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helmet-goggles February 9, 2018

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The Last Two Weeks at Tailwheel Town
Many thanks to Frank Sturm from the Netherlands.  He pointed out that the last newsletter had the wrong year!  Oops!  I'll bet you all managed to figure that out anyway!
David Prince, who first made the pages of the Tailwheelers Journal with his arrival under a rainbow at Sisters in his Clipper, came for some flying in "Fred" the Piper PA12.  We had a good time and I think Fred did, too.

We arranged to have a rainbow frame David's arrival a few years ago in his Clipper.

Son Hooper and I flew with Mike Macon in his Carbon Cub.  In keeping with my policy of student pilots getting a taste of formation flying prior to solo, that's what we did and the two airplanes are nicely compatible.  We asked Mike to take some pics of the Super Cruiser and we returned the favor.  I 

The Tailwheel Town Super Cruiser forms up on Mike Macon's Carbon Cub.

gotta say it's kinda nice to have someone who can fly a bit of formation while I take pics!

Mike Macon's Carbon Cub.

Speaking of which, those two kids of mine are barreling toward a couple of private pilot's certificates.  It seems such a short time since they got their first logbook entries from Bob Hosking in his Helicopter, "Otto". 

  Janet....                                          and Hooper

And I'm very pleased to note that the Cessna 120 in which I taught Wade Holmes to fly is now teaching a whole new batch of students to fly tailwheel.  It's thanks to Outlaw 

Sam Monte (Left) is Sisters' newest tailwheel teacher

Aviation and Sam Monte who is the new tailwheel instructor at Sisters.  He and Walt Laseki are doing a great job of flight and ground instruction and that little 120 could not have found a better home.

This Week's New Article on the Tailwheeler's Journal:  

Gawrsh!  I guess I thought I'd posted this one, but a search through the articles reveals that it's never been on the Journal.  I think perhaps that I'd sent it to one or two of my pals and thought I'd put it on the site.  So that explains why you've never seen "A Teacher of Flying ". 

Fort Rock

I'm doing less and less instruction now,
but this article deals with how sometimes we do well and sometimes we don't, when setting out to teach.  I consider myself fortunate to have people like those in this article, who are really satisfying to transfer knowledge to (yeh, I know you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but sometimes I break a rule.)   Speaking of this article, Sheryl sent me this picture of her bulldog and I couldn't resist putting it in the newsletter!  I think ol' "Betty" needs an Oregon Aero headset upgrade!

"Betty", the Bulldog

An Older Article: 

"The Things we do Well" is an article I posted a long time ago.  I kinda like it because it deals with some of the important attributes for a pilot.... Well, for anyone!

Landing in a turn at Sisters.


The Tailwheeler's Journal is proud to team with Oregon Aero in our quest to promote safer pilots through  development of greater flying skill. Remember, every pilot who completes a Tailwheel Endorsement or Stick and Rudder Master Class at Tailwheel Town will receive a complimentary Headset Upgrade Kit from Oregon Aero.

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