Hello friends, 

We hope you and your loved ones are well and are adjusting to this strange new world. We have been in a holding pattern like so many, waiting and hoping to resume our touring but its been pretty much a wipeout for our calendar well into the Fall and likely beyond. We know this is only a small setback compared to those who lost so much more, but we miss it so much, the music, the people and all of it.

One positive (besides newly organized closets and shelves) is we finished the album. After more than five years since the last one, postponed by the epic move to Oregon and bountiful touring opportunities, there was finally time to finish a new recording. 

I don't know if it's just the time we are living in, so much empathy and worry and hopeful feelings all souped in together, but this new music affects me more profoundly than any before. One of my new original pieces was written while I was playing my harp in the hospital radiology department where folks would come in and wait for their name to be called. I saw so much worry or fear or clinging to a loved one while waiting for tests and results. Many express that the music is a comfort and I'm honored and humbled to offer something of use in an unexpected place. It was there that I wrote a piece called "Lion Hearts" about the courage and grace I saw and felt there, for those in the waiting room.

Then, after recording it and during the final touches, listening back / mixing period, the nation watched all the courageous medical workers do selfless acts of bravery all over the world. Watching those images while immersed in this music caused my heart to swell and ache with unmeasurable love for all people at even a new level. This music seems the exact soundtrack to what was happening right then. There are so many uncounted heroes in our world that selflessly step up when the going is rough, and all the other times too. We should never forget that and treat each other as such. Countless heroes are still doing it, every day, everywhere, right now. 

We all feel so helpless at times, I know I do. But let's not forget we each have something to give. Just by being human and having love in your heart adds to the whole of us. I feel so fortunate to be able to give music, I hope you will receive some solace and respite with it. The music never actually belongs to us musicians, we all somehow just hear it in the heavens and find a way to pass it on. 

Best to you and yours, we'll be waiting for the chance to be together again.

Brand New Recording is Here!
All the favorite instruments that Aryeh and I play come together for my favorite album yet. There are several original compositions by me and two from Aryeh as well. There is beautiful Traditional music from Ireland and Sweden to round out this new collection of music. It just sweeps me away, every time.

It is available in both download now or physical CDs which will be ready at the end of this month. For info and all ordering options visit my webpage  here
Video - Celtic harp & Nyckelharpa

This composition was originally recorded many years ago on an album titled "Maiden's Prayer" with a lot of guest musicians playing along with me. Since Aryeh and I often play this piece in concert I wanted to record a version more how we perform it now. This video we made for a summer camp online concert.
Coming up next is the first album release by our quartet New World String Project. This album is so wonderful, exciting, lively tunes with extraordinary musicianship and the good humor and flow of a quartet who has toured quite a bit together. It is a combination of Irish, Old-time Americana and Swedish folk dances. It was a joy to make this record, final mixing is happening now and we can't wait to share it soon.
Musicians! You can learn to play Irish music the slow and easy way with Stuart and John from our quartet guiding you to play along. This  book and download of 50 tunes will get you going and ready to jam Irish tunes (for any instrument).
Somerset Folk Harp Festival goes online
The most popular gathering of harpers and teachers happens every year in
New Jersey. This year it's going online and Aryeh and I are each teaching four classes on the weekend of July 16-19. If you sign up you can view all the workshops through the end of the year. All info here.
I will be teaching workshops about improvising on the harp, creating music for therapeutic settings, and also about DIY music biz which will be a live online event. If you can't make the festival I also teach private lessons for beginners and intermediate online as well. If you'd like more info email me .
Aryeh will be teaching two workshops on Swedish music, also arranging Traditional music on the harp and recording the harp too. Those who watch carefully you will see Nigels tail make a cameo appearance.
Video - another tune we recorded for the Lark Camp Cabaret, a way for the Lark Camp music and dance teachers to say hello and create an online show for the campers. We were all disappointed it was canceled.

You can see the whole show with lots of fine Irish music and world music from several camp teachers. It's 90 minutes long so you'll need a glass of wine or two. Lark Camp Cabaret
Many of you expressed an interest in our planned online concert. I am so sorry that we did not yet make that happen. As soon as we figured out the best way to get sound for home video we were inundated with requests to change all our upcoming conferences and music camps to online so we have making videos but for the gigs and workshops and events that we were already committed to. Aside from finishing our studio album we've been making our way through a "cue" of video tasks followed by a long line of nice people hoping we will contribute to their fundraisers. Eventually we will get to doing the free online concert that we want to do and when that happens I will certainly let you know.
At the Homestead (everything is at the homestead)
The barn is coming along. Windows just went in. Electrical getting wired. Insulation, cork floors heat and air.
Everyday there is big progress. And many trips to the hardware store.
Aryeh has focused all his energy on learning how to do everything. We have friends who are experts in each stage come and advise, check his work, give the thumbs up.
Fava Beans! Lot's and lots of Fava beans. Instead of starting our own garden this year we decided to help with our neighbors immense garden instead. I have shucked, peeled, steamed, roasted, blended, blanched, sauteed, fried, baked and more. And that's just the beginning. Ideas for Fava beans are most welcome.
Our same good friends have a magnificent rose garden. Beatrice makes sacred rosary beads by grinding down the rose pedals to a clay. There is so much interest on how to do this special tradition that we made a video about how she does it here .
The music on the video by me :)
I drove to Montana and helped my mom move from the home we bought together there to our home in Oregon. We just drove back and got her all set up here, with her little dog Dayzee. I brought my banjo.
And this is where she lives now upstairs in our concert room until she decides what she wants to do next. We can't hold house concerts now anyway and the barn will be done soon so concerts can be there too. It's a perfect fit and it's really fun to have her.
Aryeh rehearses his video harp class with an audience of one cat.

This is a typical day at my house. I'm such a lucky gal.
Nigel loves to sit in the window sun. We have so much fun with him everyday, our furry loved ones always lift us up don't they? Nigel is really good at it. He loves belly rubs and is deservedly spoiled.
Some people tell me when they get my newsletter they immediately scroll down to see the pictures of Nigel first. So here is the moment you have been waiting for...

Nigel's sleeping video. In this 4 minute video Nigel gives some expert tips on proper napping techniques. His many Facebook fans say it helps them fall asleep too so we recommend you watch this at bedtime, you will get very very sleepy. His next video is his tip on receiving massage. The music is from my lullaby CD, "Life is But a Dream" and it's true. May you all have lots of good sleep and the sweetest of dreams.