'The Beakington Town Hall Murders'

Last night, 10 tortoises were massacred in a tombola-related prank gone wrong. Tonight, all members of the Beakington Council... AKA you... will be hauled before an independent adjudicator... AKA me... to find out what happened. 'Will make you laugh yourself silly and what could be better than that?' ***** (Telegraph). '
'Hot Content'

Returning after last year's critically acclaimed Fringe run with a lovely bit of business involving sketches, talking & absolute bangers. For anyone who likes their content hot (and their bangers stone cold). 'So inventive and consistently funny' (Fest). 'Witty, relatable and oh-so-clever' (Evening Standard).
' Presenting Miss Micky Overman'

2018 Chortle Best Newcomer nominee answers the question no one is dying to have answered: 'where is she from?!'. Covering value of friendship, the power of perception, the importance of agency & how to deal with terminally ill toys. 'A pin-sharp torrent of precision gags and delightfully silly one-liners' (Observer).
'Eagle Fire Iron'

Iceland's biggest comedian returns to the Fringe after sold-out debut runs in Edinburgh, Melbourne & Soho Theatre. Multiple accents, voices & a stubborn determination to translate Icelandic material into fluent English, Covering various topics including fatherhood, mindfulness, Icelandic weather, The Avengers & what it's like to live in a country with a population the size of Coventry. 'Very talented comic. An Icelandic treat' (Jim Gaffigan).

Every case in Sweden is a cold case… Stand-up/sketch tycoon, Naz Osmanoglu, does true-crime Nordic noir (at last). Detective Lats Johansson revisits the case he never solved (mainly because he wants his own podcast): brutal murders, far-fetched twists, red herrings, actual herring &, of course, overwhelmingly polite & reasonable law enforcement officers. 'Particularly magnetic' (Guardian). Tack tack.

'Padre Rodolfo'

World-famous lothario, swordsman & butthead Rodolfo is back! Following an unspeakable tragedy he turns his back on his lifestyle, rejects the sword, takes a vow of chastity & joins the priesthood. But as dark forces rise he must face personal demons & battle actual demons. Follow-up to the 2018 smash-hit Don Rodolfo. Winner of the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer 2018.
'The funniest show you will see this year' **** (Telegraph).
'Hot Shame'

Edinburgh Comedy Award winner, digital DJ, vibe-magnet, yells into a well. Join John Robins for his new stand-up show following the critically lauded sell-out smash, The Darkness of Robins. Edinburgh Comedy Award winner 2017. 'He fills the room with complicated joy' (Guardian).
'Coming Early'

Born late, bloomed late & always missed the bus. But a compelling shift has the fresh-faced/world-weary comedian mischievously changing up the tempo Every comic has a relationship show but what happens when that relationship's with the one person you were most trying to avoid? **** (Guardian).
'Good Heart Yute'

Best Newcomer Nominee Darren considers himself a good person. He's 30 & never been in love. Learning more about himself & realising maybe he's never actually been happy with who is, join Darren for his trademark passion & insightful wit as he tries to work himself out. 'Passionate, articulate, witty' **** (Sunday Times).
'Work in Progress'

Kiri is working up a new show. It’s all new jokes and it’s probably about empathy, which you might have to have cos she hasn’t got an end yet.

'Werk in Progress'

After a sell-out Fringe, Mawaan is back with a new bonkers show. 'Combo of confessional comedy & skillful physicality mark him as a definate name to watch' (Evening Standard).

'I'll Be Bec'

Bec went to the future so you don't have to! What are we wearing? Are robots in control? Are we on fire? All these questions & more answered in this brand-new hour of comedy!
'Can I Just Show You What I've Got?'

Angelos is up in Edinburgh to do his stuff and to stand in front of people for about 13 days, maybe more if he can get time off at the stables. Come and see him talk and prepare his speech for the UN.

'Boy from Earth'

The debut stand-up hour from Arnab was born in Yorkshire, but grew up abroad, but lives in London, but who cares. 'Star of tomorrow… he's a rare talent on the UK circuit' (Herald).
'The Brand-New, Full-Throated Adventures of'

Returning to the Fringe with his highly anticipated new show. 20 years his searingly honest material has garnered a cross-generational fan base. 'Compelling onstage charisma**** (Evening Standard).

Edinburgh Comedy Best Newcomer nominee, returns. If you like your comedy hard-hitting, boundary-pushing, jaw-dropping, eye-watering & Brexit-berating, then this is not the show for you. However, if you fancy a laugh as a lad from Wigan tells you some funny stories, buy a ticket and take the ride. 'A mainstream comedy star in the making' (Chortle).
'South African White Boy'

Two-time SA Comic’s Choice Award winner, South African comedian with his Edinburgh debut. Sharing his journey as one of South Africa’s most exciting young comedians. After sell-out runs in London, his first time on the Pleasance stage is sure to be a hit. ‘Unique material & delivery allow him to stand out in a sea of stand-up comedians’ (Helen Herimbi).

