March 2019 Spring Has Sprung
What a month we've had this March. for those that don't know we've won an award which i'm you can learn more about below, we've renovated our website, so feel free to check that out also. Work hasn't slowed down either. In fact we even worked 2 Saturdays this month. we've been busy laying floor, disassembling custom furniture for moving, hanging funky pictures, installing doors, and all sorts of things.
4 Time HomeStars Best Of Award Winner
In case you missed it or are new to our newsletter. My Go-2-Guy is proud to announce our 4th consecutive HomeStars Best of Award. Thank you to all that took the time to leave us a review, they are a huge reason we continue to win these prestige. We couldn't have done it without you.
Tip Of The Month: Spring Cleaning Tricks.
Spring cleaning is always a big undertaking and we all have our own little tricks to help make it faster, better, and more fun. In this months tip we have 4 mini tips that we've learnt over the year that helps make the job a little faster and in some cases allows you to do a better job. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy the warm weather that is just around the corner.

Website Renovation received a fresh coat of paint. Through February and March, Erik has been redoing the website. It's chalked full of useful information and has a modern look you'll love.
Open concept, not all it's cracked up to be

After years of wanting open concept homes, the world is starting to think twice. Once thought to bring a family together it may actually be driving a wedge between them. Cleaning a huge space is daunting and there is nowhere to hide it. Watching your significant other watch TV while you are clean, your children being loud all create tension. Check out this article on why the world is starting to embrace the wall.