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King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma were responsible for bringing the Anglican Church to Hawaiʻi. This invitation culminated in the consecration of Thomas Nettleship Staley at Lambeth Palace on December 15, 1861 as Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of Honolulu. Initially the church was called the Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church but the name would change in 1870 to the Anglican Church in Hawaiʻi.
Lectionary for November 25, 2018

For King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma

Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King
Reminder and Announcements:

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Thanksgiving Eucharist will be held at 8:00AM.

In December, 7:30 Eucharist will include music.
Please find below an outline of  pertinent events at the parish for the next two months.
Tuesday, November 20
8:30AM Kīlauea Hui
7:00PM ICIA Thanksgiving Concert – CHA Choir to perform  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – 1373 Kīlauea Avenue

Wednesday, November 21
4:00PM Bible Study – Gospel of Matthew
5:30PM Holy Eucharist 
6:15PM Choir Practice 

Thursday, November 22
Office Closed
8:00AM Thanksgiving Eucharist Service- Rite 1

Thursday, Nov. 22-24
Pastor on Retreat 

Friday, November 23
Office Closed

Sunday, November 25
Holy Sovereigns Sunday 
9:00AM Eucharist w/ Music and Sunday School and special guests from the Royal Order of Kamehameha.
Guest speaker: Nathan Cockett

RECEPTION to follow...All are welcome to bring food in addition to Fellowship Team... Thanksgiving leftovers are always a possibility!!!

Please consider the completion of pledge cards at this time.  

Monday, November 26
1:00PM Staff Meeting
4:30PM Centering Prayer

Tuesday, November 27
8:30AM Kīlauea Hui

Wednesday, November 28
4:00PM Bible Study – Gospel of Matthew
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Sunday, December 2
First Sunday of Advent
7:30AM Eucharist with Music 
10:00AM Eucharist with Music and Sunday School 
4:30PM Lincoln Park Ministry
5:00PM Feed the Hungry Program at Salvation Army

Monday, December 3
9:00AM Pastor Katlin to offer blessing at County Council Meeting
1:00PM Staff Meeting
4:30PM Centering Prayer
4;30 PM Worship Team Meeting

Tuesday, December 4
8:30AM Kīlauea Hui

Wednesday, December 5
Quiet Day
4:00PM Bible Study – Gospel of Matthew
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Sunday, December 9
Second Sunday of Advent
7:30AM Eucharist, with Music 
10:00AM Eucharist, with Music

Monday, December 10
1:00PM Staff Meeting
4:30PM Centering Prayer

Tuesday, December 11
7:00AM Faith Leaders Meeting at Prosecutorʻs Office
8:30AM Kīlauea Hui

Wednesday, December 12
4:00PM Bible Study – Gospel of Matthew
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Sunday, December 16
Third Sunday of Advent
Guest Preacher: The Rev. Cn. Kate Cullinane
7:30AM Eucharist, with Music 
10:00AM Eucharist, with Music
11:30AM Vestry Meeting

Monday, December 17
1:00PM Staff Meeting
4:30PM Centering Prayer

Tuesday, December 18
8:30AM Kīlauea Hui

Wednesday, December 19
4:00PM Bible Study – Gospel of Matthew
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Friday, December 21
6:30-8:30PM Blue Christmas - Reception to follow
It's a healing service designed for people who are feeling any kind of loss or longing for connection during the Christmas season.  

Sunday, December 23
Fourth Sunday of Advent 
Father David Glaser to celebrate
7:30AM Eucharist, with Music 
10:00AM Eucharist, with Music

Monday, December 24
Christmas Eve-Bring an Ornament to decorate the tree!
9:00AM Altar Guild Sanctuary Prep
4:00 Family Service with Carols; joined by Full Gospel Marshallese Church
10:30PM Christmas Sing-Along
11:00PM Midnight Mass

Tuesday, December 25
Christmas Day
Office Closed
Holy Eucharist w/ Music

Fellowship to follow each service 
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Diocesan Bible Study to Prepare for the Presiding Bishop's Visit to the Diocese in March 2019

The Most Reverend Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, will be with us in the Diocese of Hawaiʻi on March 22-24, 2019. Please mark your calendars particularly for Friday (March 22), Saturday (March 23) and Sunday (March 24). More information about the visit will be forthcoming.

To prepare for the Presiding Bishop's visit, Bishop Bob invites all members of the Diocese to prepare for a time of prayer and study of Scripture.  Bishop Bob specifically want us to study and pray through the Gospel of Matthew from Monday, October 15, 2018, through Thursday, March 21, 2019. 

