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Preparing for Palm Sunday
1. Go outside and find a palm frond, branch or greenery.

2. Make an altar table at home.

3. Download bulletin

Watch this video and learn how to make a Palm Cross!
These are the pertinent events at the parish for the next week:
Would you like to sign up for Bible Study, Centering Prayer or Choir via Zoom? Email the contacts here:
Bible Study: Pastor Katlin McCallister
Centering Prayer: Lindy Marzo
Choir: Rick Mazurowski
A Letter from Pastor Katlin and Father David
April 1, 2020
Dear Holy Apostles,

We are doing it! We are waking up to each new day, giving thanks to God, and helping the community by keeping physical distance.

It is not always easy. We can do hard things. This will pass. Keep the faith! Do not forget that you are loved beyond measure.

If you are within the risk population and need assistance running necessary errands, please call the church office (808-935-5545) and leave a detailed message so we can get you help.

Pr. Katlin
Aloha Mai Kākou:
As we all continue to work through the ever-changing dynamics being forced upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m encouraged by so many of you and the ongoing efforts to maintain our connectedness to each other and our communities. I’ve been invited to participate in lots of virtual worship meetings, calls, “watch parties” and even happy hours via zoom! It is so encouraging to see the energy and spirit displayed by everyone!

A few weeks ago, I spoke to you about the routines in our lives. They provide us with normalcy and a sense of comfort that things are operating as they should.

Routines help us to keep our lives orderly. They help us to make sense of the world around us. Not only that, but routines are critical to our health and well-being and can actually strengthen our immune systems as well as reduce anxiety.

I wanted to share a few of my routines and some encouragement, which is helping shape the way I’m managing my day. For me, I wake up at the same time every day, no excuses, no exceptions.

Each day I begin with a check on my own health and wellness and then check with my family, Doug. Then I take some time to reflect with God on the day before and look forward to seeing what today will bring. I pray Psalm 23 and the Lordʻs prayer and from the office of Compline: “O God, your unfailing providence sustains the world we live in and the life we live: Watch over those, both day and night, who work while others sleep, and grant that we may never forget that our common life depends upon each other’s toil; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Then I take some time to review my schedule for the day ahead, check on the health and well-being of my extended family and loved-ones, and then, I schedule calls to family members and loved ones throughout the first part of my morning—especially those on the mainland.

I think it’s critical right now that we need to literally pour ourselves into those around us, to be focused on the people in our own circles: our neighbors who may be lonely or frightened, our aunties and uncles who, especially now, need just some conversation, and those we come into contact with as part of our routines: grocery store workers who need an extra smile and kind word, post office employees who risk their health each day getting us our mail and packages, and the many others that are working so that we may stay home and do our part to help keep everyone safe and well.

Then I spend some time keeping my environment around me tidy. Keeping things picked up and dishes done etc, literally helps to “stir up the chi” and not surprisingly, helps to keep my mood up.

And before the day ends, I give thanks for everyone I’ve talked to and prayed for, give thanks for rain that nourishes the earth and sun that warms the body, and I give thanks for the never failing love of God who is with us even as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Try as best as you can to maintain your own routines and rhythms, and keep up the good work building up your connections with one another.

And above all, rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. May the God of Peace sanctify you entirely, and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound. The One who calls you IS faithful and will do this. The grace of our Savior Jesus Christ be with you and your house.
~Fr. David.
Regarding online worship services, you can count on livestreams at Noon and 530pm on Wednesdays and 9am on Sundays.

We have started a CHA fellowship group on facebook, click here to join.

If you have a Facebook account, click HERE to watch and participate in all LIVE events.

If you do not have a Facebook account but would like to participate without creating an account, CLICK HERE to download instructions.
Habits of Grace: 
An invitation for you, from Presiding Bishop Curry
As we learn how to adjust our lives given the reality of the coronavirus and the request to do our part to slow its spread by practicing social distancing, I invite you to join me each week to take a moment to cultivate a ‘habit of grace.’ A new meditation will be posted on Mondays through May.
Almighty and Gracious God, we humbly ask you to hear our prayers.

We pray with great faith that you are our strength in this fragile life.

We pray for those who are sick.

We pray for those who are responding to the sick and leading the community.

We pray for leaders in making wise choices.

We pray for fortitude and compassion.
We pray for people’s livelihoods, food and shelter security.

We pray especially for the most vulnerable: elderly people, people with pre-existing conditions, people who lack shelter, hygienic access and healthcare.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers. Amen.
Spiritual Practices at Home

Book of Common Prayer, or; daily devotions on pages 136-140
• Read the Bible, try the Gospel of John, the Book of Job, or Proverbs
• Sing to the Lord, you can borrow a hymnal from church 
F ollow Holy Apostles live videos online: Click HERE
• Pray the psalms
• Use Anglican Prayer Beads
• Sit in silence and listen for God
• Talk to the Saints, contemplate Christian icons

An Invitation from Presiding Bishop Curry to Turn and Pray on Behalf of our Nation.

Aloha my Siblings in Christ Jesus,  
As we begin Lent, I encourage you to take up the Presiding Bishop’s “A Call to Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance Leading to Action” (please watch his video at Presiding Bishop's Call to Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance). 
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