The new lowdown on our glue down
Over the years, StaticStop has become known for both our ESD flooring solutions and our patented interlocking technology. Truth be told, StaticStop has always had an ESD offering that could be glued down as well. Like all our products, our ESD Glue-Down offering has improved over the years. So much so we felt it deserved a new name. That’s why in this month’s issue, we’re unveiling:

Ground Floor™ Glue-Down Vinyl

GroundFloor™ CVT glue-down ESD vinyl provides lasting ESD protection with lifetime electrical properties. GroundFloor™ comes in three different styles, each with a variety of color patterns. Those styles include:

  • Ground Floor™ CVT – Available in Off-White, Steel Blue, Platinum and Gray
  • Ground Floor™ PLUS – Available in Blizzard, Apollo, Oasis and Asteroid
  • Ground Floor™ Designer Series – Available in Coastal Fog, Night Sky, Quarry Sand, Moss, Summer Sky, Sandbox

For complete information on Ground Floor Glue-Down Vinyl, click on the box below.
Interlock or Glue-Down?
There are many things to consider when making this choice. One issue to consider is portability. If you think you will need to move your flooring at any time, interlock is the only real option—unless you accept that you will need to purchase new flooring should you move.
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