April 10th, 2020 | 16 Nisan 5780 | Parashat Exodus 33:12-34-26
Candle lighting 7:40 p.m. | Havdalah 8:41 p.m

April 17th, 2020 | 23 Nisan 5780 | Parashat Shemini
Candle lighting 7:51 p.m. | Havdalah 8:52 p.m
Happening V irtually at Beth Tikvah - See Links Below
DIY Arts & Crafts
Glow in the Dark Jars
Sunday, April 12, 10:00 am
Join Yvette and Danielle to make your own stress balls.

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Adult Education
Next Class
Monday, April 13th, 7:30 pm
**Instead of the class on Tuesday, April 14**
The topic will be on the relative absence of celebration and joy, expressed ritually, during the last days of Pesach. What is the true character of the holiday after the Sedarim are finished? What is the spiritual nature of this holiday after the brisket has been finished and the seder plate has been put away? 

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Tuesday Morning Minyan
Tuesday, April 14, 9:00 am
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Since we can’t physically gather for the end of Pesach holiday (and Rabbi Rubin is unable to use Zoom on Yom Tov itself), we will hold Yizkor during our Tuesday morning minyan during Chol Ha-Mo’ed (intermediate days of the holiday). . A number of leading rabbis in the Conservative Movement’s Committee for Jewish Law and Standards have suggested that Conservative synagogues say Yizkor during Chol Ha-Mo’ed, and Rabbi Rubin would like to express his gratitude to the Committee for working so hard to balance the exigencies of our current circumstances with the requirements of Jewish law and tradition. In addition to the regular prayers, the Tuesday morning minyan will sing Hallel, say Yizkor, and pray the special Musaf of Pesach. 
DIY Arts & Crafts
Glow in the Dark Jars
Friday, April 17, 10:00 am
Join Yvette to make your own glow in the dark jars.

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Pre-Shabbat Get-Together
Friday, April 17
6:15 pm - Schmooze time
6:30 pm - Starting time
**No get-together on Friday,
April 10 because of Yom Tov**
Join us for a pre-Shabbat gathering! We’ll sing a few stanzas of Lecha Dodi together, share some words of Torah, and light candles. 

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Community eEvents

'More Time for Books' Sessions #3
Tuesday, April 14
03:00 pm EST
This session will focus on works of Humour and Satire.

Registration is not required, Just join online or by phone.  

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Limmud eFestival
Sunday, May 24

Limmud's vision is a Jewish community in which every person, no matter their background has access to and ownership over the ideas that propel our magnificent tradition.
We need your partnership in order to manifest this dream.
Mazel tov to our members celebrating a birthday: 
Marilyn Weinstein | Leslie Minovitch | Jason Tarnow | Deborah Davis
Naomi Hazon | Barbara Nider | William Altow | Elena Felgar
Naomi Ben-Yehuda | Les Geirholm | Roy Freedman
Evelyn Numerow | Faye Elias | Anney Soronow | Ruth Singer Michael Numerow
Yahrzeit: April 10 - April 23
Evelyn Cannon
Merle Cofman
Becky Krikler
Albert Baker
Leah Grossman
Nathan Cannon
Ned Grodsky
Evelyn Jackson
Myrtle Greenberg
Jennie Kettleman
Phylis Moss
Morris Segal
Molly Grotsky-Milavsky
Cecilia Levitt
Paul Shane
Lily Newman
Naomi Shaw
Yvonne Stein
Renee Moutal
Peter Sweeney
Anne Corrin
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