News and Events
Also joining us that day will be ʻAliʻi ʻAimoku David Heaukulani of Heiau ʻO Māmalahoa and at least eight of their Nā Kāne. The Nā Wahine may also attend, as well.
Pledge Cards are now available. Kindly submit your pledges by November 25th.
A spotlight on service:
Update: Hale Iki Garden Ministry

Hope Services came to Keaʻau High School to conduct training with the Blue Zones Club so the high school students can work with the children at Hale Iki garden (regarding confidentiality, etc.). The club worked over the Veteran's Day holiday and the a few of the young residents worked with the high school students. They had a nice time and it was nice to see the Blue Zones Club and Hale Iki residents working together. 

Catherine is also asking her high school aged 4-H Club to donate pots, decorate them, and donate a plant to put in the pot for the residents to have at their unit and take with them when they are able to move out. She took one yesterday and the little boys at the shelter loved it so much they carried it around with them and accidentally dropped it. They were so sad when the pot cracked, so Catherine is asking her 4-H club to donate it in a plastic pot. 
Operation Christmas Child Ministry
Ninety-eight boxes were prepared to share love and aloha to children across the world. This work is representative of the sacramental love that CHA has to offer. Thank you to those who gave generously to fill these boxes.
Meals on Wheels Ministry:
Another example of CHA's commitment to serve the community, goodie bags for Seniors ages 60 or over who are home bound due to illness or disability.
Kupuna Korner:

Get the most current edition of the Hawaiʻi County Office of Aging monthly report here:

November, 2018

Centering Prayer Every Monday at 4:30pm

Centering Prayer is not new. It has its roots in the earliest of monastic traditions of the desert fathers and the Christian mystic tradition of hesychasm.

St. John Cassian, (360-430 AD), whose work and writings influenced St. Benedict’s Rule, and who wrote on the seven deadly sins, went out into the desert to find a spiritual father and then later taught what he had learned to those in his early monastery in Marseille. He directed his monks in the gift of a repetitive breath prayer using the words: “Lord make speed to save us. Lord make haste to help us.”

Later, Eastern Orthodox lay and monastics alike were taught to pray with the Jesus Prayer based on the blind man’s calling out in John 8: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Be still and know that He is God

At some point in our sit when we are finally silent before God’s presence, our addictive thought patterns bob up for attention. We suddenly think of a fantastically clever update for FaceBook. Sometimes our thoughts are as insistent as whiny 2 year olds pulling on a shirt sleeve. Maybe we are reminded of yesterday’s meeting with our boss and all of a sudden we are feeling small, angry, and resentful all over again. Then, almost always our to-do list looms large, anxiety quickens, and our ability to “Be Still and Know that He is God” is coopted entirely as we reach for the calendar App on the smartphone.

As we struggle through the internal chaos, our eyes are opened. We see that our inner landscape is an unholy mess but don’t worry, this is part of the journey. David reminds us in Psalms 51 that God desires truth in our innermost being. St. Augustine in his Soliloquies saw the work of healthy self-knowledge leading the way to the ability to hear God: “O God, always the same, let me know myself, let me know You. This is my prayer.”

Centering Prayer also invites us to detangle from our own private agendas. America lives fast and we’ve somehow tangled ideas of success with the abundant life, or worse, with Kingdom building. We are like children in our own private sandboxes building our fake kingdoms when the King is inviting us to be stone masons on His temple. The silence of Centering Prayer gives me twenty minutes of pause in the Presence of God before jumping into my to-do list. Afterwards, I’m often surprised my rats nest of an agenda is untangled as I sit with a more eternal perspective.

Excerpted from Silence and Centering Prayer
Summer Joy Gross is a spiritual director, writer/poet, and ordained Anglican priest of fourteen years.
On November 10, 2018, Squeaky Wheels Hawaii (2 organizations that advocate for people with disabilities on the Big Island)took part in the Veterans' Day Parade in downtown Hilo. Squeaky Wheels works to raise awareness about the work they are doing in the community. If you have questions or want to know more, please contact Martin Hodapp via the Parish office.
**Please note that we will only be having ONE service for the month of November. This will happen at 9:00AM. Fellowship teams, please plan on combining efforts.
1st Sunday: Deb Hughes, Anita Lambie and BJ Saito
2nd Sunday: Martha Reber and Paul, Jane Field and the Chow ʻOhana
3rd Sunday: Evette Tampos, Cathy McPherson-Tampos and Diane Cockett, Dennis and Christine Takahashi, Adam and Emily Low
4th Sunday : Deb Lewis, Doug Adams and Larida Gamiao, Marybell Maltezo, Asuncion Ragocos
5th Sunday : The Choir and Elizabeth Bell

**Consider joining a team. Ask us HOW!
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