This is Day 10 in our 12 Days of Action . We are so glad to have you as an active member of our extended community. The ENOUGH Campaign is posting daily actions for you to make a difference in ending gun violence. ​
Call Your Lawmakers!

The MOST effective way to voice your opinion about gun safety and gun reform is to pick up the phone and call your legislators. Phone calls get tallied immediately at your lawmaker's office and can add up quickly when lots of constituents within a short period of time chime in about one subject.

Your elected leaders NEED to hear from you. Collective constituent voices are weighed in by the staffers in your lawmaker's office, and they advise her on how heavily a particular issue weighs on the public's mind. Then she votes accordingly. After all, your lawmaker works for you.

The best way to reach your congressional representatives is by calling their local offices. Don't know who represents you in Congress? No problem. Just click here to find out. You can also call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121, and they will direct you to your legislator's office.

All other ways of contacting your officials are less effective, but shouldn't be discounted. If you write, send a personal letter to the local office; staffers say emails sometimes tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Another secondary way to contact your legislators is by fax. It's faster than snail mail and leaves them with a hard copy of your letter, like a personal note (fax to the local office for maximum impact). And if you text a lot, you can even use this great tool called ResistBot, which turns your text into a fax. Wow! Text RESIST to 50409 or message ResistBot through Facebook. ResistBot finds out who represents you in Congress and delivers your message to them in under 2 minutes. 

You can even get your issue on the radar and Tweet or Facebook your lawmakers . But keep in mind, this is the least effective way to have your voice heard by them since staffers may not keep as strict of a tally through social media. We do, however, encourage you to use social media in addition to calling your legislators. This will bolster the constituent's collective voice, which helps to keep the issue top-of-mind for fellow constituents. The strength in social media lay in magnifying your voice to the people, spreading ideas, and disseminating tailored information about your cause.
A friendly staffer is standing by to take your call.
Sample Call Script
What do I say on the phone?

Here's a general idea of what you can say to show your lawmakers that you support gun violence prevention.

When you reach a staff member or a voice mailbox, please tell them the following things:

  • Tell them your name and where you live. 

  • Tell them to vote YES on legislation that supports the prevention of gun violence, and any clear measure that promotes real federal gun safety. [Check out our friends at the Giffords Law Center who research nearly 1,700 bills each year - many of which are modeled off policies crafted by our legal experts - and identify trends that help inform the movement’s advocacy efforts.]

  • Midterms are around the corner, so tell your lawmakers that you’ve had #ENOUGH of the violence, and that you will hold your elected leaders accountable on election day

Your voice is a critical part of holding our elected officials accountable. Thank you for taking action!
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The mission of The ENOUGH Campaign is to protect our families and our country as we advocate for more public awareness on the issues of gun violence prevention in America. Through legislative advocacy and community education, we champion stronger gun laws and aim to transform public perceptions of gun safety.
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