week one, jan. 2016
Welcome to the first issue of the 2016 Legislative Hubbub!

We're back to keep you up to date about all the policy proposals, decision-making and partner policy activities relating to community development.

We will be in your inbox every week (and on The Hub's facebook page  and blog!)  to give you the rundown on what has happened with community development bills we're watching, what activities we're planning to participate in, and that we'd like to see you at too, and how you can keep as engaged as possible with our State Legislature - even if you're tuning in from a remote, snow-packed mountain.

This week we're highlighting Senate bills and proposed constitutional amendments that caught our eye. We've got more information on  how you can stay tuned in to the legislative session, and some quick and easy reference information on the changes in legislative seats.

Finally, we invite you to try our new favorite toy, Periscope. Some legislators are using it as the new social media communications tool - have you tried it?

We hope to see you at the Locals Foods Day and the Broadband Rally next Tuesday, January 28. Until then, we hope you enjoy all the community development news we can fit into your inbox!

Stephanie Tyree
West Virginia Community Development Hub

From automatic voter registration of high school students, to liquor on Sundays and a new strategy to fight the problem of abandoned buildings... There were a number of bills introduced in Week 1 worth keeping a close eye on.

West Virginia's voters have only passed 3 amendments to the state constitution in the last 30 years.

With a few proposals already making a run, could 2016 be a historic year?

Ready to Rally? Here's 2 Worthwhile Causes Hitting the Capitol On Tuesday.
Broadband Day_

Youth + Wisdom = Unstoppable! AARP and Generation WV team up to show that young or old, city or country, better broadband is a critical investment for WV.
Local Foods Day_

Eat food? Then this is for you. Join farmers, restaurant owners, and our friends at the WV Food & Farm Coalition to show support for the local foods movement!
What Political Issues Do West Virginians Really Care About? 

Meet Periscope: The New App That Could
Make or Break Candidates in 2016
In 2008, it was Facebook.
In 2012, it was Twitter.

Now, there's a new kid on the (social media) block, and political hopefuls everywhere are using it to connect with new audiences.

How to Be a Better Advocate:
The Names You Need to Know

Who's In and Who's Out?

Is tumultuous the new normal in WV politics? 

Who You Gonna Call?

Hoping to open some doors at the Capitol this year?

'Tis the era of "binge viewing."

Get a heavy dose of democracy this winter by keeping an eye on epic battles at the Capitol!

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