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September 2023 News

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!

Sometimes It’s the Little Things That Mean So Much!

Our DDRC Case Managers and Resource Coordinators are frequently lauded by families they serve, their teammates, and supervisors for the incredible job they do, often dealing with complex issues under pressing circumstances, and wading through the intricacies of regulations, and the unique needs and circumstances of the individuals they serve. 

Tory, a DDRC Resource Coordinator faced a challenging situation with an individual on her caseload receiving State Supported Living Service enrolling into a Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver. Making matters more difficult, the person was in jeopardy of losing their residential arrangement at that time too. Undaunted, she completed the enrollment requirements, coordinated with the county about Medicaid, assisted with the person’s complex personal financial circumstances, and held interdisciplinary team meetings to discuss steps toward a resolution. Happily, she was able to extend the person’s State Supported Living Service Services and was successful resolving the other complexities too!

In another of many possible examples, a mother whose child was served by Michelle, a DDRC Resource Coordinator, said, “Michelle provides stellar support to me, and my family members and I would be devastated if I had to navigate life without Michelle as our family’s RC.” 

While our staff are on-point to address difficult issues, they are also not above seeing how seemingly small things can make a difference too. Carly, another Resource Coordinator was lauded by a mom for Carly’s work with her son. When the son had a special school “bouncy house” event that came up at the time of the planned service plan meeting, Carly was gracious and flexible to meet with the parent first and then wait until after the boy’s event was done to meet with her son, so there was no missing what was truly special for this little boy. “Carly’s flexibility and kindness meant so much to us, and we appreciate her going above and beyond to accommodate a very special request,” the mother wrote. So yes, sometimes the little things mean a lot, or in this case—the bouncy things! 

Thank a Direct Support Professional

September 10-16, 2023, is Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) week, a nationwide recognition of the important role of DSPs. But just who are DSPs? They are the staff helping in a day program, or with community connections, employment support, or with living in an apartment or group residence. The impact that DSPs have on the people they support cannot be overstated!

DSPs must have numerous talents and competencies to fulfill the needs of the people they serve. They may assist individuals with skill building for jobs, or developing social and life skills, such as doing a basic budget, shopping, and navigating a bus system, interactions with others or coordinating daily living tasks. DSPs plan and implement various day enrichment activities, provide transportation and so much more.

DSPs need to be patient and caring in the face of sometimes challenging behaviors, be hands-on while also anticipating the next needs of the person they support—and most importantly, be respectful of the choices and self-direction of the person they support.

Our DDRC Board of Directors issued a proclamation recognizing the crucial role that DSPs play and expressing our gratitude for all that DSPs do and contribute every day to our organization! During this week we will be sharing some delicious food, and fun and cool gifts of gratitude to our DDRC DSPs. We hope that you too will share your thanks and thoughts with the DSPs who have made a positive difference in your life, the life of a family member, or person in our community.

Case Management Redesign and

New Case Management Agencies


Case Management Redesign (CMRD), a required statewide initiative, will create one place to go in each catchment area for case management services for all Health First Colorado Members accessing Long Term Support and Services (LTSS), including all Medicaid waivers. These places, called Case Management Agencies (CMA), aim to simplify access so individuals and families will be able to more easily find the right programs and services that work for them.

These changes will impact anyone who receives case management services from DDRC, including long term supports and services for all Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers, including Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities waivers, State Supported Living Services, Family Support Services. and Quality Assurance.

Recently, HCPF announced the RFP awards, meaning the entities who will perform up the roles of case management and become the CMAs. The announcement also outlined the timeframe for transition of case management services to the new CMAs. All new CMAs must be functioning by July 1, 2024.

As a Community Centered Board, DDRC’s case management, quality assurance, and family support services will transition between March – July,1 2024 to these following new CMAs:

o  CMA for Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties: Jefferson County Dept. of Human Services

o  CMA for Gilpin County: Adult Care Management, Inc. (ACMI)

o  CMA for Summit County: Garfield County

HCPF, the current agencies (i.e., DDRC) and new CMAs will be sending additional information to members impacted by these changes. Members will remain with their current agencies until the functions transition to the new CMA.

Our commitment:

DDRC is committed to doing all that we can to work closely with the three new CMA agencies that will be taking over case management functions from DDRC to help make a smooth transition for the individuals and families we serve and our DDRC staff impacted by these changes. 

Elected Officials, Voting and You

DDRC is excited to be cohosting the 23rd Annual Indoor Legislative BBQ on September 12 where we will have local, Jefferson County, state and national elected officials/staff as guests to share in conversation about issues important to us.

Registering to vote is important too, so that you can make your voice heard at the ballot box. September 19 is National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), but you don’t need to wait until then to register if you’re eligible to vote. NVRD is led by a nonpartisan group (and volunteers) who are raising public awareness and motivating action to encourage voter registration and ensure everyone can vote. Their website provides direct links to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, along with other information. You should also go to your county Clerk and Recorders Office and look up “Elections” for additional local guidance about registering, and voting.


If you’ve moved, you may need to update your registration. Check your registration to ensure it is up to date. If you’re already registered, but know of someone who is eligible but not registered, ask them to consider registering. After all it’s their right. 

