New and improved FreeStyle ESD 8400 Series

How do you make a great tile like our FreeStyle ESD 8400 series even better? For starters, offer it in more colors. And that’s what we’ve done as you now have 12 color options with the latest iteration of our FreeStyle ESD 8400 Series.

The new 8400 Series comes in brown, white, gray, blue, green, maroon, black, reverse brown, reverse gray, reverse blue, reverse green, and reverse black.

Our FreeStyle ESD 8400 Series is made with the Statguard 8400 conductive vinyl. This conductive vinyl surface has a more vinyl-rich composition, which gives it a brighter finish and makes it easier to scrub and buff back to a shine if it gets abused (which is often in most factory environments).

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SelecTile now even easier to install
We recently improved our SelecTile product to be even easier to install? Now, you can install SelecTile completely by hand. Check out the video.
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