March 7, 2018
Spring is lurking just around the corner, and with it brings the chorus of frogs, breakthrough buds of plants, and warmer weather (hopefully).

With all this new life, we thought we would bring you a new e-newsletter!  This issue brings you content about a couple of our current projects on saltwater intrusion into freshwater wetlands and how much water riverine wetlands hold, to outreach concepts like how to talk about climate change and whether a manicured or natural landscape is more preferable.

We hope you enjoy the new information, and if you have any suggestions for content or improvements send them our way.  Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program
DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship
As you might imagine, sea level rise can increase water levels and cause more flooding. As that happens, salt water starts to move further inland. It may start to creep into freshwater areas through a process called saltwater intrusion...  Continue Reading
What is your version of a naturally beautiful area?  Is it this?  Or is it this? We as humans tend to want things orderly and precise, I know I do. But when it comes to natural environments...  Continue Reading
Guest Writer by Caren Fitzgerald, DNREC Division of Energy & ClimateClimate Change. Odds are, you already have thoughts or feelings about those words. You may know whose thoughts and feelings about climate change differ than your own ...   Continue Reading
Wetlands provide many vital benefits to the State of Delaware, like habitat for all kinds of plants and animals, improved water quality, and erosion control. Another benefit that wetlands provide is flood control...  Continue Reading
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March 10
Harrington, DE

April 10
Wilmington, DE

Wetland Restoration Planting Workshop
April 25
Yorklyn, DE
Contact alison.rogerson@state.de.us for more info

April 28
Newark, DE

May 5, 2018
Laurel, DE

Go Fish Delaware: Family Fishing Festival
May 12
Aquatic Resource Education Center
Smyrna, DE

Wetland related events can be submitted to Brittany.Haywood@state.de.us
Newsletters go out quarterly, and next issue will be released in May.
2018 Delaware Wetlands Conference Wrap Up

Geneticists Unravel Secrets of Super-Invasive Crayfish

Wetlands Provide Landscape-scale Reduction in Nitrate Pollution

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Joke of the Day

Q: Why aren't fish on the honor roll?
A: Because they are below sea-level

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