See more at

Members: Hold the Evening of Oct. 25 for

Annual Meeting & Awards

DDRC will hold our Annual Corporation Meeting for members, with dinner and awards, on Wednesday, October 25, from 5-7:30 p.m. Members include people who have been determined eligible for DDRC services and their families. If you are a member, please watch for an email to go out by mid-October with further details and a registration link. 

The agenda includes meeting your DDRC Board of Directors, approving the minutes of the prior meeting, and hearing from the Board President and Executive Director, including updates on the vision ahead for DDRC. Additionally, members attending the meeting may vote for DDRC Board of Directors for open board positions. This year there are four board members up for reelection: Jean Armour, Chuck English, Susan Hartley, and Jodi Schoemer. Information about these and other board members are on our web site, here. The prior annual meeting minutes and bios of the candidates up for reelection will be made available at the meeting.

We will also present awards to individuals or groups who have been significant in our DDRC community and mission. The awards presentations are uplifting and enjoyable and we hope you will join us to honor awardees!

BOGO with DDRC All Year Long- Learn How!

“Buy One – Get One” 

Swig & Sport Signup Party | Sept 14th from 5pm to 7pm | @GreenMountainBeerCompany

You’re invited to a Swig & Sport Signup Party. Sample what it would be like to be a Swig & Sport member with an immediate BOGO deal from Green Mountain Beer Company. Owner and founder Danny Pacheco will join us to share their membership packages and how they are helping members strengthen the local community by giving back to some great charities, like DDRC!


Join us for this fun, free event. Where all attendees will be entered to win free prizes!

Learn more: HERE

Navigating the World of Disability Employment

The Colorado Office of Employment First (COEF) is offering FREE virtual training for youth and families on the theme of "A Brighter Future: Navigating the World of Disability and Employment,” funded by the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council.

The training aims to create high expectations for employment and help youth ages 14-21 with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families/care providers learn about the possibilities, processes, services, and strategies for securing work. There are separate tracks for youth and families that cover six modules.


This interactive learning experience includes six one-hour training sessions with additional one-on-one mentoring opportunities, and the next sessions in September are:

Family Track: Sept. 11, 12, 13 ( 5:30-7:30pm each night).

Youth Track : Sept .18, 19, 20 ( 5:30-7:30 each night).

For more information, contacts and registration links, download the flyer here. 

Library for All

Interactive Programs for Teens and Adults with Disabilities

Library for All, offered monthly at five Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) branch locations, provides an interactive program for teens and adults with disabilities who attend along with caregivers or day service support staff. Participants can choose what they want to do to make each activity or experience uniquely their own. They create, craft, share, explore alongside others, meet someone new, and socialize in a safe and welcoming space.

All this shows that the library is more than a collection of books; it's a place where everyone can learn, create, connect, and play.

Library for All has no fee to participate. The five sites, next dates, and frequency of these JCPL programs are listed below:

·    Columbine Library – Thurs. , Sept. 7, 1:00-2:00pm (every 1st Thurs.)

·    Edgewater Library – Thurs., Sept. 14 11:30-am-12:30pm (every 2nd Thurs.)

·    Golden Library – Thurs., Oct. 26 11:30am –1:00pm (Sept. 28 canceled)

·    Lakewood Library – Wed., Sept. 20, 1:00-2:00 (every 3rd Wed.)

·    Standley Lake Library – Tues., Sept 12 , 12:00-1:00pm (every 2nd Tues.) 

Library locations, phone, and hours are found at the top right of their homepage.

Sharing Our Story in the Community

DDRC participates in various events to share what we do with the community and to provide information and resources.

People with and without disabilities connected with employers at the recent Disability Focused Hiring Event, and DDRC was there. The event was organized by the Jefferson County Business and Workforce Center.

We talked about our work and openings, the important role of Direct Support Professionals, and how our Employment Services supports people with disabilities as they develop their careers. We were a general resource too. Career seekers were there with DDRC Employment Specialists to learn, gain confidence, and see possibilities.

And if you’re looking for a great place to work, we are hiring!

Work with Meaning. Work for DDRC.

See our current openings at:

Swingin’ With School Pride Fundraiser- A Success!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in our 31st annual charity golf tournament, Swingin’ with School Pride! On August 14th, DDRC and the DD Foundation hosted another record-breaking year in fundraising through our cherished and always anticipated golf tournament at the Hiwan Golf Club in Evergreen. Over 110 golfers played the green, and our incredible community of friends and partners helped to raise over $80,000 through their participation, sponsorships, donations, and auction bids. The tournament and online auction are a fun way to get involved with DDRC - and the 200+ people who supported this event could attest to that. 

The proceeds raised from this year’s event will go to DDRC’s Children and Family Services Unmet Needs Fund which assists hundreds of families who have a loved one at home with intellectual and developmental disabilities to have access to specialized supports and resources they might otherwise not be able to afford. 

Among the many golfers at the tournament was a team from our Therapeutic Learning Connections (TLC)/Recreation made up of staff, TCL participants and friends. With all their smiles, it was clear they enjoyed the day and we were happy they were able to participate and be included!

This event takes months of preparation and a ”village” of amazing partners and volunteers that help make it the greatest success year after year. A tremendous thank you again to all who played a part! We can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

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