Work in Progress: Summer Edition

Laurie Harvey looks forward to seeing you at Harvesting Opportunities on October 5th! Tickets are available via the link above.
Please contact Chloe with any questions: or 303.892.8444 x 344.

Inspiration Station:
Mayor Hancock recently appointed CWEE's own Stephanie Pacheco-McRae to the Denver Women's Commission! Stephanie's strength and commitment to social justice will be a powerful addition to this remarkable group.

CWEE participant Maddie has been a superstar in the job search room. In addition to completing an average of five job applications each day, she also actively pursues informational interviews with CWEE's employer partners, and finds every opportunity to build up her network. 
Keep up the hard work and dedication, Maddie!
Partner Props:

Marion Mobley volunteers as a High School Equivalency tutor, and supports participants in the Digital Literacy Lab. Volunteers like Marion truly enrich the CWEE experience. 
Thank you, Marion!

CWEE welcomes its newest employer partner, Ready Foods, Inc! Ready Foods' HR team held a Q & A session for CWEE participants, many of whom were inspired to pursue employment there.
Thank you to Brighton Collectibles Belmar Mall for collecting over 100 purses for CWEE's First Impressions Boutique!

Thank you to KeyBank for hosting a huge clothing and accessory drive for CWEE's First Impressions Boutique! CWEE is fortunate to have enjoyed a longtime partnership with this generous organization.

What a year!
The Fiscal Year 17 numbers are in, and it's official: CWEE's partners, donors, volunteers, supporters, and champions have - once again - moved mountains.

"Mountains" is hardly an overstatement. Between skyrocketing rent prices, the ever-rising costs of childcare, and an increasingly competitive workforce, this is an exceptionally difficult time to be a low-income single parent in Metro Denver. 

Thankfully, your support empowered CWEE to serve ___ participants in Fiscal Year 17 - ___ more than had been served in the previous year. Of these participants, 
  • ___ were women;
  • ___ were single parents;
  • ___ reported unstable housing or homelessness. 
These participants engaged. They attended classes, acquired certificates, and set goals. Some graduated from High School. Many practiced their public speaking, polished their resumes, and built up their networks. Most overcame tremendous obstacles just to arrive at CWEE. 

You also engaged. You volunteered, you donated, and you advocated. You spent time in the classroom. You gave your professional clothing to the boutique. You shared Facebook posts and you applauded participants' successes. 

As a result, we're pleased to report that:
  • ___ participants gained employment
  • with an average wage of ___.
Thank you for the best year yet, and may we have many more together in service of Metro Denver's workforce.

Lately at CWEE...

Thank you to A Precious Child  for supplying CWEE with 160 backpacks, each full of school supplies! CWEE participants are sending their children to school fully equipped to succeed.

The Women's Foundation of Colorado brought Michelle Obama to Denver, and a few lucky CWEE staff and participants were in attendance! The former First Lady reminded the audience that "success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own." See the official photos of this inspirational event.

How often does the career-seeker interview the employer? CWEE participants recently did just that! Amazon is currently filling 1,000 positions in Aurora. On August 4th, CWEE offered an informational session geared toward helping career-seekers determine whether Amazon's culture, practices, and opportunities align with their career goals.

Meet CWEE's summer intern, Phoebe Mackenzie! A sophomore neuroscience major at Middlebury College in Vermont, Phoebe Mackenzie came to CWEE through the CLIMB (Colorado Leaders, Interns, and Mentors in Business) program. CLIMB, established in 1999 in Kentucky, gives gifted students the opportunity to grow through purposeful summer internships with many organizations across the United States.  

Phoebe's time at CWEE was certainly purposeful. Passionate and driven, she delved into Wheels to Work, a partnership between the Denver Rescue Mission and CWEE that awards up to two cars a month to qualified participants in need of reliable transportation. Phoebe interviewed 15 Wheels to Work recipients, and discovered that they were spending an average of four to five hours a day on public transportation. In just 10 weeks, Phoebe made remarkable headway guiding Wheels to Work out of its infancy and into a more sustainable long-term project for CWEE.

Participants' stories really resonated with Phoebe: "Sometimes in society, their story gets told for them, and it was powerful to hear it firsthand." She also appreciated the collaborative aspects of nonprofit work. Excited to study and enter the workforce, Phoebe plans to return to Colorado after she graduates.

Visit our website for more participant stories, volunteer opportunities and upcoming events. 
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