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Eric Miller
co-founder and principal
The 2017 symposium, held on March 22 at ASU's Old Main Building, focused on innovation in the health sector and impacts on the value chain and supply chains in medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Participants included our very own Eric Miller; Genco's Kevin McPherson, who is working on the design of strategies to enhance traditional pathways for moving products to patients; Kent Dicks, who at Life365 is bringing applications into the home; and Michael Nagle, Vomaris Innovations, Inc., who is bringing advanced wound healing through its bioelectric platform across multiple supply chain channels.
Every year PADT partners with AZ SCITECH to promote and celebrate Arizona's STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs!

On March 2nd, we opened our doors to the community to provide an inside look at what our engineers do all day, as well as a first-hand display of the capabilities of innovative technology such as 3D Printing and Simulation. The goal of our open house is to promote interest in STEAM education.
Please join Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies in welcoming our new engineering services business development manager, John Williams. He will be an integral part of our growth in helping customers turn their innovations into real products through our advanced engineering capabilities, flexible project management skills and careful vendor selection process.
How to Update The Firmware Of An Intel®
Solid-State Drive DC P3600

David Mastel
I recently had the opportunity to present an interesting experimental research paper at DesignCon 2017, titled Replacing High-Speed Bottlenecks with PCB Superhighways. The motivation behind the research was... Read More
How technology can bring people together and bring down barriers
Eric Miller
We talk about technology all the time and how it impacts our daily lives, good and bad.  "How technology can bring people together and bring down barriers" takes a look at the social impact of technology when... Read More
Connection Groups and Your Sanity in
ANSYS Mechanical
Doug Oatis
You kids don't know how good you have it with automatic contact creation in Mechanical.  Back in my day, I'd have to use the contact wizard in MAPDL or show off my mastery of the ESURF command... Read More
3D Printing The Next Five Years
Simon Fried of Nano Dimension
It's time for Arizona startups to grow up
The next five years will be significant for 3D printing, in my opinion. Certainly, we'll see growth in the consumer space as 3D printing options become increasingly affordable. But the more interesting trend is the growth in 3D printing for industry... Read More
At some point, it's time to get real.  "It's time for Arizona startups to grow up" looks at how we need to stop focusing on getting ready for success and start achieving it.  We were pleased to be the first article in AZBigMedia.com's new "Silicon Desert Insider" blog shares my... Read More
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April 12, 2017
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