'Work in Progress'

Hi guys, Ed here. I’m having a year off the Fringe, so instead I am doing a work-in-progress show at the Fringe. Not a clue what it will feature yet, but doubtless it will be a loosey-goosey hour of sweaty horsing around, interspersed with desperately flicking through a notepad. Pop along if you’d like. Ed xx (I’ve put 2 kisses because I want to seem friendly but also hint that something might happen between us).
'Impro Chums'

Wonders of nature. Taking audience suggestions & create cascades of fantastic tumbling laughter. The Impro Chums are Paul Merton, Suki Webster, Richard Vranch , Lee Simpson & Mike McShane. 'Every year they bring the house down...(Mirror).
'The Idiot'

'The angriest man in UK comedy is back at the Fringe for another hour of spleen-venting, more misanthropic, bitter and agitated than ever' **** (Chortle). 'Big laughs and ranty surrealism from gripe-happy comic' **** (List).
'In Macbeth'

413 years ago Macbeth was first performed. 2019 sees the definitive production by multi-award winners Thom Tuck & Tim FitzHigham & a different guest director daily. Two actors are, not enough actors. The greatest tragedy of Edinburgh 2019. Thom Tuck 'is a joy' (Scotsman)
'Written by Sheila Atim '

Cleopatra's death by asp is a common myth, largely scientifically disproven. Set in a broadcast center, an imagined conversation between the great pharaoh Cleopatra & a contemporary immunologist. Join us as we unpack Cleopatra's story, exploring alternatives to the fetishised popular truth. A story exploring responsibility to seek the truth in a post-truth era. Debut piece from Olivier Award winner Sheila Atim featuring original music.


Sell-out national tours, a West End run & Radio 4 special, Austentatious returns to the Fringe for its seventh glorious year! An all-star cast improvise a brand new Jane Austen novel based entirely on a single suggestion from the audience. Performed in period costume with live musical accompaniment, this is Austen as you've never seen her before: award-winning, riotous and unmissable. 'One of the most enjoyable 60 minutes on the Fringe' **** (Guardian).

Your best friend (& acclaimed stand-up) Jack Barry is worried about you. The world’s turned to shit and you haven’t been laughing enough. He’s going to roughly slap you around the face with his jokes & tell you to get a hold of yourself. Don’t worry – everything is going to be okay. ‘The finest of British comedy… effortlessly endearing’ ***** (EdFestMag). **** (Sunday Times). **** (List). **** (Skinny).
'Work in Progress'

Star of BBC Three's cult hit sitcom How Not To Live Your Life & host of the popular podcast Screen Talk, is dusting off his comedy cape* to perform stand-up for the first time in three years. Brand-new material as he preps for a new tour. He may well throw in some old favourite routines and a couple of songs from his TV show. *He won't actually be wearing a cape. **** (Telegraph).
'The Book Tour'

Back in his element, making his long-awaited return to the live comedy arena. A stripped-back, one-man, stand-up comedy show. A “book tour” about a book that has failed to be written. In an age of the self-discovery, self-realising, self-journeying, 'selfie-helpy' book, how does a man who is essentially funny write a serious philosophical book about serious philosophical matters?

Syd Smith fought at El Alamein, became a POW & ended the war in the notorious Colditz Castle in Germany. In the 1950s, PC Syd patrolled London's South Bank & met a gallery of characters whom he tried his best not to arrest. Arthur tells this 20th-century story with laughter, music reflections & a hilarious photo.
'A touching and funny tribute to Arthur Smith's own father. Beautiful' ***** (Young-Perspective).
'Happy Hour'

Join comedy actor & legendary host of Radio 4's Just a Minute, for an unmissable hour of fun and laughter in the company of some very special guests. Total sell out 2018; don't miss your chance to join Nicholas and friends in this strictly limited run!
'Radio Active 40th Anniversary Show'

Returning to the Fringe to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary, award-winning radio comedy at the festival in which it was born. Join the original cast as they perform a new selection of classic scripts live for the very first time. 'An hour of pure mirth' **** (Telegraph).
'Me, Macbeth and I'

Host of Whose Line Is It Anyway, Loose Ends & Talks Back makes his much-anticipated return to Edinburgh Fringe with a one-man show guaranteed to be funnier than Shakespeare's greatest tragedy. 'If the audience enthusiasm is anything to go by, Anderson has been sorely missed from the live stage' (Telegraph).
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