We did it. We won.

You may recall that in March 2020, a private prison company sued Candide Group (and our co-founder, Morgan Simon) for defamation regarding our activism in opposition to family separation at the US-Mexico border. We didn't think it was right that big banks were funding private prisons, profiting off of immigrant detention and mass incarceration. So we did something about it.

It is with great pleasure that we write to inform you that the case is finally over and that the truth proved victorious: we won!

Candide Group was a leading partner on the Families Belong Together corporate accountability committee. Together, we launched a campaign to pressure banks against financing the family separation crisis in 2018/19. With over 500,000 activists participating, we succeeded: over 87% of CoreCivic and GEO Group's funding evaporated. This led to, in CoreCivic's own estimation, as much as $60M in losses.

The 9th Circuit's recent ruling has affirmed that our campaigns were effective, not illegal. Sometimes the truth just hurts!

We are deeply grateful for the support of our community of activists, the lawyers of Davis Wright Tremaine, and, of course, all of your support! The Families Belong Together campaign is proof that where we put our money matters. We are so blessed to work with you and appreciate your continued focus on putting money to work for good.

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This saga has been a long one in part because CoreCivic kept appealing each decision along the way. After the first judge affirmed that prisons do, in fact, separate families, we wrote an initial Medium post explaining the campaign, the lawsuit, and the power of financial activism. With what we hope and believe will be the final development in this tale, we have updated that piece to reflect our November 2022 victory.

One of the World's Largest Private Prison Corporations Lied about Separating Families and Tried to Silence Us with a Lawsuit. They Failed.

By Jasmine Rashid

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