses who are looking to leave their mark on the new arena through sponsorship opportunities!! Please feel free to contact us for further information. You can contact either Sean Barnes, Director Community Services or the President of Dual Ice Development Society Karen Sernecky or 587.877.9266. Or find us on Facebook or instagram. Volunteer opportunities also available!

  • Canadian Red Cross is seeking volunteers for their Emergency Management program. While based in Red Deer, Volunteers in this program will respond to small-scale disasters across Central Alberta and large-scale disasters across the province, and the country. Volunteers are asked to consider that immediate deployments are unlikely and on-going training is key to being prepared to respond when and if the volunteer has available to do so. Please apply online.
Blackfalds FCSS | 5016 Waghorn St | Blackfalds, AB
Volunteer Programmer | 403.885.6360 | volunteer@blackfalds.com